Best Love Releases Making-Of Video

What to do when there is a lull in goodies? Why, pounce on the littlest nugget like it’s a twelve-course meal from a three-star Michelin restaurant. Best Love released a BTS video that is hardly what I would call spoilery. But it’s cute, and gives us a glimpse of our heroine and her oppa/manager.

Whenever I watch any BTS video, what stands out is how utterly pre-planned everything is, and how there are like 50 staff members loitering around filming any given scene. For our favorite romantic moments, think how unromantic it really is for the actors involved, when in the middle of pouring their heart out, dozens of eyes are fixed on them. Sigh, I could never be an actress.

Best Love BTS video:


Best Love Releases Making-Of Video — 6 Comments

  1. One of the things i love about this drama (besides CSW, being a Hong Sisters drama, GHJ, CSW…) is that the actors seems to have fun while filming. so i’m sure this drama will be fun. i’m rewatching City Hall right now just to prepare myself for may 4. i can’t get enough of CSW and Best Love… so many thanks ockoala

  2. First post here although I’ve been a lurker for some time now due to the love of CSW. First of all Kamsahamida ockoala for sharing this! Loving it! I cannot wait for Best Love! Fighting~

  3. this BTS needed more CSW. *nods*

    Oh. Unrelated note. I’ve been trying to watch Drunken to love you and is it only me or part 2 on viki doesn’t work? I’ve tried watching it with different browsers, but no luck. :/ BTW, part 1 was hilarious! Omg, i need to watch the others!

    • PS: I watched it and I loved it!!! I really, really didn’t need a new addiction, but oh, I’m glad I listened to you and started watching it. Can’t wait for the next ep!

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