Kim Tae Hee is Beautiful on the Beach for Bazaar Magazine

Sometimes all it takes is one performance to change my opinion of an actor or actress. Kim Tae Hee did just that in My Princess. It was the most comfortable and honest performance I’ve ever seen from her, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It won’t wash away her stinker performances of the past, but it makes me look forward instead with a curious eye to see how she continues to grow her craft. I’ve always found Kim Tae Hee to be a winning print model, and her photo shoot for the May edition of Bazaar magazine is just wonderful. Sleek and sexy, she captures both a beachy and a sophisticated vibe.

Kim Tae Hee doesn’t have any confirmed projects lined up, but she has expressed an interest in participating future opportunities in Japan as well.


Kim Tae Hee is Beautiful on the Beach for Bazaar Magazine — 10 Comments

  1. She really does exude this chic, cool, still-casual look in the shoot. It’s funny how subtly she manages to convey this in photos but not on film. Probably why I love her as a person, not so much as an actress.

  2. I love the tube dress….hmmm but dull color anywayz she’s pretty and I haven’t watched the Princess it’s here on my shelf sleepy and lazily stagnant. 😉 Busy Monday today I guess 😀

  3. Way prefer these pictures to her usual ‘doll’, or ‘princess’ type pretty pictures – red lips et al. The first (esp – love this!) and second ones of this set are gorgeous.
    Make up wise, sultryness wise … chic in a comfy way.

  4. I see her 1st on STTH…dont like her role…but after i watch my princess, i love her act there…she’s so beautiful…

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