Li Yi Feng Confirmed as the Second Male Lead in Happy Michelin Kitchen

I like to think my Feng Feng is not being forced to do this project by his Anhui management team, and that he actually wants to do it. But Anhui Television owes me if it turns out to be a chemistry-less mismatch. My Li Yi Feng is currently in Taiwan doing costume fittings and pre-production work for Happy Michelin Kitchen (幸福三顆星), the third and last drama in the Happy trilogy (the first being Happy and Love Forever, the second being Sunny Happiness). Blue Lan and Cheryl Yang have been confirmed as the leads (see post here).

Normally I think it’s great exposure for Feng Feng to do a TW-C drama with a solid cast. However, this means he will have played the second male lead in ALL THREE Happy dramas. Like, WTF?! I am not pleased. This boy is leading man material already, and I don’t recall any actor ever being the second lead for an entire trilogy of dramas.

I know some people who saw him in Sunny Happiness were like “buh, why is Lu Shen suddenly Mike He‘s brother in this drama?”, so it was already a bit of a stretch to see him in both dramas. To tack on a third may melt my brain. While I want to see him back onscreen desperately,  I don’t want him to keep losing to girl and breaking my heart with his devilish smile and wonderfully natural acting.

The picture on the left is Feng Feng as Xian Yun Chao in Sunny Happiness, and the picture on the right is Feng Feng as Lu Shen in Happy and Love Forever. He was sooooo cute in both dramas. I guess I ought to see the bright side of this – this means Feng Feng is in Taiwan for the next few months! *plots to go stalk him during the filming* Happy Three Stars starts shooting soon, now that leading man Blue Lan just wrapped his movie Eat Man Drink Woman 2. Expect the drama to air in early 2012.


Li Yi Feng Confirmed as the Second Male Lead in Happy Michelin Kitchen — 14 Comments

  1. How come he didn’t get the leading role!!!! I totally agree with you ockoala that this guy needs to be a leading man now!!! As in, now. By the way, who made the header with a picture of Yoon Eun-hye??? -it’s beautiful!!!

  2. Yeah, it is kind of weird. In series like that, it’s often just the actor of a minor character who gets cast in all of them XD It’ll take some getting used to!
    Can I ask you guys if you think Happy & Love Forever is worth a watch? I can’t decide.

  3. He wasn’t that great in Sunny Happiness though, imo. He always sounded super scripted when he recited his lines, and never really posed a large threat to our OTP.

  4. I like him. Amongst the newer crop of China’s younger male lead actors, I think he is definitely one of the better ones. Although debuting as a singer first, I find his on-screen presence charming and charismatic and able to hold his own with his acting improving with each successive drama. Well, at least in his last drama he was the male lead although that drama looks to be too melo-dramatic for my taste.

    • Well, he also looks like Mike He’s twin in the 2nd pic.

      Maybe he’s a shapeshifter. Of the thank-god-there-are-hot-men-like-him kind.

  5. Yay! News of cutie LYF! Although it was hard to watch him get rejected in Sunny Happiness, it was more tolerable because his competitor was Mike He. But I dunno how I’d feel about him losing the girl to Blue Lan…

    this means Feng Feng is in Taiwan for the next few months! *plots to go stalk him during the filming*
    Take me with yoooouuuuuuu!

  6. Feng Feng! Feng Feng! Darn it, I need to learn Chinese fast. All I know how to say is “Hello”, “I’m sorry”, and “I love you”. But then again, what more do you really need to know how to say than that, right? ^_~ kkk My accent stinks, though. It’s definitely more Korean than anything resembling Chinese.

    I am of one mind with you, Koala-unni. Anxious to see more of Li Yi Feng, but sad that he’s ending up as second lead…again. In the same trilogy. For the THIRD time. Next time I demand a leading role for him!!!

  7. Aw, second lead again? I hope it’s not the management forcing him.. I haven seen the other part of he trilogy but he looks cute in the pic!!

  8. kyaa cnt wait to see him :3
    but im sad hes not the lead 🙁
    i dnt tink i can bear watchin him lose the girl again
    its too heartbreakin </3

  9. That is kinda weird that he plays the second lead in all three parts of the “Happy Series”. He is very cute and I also believe that he can carry the lead actor position already. Hopefully maybe his next series he’ll have a chance??

    In addition, it’s kind of awkward pairing him up with Cheryl, she looks too tall and mature for him. Hope he can be paired up with someone else.

  10. I only discovered that he was the second lead in the previous opening drama to the trilogy when I watched Happy and Love Forever after Sunny Happiness and quite honestly I preferred his character in Happy and Love Forever to the one in Sunny Happiness.

    Granted, this is largely because I kind of prefer the brother/sister platonic Lin Yi Feng had with Annie Chen than I did the triangle relationship that was in Sunny Happiness.

    I adored his character in Happy and Love Forever, though admittedly I kind of hated the dubbed voices that they gave the entire cast in the Chinese version.

    I think they’re consistently giving him second lead just because it’s easier and he’s willing to do it, and considering how popular both Happy and Love Forever and Sunny Happiness were I don’t think he’ll have an issue finding a leading role afterward.

    I admit I do find it kind of awkward for him to be paired with Cheryl Yang as well because she looks to me at least that she’d be much taller than him and the pairing would just look odd.

  11. awww…poor kid!

    But to be honest, I didn’t really like his character in Sunny Happiness. He just came off as really weak to me (but I suppose that was how he was written). I’ve never seen him in another role, so hopefully he can tackle a different character and show another side of himself.

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