SBS Releases More Stills for Scent of a Woman

The upcoming SBS weekend drama Scent of a Woman with Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook is in the heat of filming to ready itself for it’s late July premiere. The cast recently went to Japan to for its location shoot and held a press conference there. The production also released a slew of new stills to whet our appetites, including of second male lead Eom Ki Joon.

I think Sun Ah and Dong Wook look great together, and appear to have genuine chemistry. But I’m not digging Sun Ah pulling any aegyo behaviors here, which is the Sun Ah incarnation I dislike the most. I like her when she’s totally take-no-prisoners in her attitude and philosophy. Nevertheless, am looking forward to a lovely Summer weekend drama.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Scent of a Woman bar]


SBS Releases More Stills for Scent of a Woman — 18 Comments

  1. This definitely gonna be my next project, although a bit worried with the story line since its weekend drama which usually more complicated and dragging to long… *the main reason why am so always avoiding watch weekend drama* 🙁
    Anyhoo, since I love these 2 lead actors so I think am gonna give a try to watch it..besides, LDW looks HOT in suite kekekekek….

  2. this is a rom com, right? KSA and LDW look beautiful… am expecting this to at least alleviate a bit my LTM blues… This looks promising… am gonna watch this….

  3. Yeah, I don’t love her when she tries to act all cute. I like the Sam-soon in her 😉

    Btw, they look good together, thank God! I was worried about their chemistry! I really hope tptb pull a “we were wrong. She’s not really dying!” card at the end because I don’t think I can handle another Flowers for my life and that one actually ended in an hopeful manner.

    Omg I can’t wait to see Eom Ki-joon again. I should be more excited about LDW since I do like him and he’s been away for so long, but ohemgee, EKJ!

  4. KSA looks pretty as flowers in her polka dot strapless dress 🙂 I’m glad she ditched that rolling-around-with-chimpanzee-hair of hers kekekeke..

  5. wookie miss see her acting again.but the female KSA think I’m less fit at age wookie because I did not play the female lead in a much more not that I do not like it at KSA.examples of personal taste plays a good story but the female parent of Son Ye Jin lee min hoo become less preoccupied..but the first reason I want to watch this drama because wookie…^^

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