Download Link for the Magic Power Title Track off the Drunken to Love You OST

Ever since Drunken to Love You premiered back in April, people have been asking for the songs off the OST. From Magic Power to Yen-J to Rainie Yang, the songs have been one hit after another ranging from edgy rock to soft ballads. I brought download links earlier here and here.

The DTLY OST officially drops on July 22nd (you can buy it on Yesasia), which is also the day Magic Power will release its own new album. If you can’t wait for the OST, I’ve got the download link for MP’s “Expect the Unexpected” which is the zippy title song from DTLY. MP actually has a second song on the DTLY OST called “Let Yourself Go” and it’s an edgy ballad. It’s not yet released and we’ll have to wait until July 22nd to get the song.

Magic Power “Expect the Unexpected”: download here.

Have a listen of the live performance when MP debuted “Let Yourself Go” three weeks ago at a Golden Music Exposition. I’ve also linked to the scene in DTLY where the song was first introduced (it’s the scene with Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu in the fountain after Jie Xiu decides he’s done with Avril forever).

Magic Power at the Golden Music Exposition:

“Let Yourself Go” in DTLY:


Download Link for the Magic Power Title Track off the Drunken to Love You OST — 17 Comments

    • SO MUCH LEVELS OF LOVE… sorry for the caps but I’ve been DYING to get my hands on a full version of the opening song for DTLY.

      Thank you so much Ms. K! <3

  1. Thanks but where is the recap?why is it every week its getting late for recap?when will it up because I’ve been checking only for DTLY recap.

  2. Thanks Koala!

    I like Magic Power… not really a fan, but I also love their “Who Am I” (lyrics are so meaningful), the title song for the TW drama “P.S. Man” which unfortunately was quite a crappy show, save for Sonia Sui and James Wen.

  3. I’m def getting the new MP album! ♥ Soon, I’ll be completely broke and I have to thank yesasia for it!

    Thanks 🙂

    • Do you want the MP album or the DTLY OST?

      The OST looks so beautiful…..I’m tempted to splurge for both TBH. Btw, my LTM OST shipped already. *is super duper happy*

      • I’m getting MP first. I loved their previous album sooo much. I mean, I don’t understand the lyrics, but I like the songs anyway so I want to show my support. I’ll wait for the DTLY ost. I’ll go broke if I buy everything I want. LOL

        Re: LTM Ost. Mine shipped too. Wheeeeeeeeeee. Can’t wait to get my hands on that photobook! XD

  4. Gosh they’re cute.

    Thanks Ms Koala.I am now watching it after reading your recaps.Thank goodness for it’s almost ending.I couldn’t have stood it if it was just starting.Waiting for LTM was pure torture.

    I can now understand why you guys love him.He is the 1st TW actor that looks and behaves like a real man.No insult meant to any of the others because I like Jerry Yan,Ethan and Vaness but isn’t he just believable as a real life devoted hubby?SIGH.

  5. I’ve been trying to be courteous and not respond to the repeated reminders and questions about the DTLY recap. Any post will naturally be up when it’s ready. Period. It belabors the point for me to explain that clearly it’s not ready yet.

    The last time folks started bugging a recap, Santa ended up writing it for Bad Guy for JB. While Santa is not on my retainer, perhaps one of his reindeer might pitch in for me on DTLY. Would that be preferable?

    • Not me I am not asking.I mean I am waiting but I can be patient.

      However what I’m inpatient about is ep 13.I was waiting all week for ep 12 the pool scene but darn it,it was at the ending.

      Take your time.I’ve been reading so many other goodies on your blog.

  6. If anyone had any problems with the download link, I’ve switched it to an MU link, so that should work for anyone now.

  7. Thank you very much for sharing these links. I have been wanting to DL the songs off the DTLY OST… 🙂 Thanks again. 🙂

  8. Gosh, I’ve been waiting for this songs!! hehe

    Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, I have problem with MU. My country blocked MU so we can’t access it. Can u add it with MF link please?? I’ll really appreciate it ^^ Thanks again.

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