Written Preview for Episode 16 of Drunken to Love You and Additional Spoilers

I’d be lying if I said I was still eagerly anticipating each week’s new episode of Drunken to Love You. It’s not that the drama took a downturn for me, because it didn’t. It remained as cute and swoony as it’s always been for me. But since the conflicts are never any issue between Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru, I’m just not that worried about them, hence I sleep just fine between episodes. However, as the end draws near, I know that I’m going to miss them once it’s all over. Bringing the written preview for episode 16, plus additional spoilers for the next three final episodes.

Written preview for episode 16:

Even though Samantha can see that Xiao Ru is 100% committed to Jie Xiu, but she can also see how much Daniel is fixated on Xiao Ru. Knowing how childish and self-absorbed Jie Xiu can be at times, Samantha doesn’t have faith in his ability to succeed in this complicated love battle. Being the Queen of Ideas, Samantha takes advantage of QQ’s return to Taiwan. Mother and son collaborate and stage a “Trojan Horse to Force a Wedding” plot. It’s touching to see that all of Xiao Ru’s co-workers are on Samantha’s side and await her instructions.

Of course Samantha’s Trojan Horse plot succeeds and Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu successfully complete both an engagement party and celebrate her promotion. Just as Jie Xiu is relieved that he has nothing to worry about and his happiness is right at his fingertips, suddenly Samantha takes a tumble down the stairs. All evidence points to Xiao Ru as the culprit who caused Samantha’s fall!

After emergency surgery, the doctor conveys a dire prognosis. Xiao Ru feels immense guilt while Jie Xiu holds his worry inside and tries to comfort Xiao Ru. The two of them can only wait and continue to be each other’s support. At this time, Daniel refuses to be an interloper and take advantage of the situation. He elects to be Xiao Ru’s white knight and just keep watch over her from a distance.

Xiao Ru doesn’t realize that Jie Xiu’s strength in front of her is just an act, and that he’s truly conflicted and in pain. Just when Xiao Ru is unable to accept this cruel truth, she runs into the famous bread maker Wu Bao Chun, who’s bread gave her immense comfort and inspiration when she was a child. She has a new understanding after hearing his encouragement, leading her to take Daniel’s advice. For Jie Xiu’s sake, Xiao Ru makes a decision…….

Spoilers for the last few episodes:

So Xiao Ru will try to leave for the States with Daniel. Jie Xiu finds her at the airport. But never fear because…..

Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu get married. For good this time. Not sure if this is after a time jump or not.


Written Preview for Episode 16 of Drunken to Love You and Additional Spoilers — 10 Comments

  1. Honestly, i’m getting bore with this drama. So many unnecessary characters. If it wasn’t for the sweet moments btw the leads, I would have flew out long ago. They should just end it at ep 16. Another 3 episodes, OMG!. I love a cute rom-com but it needs some real conflict. The writers just totally ruin the drama’s chance of being a good one. Now it’s just a “cute” drama and nothing else to it.

    But i’ll keep watching just to see them get marry.

    • DTLY has lost steam for me, too. I’ll just continue watching, as there are at most only 3 episodes left. I doubt I’d dwell on the show once it’s over, unlike the Korean series ‘Lie to Me’ – which still has me firmly in its grips.

  2. Yeah,like koala I still find this show cute n swoony becoz of the adorable Otp n I don’t ever want it to end for that very reason.gonna miss this couple lots when it finally ends,thus m going to sit back,lap up n savor watever time we have left with them in the last 3 episodes.I do hope we will be seeing this pair in another series soon. They have found a fan for life in me!

  3. O yes, for me as well.Despite the plot losing momentum,getting contrived n rather sketchy in parts,I still find it cute n swoon worthy as long as SJXn LXR feature in it.Thus, it’s still worth my time of day n I would still be willing to lose sleep over it until the grand wedding finale.THis show has brought much joy n fun into our lives these weeks n I shall stand by my fav OTP to the very end! Let’s enjoy the little time we have left with this wonderful couple!

  4. I have to say this show started with a bang, really liked the series until about episode 12 or slightly before/after that where I felt alot of the details made the plot a little too draggy. It seems to me that they’re trying to combine alot of good plot ideas because they can’t decide which to remove. The acting and the bringing out of the plot was really good but I just feel it’s a bit too draggy & each extra detail (mostly) don’t exactly add on to the plot but it’s just another nice-to-watch part (: & i felt that so far, there’s no climax of the show as of yet, they have reached a certain level but not to the peak! & it’s about to end so, hope the next few episodes will be good (:

  5. Thanks! Looking forward to watching that last cup. 😀

    On a sidenote, a few clips from “My so-called love” were shown before my very eyes and although I had never questioned Joseph Chang’s hotness, I was NOT expecting my screen to suddenly burn into flames. ^^

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