MBC Releases First Stills of Yoon Sang Hyun and Choi Ji Woo in Can’t Lose

The upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Can’t Lose is something I’ve been keeping my eyes on, ever since it was announced that Yoon Sang Hyun was playing the lead opposite Choi Ji Woo. I’m fine with the latter in the right roles, but the former is someone I absolutely adore. Ever since his breakout performance in Queen of Housewives (still swooning over Tae Bong I am), I’ve loved the guy, even in My Fair Lady and Secret Garden when neither drama floated my boat.

I think this pairing is absolutely unexpected but totally intriguing to me. I’m not sure any pairing with Choi Ji Woo can top the insane chemistry she had with Yoo Ji Tae in A Star’s Lover, but I think the sparks will fly between her and Yoon Sang Hyun playing a married lawyer couple in the process of getting a divorce. The first stills from the drama are out, and I just felt my interest go from curious to woah-baby-come-to-mama-drama.

All I’m going to say is that if the chemistry between Yoon Sang Hyun and Choi Ji Woo is off-the-charts, much like it was between Kim Jung Eun and Kim Seung Soo‘s divorcing couple in I Am Legend, then the drama simply has to let the divorcing couple work through their issues. I can’t handle another IAL level disappointment.

Based simply on these first stills, I’d place my bet on the Yoon Sang Hyun-Choi Ji Woo pairing to be a giant win. Can’t Lose may just live up to it’s name. Because otherwise it’d be a horrible pun just waiting for the media and bloggers to dig into it. Can’t Lose will follow Heartstrings and premiere at the end of August.

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Can’t Lose bar]


MBC Releases First Stills of Yoon Sang Hyun and Choi Ji Woo in Can’t Lose — 33 Comments

  1. Looks adorable and I love both actors. Normally I avoid lawyer shows like poison for obvious reasons (though I deal better with those outside US legal system) but I simply have to check this out.

    Also, is Star’s Lover good? I’ve been curious about it for a while.

    • ASL is lovely, really really lovely to look at. The OTP chemistry is ridonculously sizzling. But the plot was plodding. Really draggy and pointless by the end why the OTP couldn’t be together. But for some reason, I remember this drama fondly. I was quite taken with it when it aired.

      • Agree about the chemistry – but the plot plodded round the same merry-go-round for half the series – while I’d hoped they would highlight real top star issues – which of course was later tackled in Greatest Love.
        However – I do like it and have rewatched it too.

  2. I too have been keeping my eyes on this drama and I really really want it to be totally good. I can not handle another I Am Legend ending. That was bull and shit man!! But then again, maybe its a good thing it ended that way because i started routing for Kim Jung Eun and her ex hubby to get back together. I know i know, its horrible of me. But I really just wanted him to kill his mother and sisters and work it out with her. and I mean kill as in cut them off from his life. But…where was I? Oh yeah. I want this cant lose to have a major happy ending and I want it to be fun and romantic. I dont want it to be filled with misunderstanding either–because thats a waste of OTP togetherness!!

  3. Unlike you, I don’t particularly like either actors too much, but for some reason, I agree with you that the idea of the two of them being together really seems to strike the right chord with me. I too am looking forward to this! Hope it’s good. *crosses fingers*

    I know it isn’t, but doesn’t the guy on the left wearing the black suit/silver tie in the second photo look like Song Joong Ki? And the guy on the very right from the same photo look like Lee Su Geun?

    • “[B]ut for some reason, I agree with you that the idea of the two of them being together really seems to strike the right chord with me…”

      Hmm, I think it should be “I agree with you that for some reason the idea of the two…”

      I didn’t mean to imply that it’s unusual that I’d agree with you, but that for reason unknown, the two of them just seem like they’d have great chemistry together. I was rereading my earlier comment and knew something was off. Haha, maybe my friends are right. They say I’m watching too many K-dramas, and as a result, my English is going… Yikes!

    • It’s okay, blue. I know what you meant to say. And I don’t need watching K-dramas to butcher my grammar, since I barely had any basic understanding of it to begin with. 🙂

      I know, it’s odd how the CJW-YSH pairing just seems so intriguing, rife with possibilities that it may just work. And work really well.

  4. I really liked Yoon Sang Hyun in Secret Garden and the way he says i am a Halluyu Star, and he keep correcting , i did not through the story, i only threw the scene and when he starts to call people and apologize, and thinks i was so rude and even then people worked with me?

    I went back and watched Take care of young lady, but it kind of seemed odd,i think YEH was kind of very young looking for him in the show, and he was very vibrant, somehow the chemistry between them was not magical for me, but loved him in the show.

    I have not seen any shows of the leading lady in this show. I will definately show up to see OSKA

    • But the fish is doing the swimming, you should praise such perseverance to fight against all odds.

      Go figure… They DO look nice together. So they should get married, have 25 babies and keep themselves occupied. You know why.

      • Hahahaha. *wipes away tear*

        Nice to see you in a good mood~

        Yup, if they had 25 babies they could stop acting and maybe Yeouido be making more quality and less soapy. But I’ll miss the soapy. 🙂

  5. Will give this a try…like both YSH and CJW…(loved her chemistry with YJT in ASL) not sure about Can’t Lose but they look so adorable in the wedding pictures.

  6. *SQUEEE* I still need to watch his other shows but I absolutely adored him in Secret Garden and found him completely disarming. And now I know what will be my first show to watch live in Korea. This is so perfect. Eep! I really hope it’s good!

  7. dude, I have no idea why, but I got stuck at ep 2 Queen of housewives. I know I have to go through a couple of more eps before I either officially drop it (it’s been in the oh-noes-I-should-watch-it-but-I-don’t-feel-the-urge limbo for over a year and a half now. LOL) or get addicted to it. In any case, I know YSH is wonderful. He stole the show in SG imho -and he’s the main reason I actually stuck to SG till the end. You would that would be Binnie, but apparently not- and he was good in that wreck of drama that was MFL. I’m going to watch this one as well.

    I just felt my interest go from curious to woah-baby-come-to-mama-drama.
    This! So much!

    omg, don’t talk about IAL. I kept waiting for some kind of romance to happen or, well, happen again, but nothing. Boo!

  8. Oh… I, too, really got onboard with YSH in his TB role 🙂 Loved it like most other people. I marathoned that one I think cause I didn’t watch it live. Thank goodness. 🙂 Also helped like I wanted to beat OJH’s character – he was sooo weak as a man. Anyways – I’m on board for this pairing. I’m really not a CJW fan but I think that she can have good chemistry with her costars and I think this is a good role for her to take.

    The person that mentioned that she looks old other than in the wedding photos – I can’t remember the synopsis, but I’m assuming that they have been married awhile before this impending divorce (?) so I think it makes sense that she looks younger in the wedding photos. I don’t necessarily think that’s what they were going for but all brides look pretty on their wedding day! 🙂 I think both of them look good together in the stills.

  9. I may be in the minority when it comes to adoring YSH. No offense, but I found his character in SeaGa totally annoying, repeatedly screaming “I am a hallyu star” as if it would make his character more “hallyu” haha. I always fast forwarded his part. Having said this, knowing that he is partnered with an actress that consistently shows good chemistry with all of her co-stars, I trust that these two will be able to show some butt kicking chemistry.

    My concern is not so much their acting or their chemistry because they are secondary if the script writing is not tight and witty. so please…please…hope for a good writing. How many times we see a drama with good writing but mediocre chemistry ended up being high in the rating dept?

    Although I am not a fan of YSH and I am nervous the possibility of CJW being funny too, I admit that I am intrigued by this drama solely due to this unusual pairing.

  10. OSKA!!!! I miss you!

    I liked CJW in the Actress Special of 2Days 1Night, hehe. I saw her in a different perspective there. For her dramas, I only watched Winter Sonata. I avoided the others because they’re tearjerkers.

    This is romantic-comedy, eh?

    I’m so looking forward to this.

  11. I spotted Lee Su Geun in first wedding picture. He went to his friend’s (Choi Ji Woo) wedding! Tee-hee! *okay this is me watching too many 1N2D*

  12. Secret Garden did not float your boat!? 🙂

    I started reading your blog a few months ago, so did not know this! I’m stunned – i’m so crazy about that drama that I feel like everyone needs to love it a little bit at least! 🙂

  13. So excited! Butler Seo… [running into his embrace] Oh how i miss your tender gaze… I fell in love with YSH in MFL. I’m so looking forward to reading your wonderful recap on this one, Ms K. Thanks for this post, Ms K. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend 😀

  14. Am i the only one who dislike these guys ?
    They look old for me …actually “city hall” is the only drama with adult actors who i loved them and truly enjoy watching them …
    what i mean is that i want to see more handsome hero(min ho ,kim hyun jung,hyun bin,won bin and…) and more beautiful heroine (like yoon eun hye ,shin min ah , …) i am not ging to watch it unless it would make hit and everyone would talk about it…THIS is the way i choose the dramas i am gonna watch …maybe it is wrong but first i should love the cast then storyline and…

  15. I’m hoping this would be a hit. I love CJW since way before and i still think she’s one of the most beautiful actresses out there. I just love her in 2D1N. Also, i miss OSKA. I totally love this guy in SG. So I’m hoping this would a hit. BTW, this is a romantic comedy right?

  16. I’m sorry but why isn’t anyone commenting on how freaking gorgeous Choi Ji Woo’s dress is???????? I LOVE IT IT’S SO PRETTY!

    • Agree! Only someone tall like her can pull off this type of gown. Look at how long from her waist down. So tall! Someone short like me would be overwhelmed by the gown and loook dispoportioned.

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