Spoilers for Episode 8 of Protect the Boss

Do you want giddy spoilers for episode 8 of Protect the Boss? When have I not delivered on the spoilers, right? So don’t click unless you want to start squealing right now. What I love about PTB is the ability to take ALL the stereotypical K-drama characters and make them feel unique and loveable. Even the two scheming moms are funny to me with their totally honest scheming. I appreciate that, because fighting for what one wants is never a bad thing, it’s the underhanded crap that always annoy me. Ji Heon is an amazing hero, because he and everyone else knows he’s not hero material. But his heart is hero-sized, without any posturing or walls. He is what he is, and he’ll keep changing so that he can win his love. God, I wish every K-drama hero was like him.

Preview for episode 8:


Spoilers for Episode 8 of Protect the Boss — 59 Comments

    • Well, you can keep waiting, because it’s not coming. As I’ve so considerately explained to everyone beforehand why……

      It’s rather befuddling you would even ask.

      • Thanks Koala for the baby recap and spoilers!
        I’m amazed that you are even posting.
        Make sure you get enough R&R!

      • Like madqueed says, I am surprised she’s even posting!

        Thanks for tha baby recap and this amazing spoiler!!!

        Enjoy your vacations, Koala!

      • I really like this site but honestly I find this comment quite rude.
        While I do know that our lovely blogger is enjoying a much deserved vacation, I admittedly do not read every single post and could have easily missed that news, when so many posts push things onto the second page. That could have happened for the OP but either way it was just a question. I don’t know if there was a need to be so condescending. Anyway just my 2 cents..I’ll go back to my lurking now.

      • @ I.kwon

        Vacation or not, it’s always rude to ask when any post is coming. Always. A post come if and when it comes. As a courtesy I like to tell folks if I stop posting about something. But really, I can do whatever I like. No?

        For @deasy to tell me he/she is “waiting” for a recap always gets my goat up. And every other blogger out there. That type of attitude is what I call “entitled”. If my response was condescending, then it was meant to be.

        And your point about my vacation post information getting pushed back is negated by the fact that every other commenter is wishing me a happy vacation. So, er, it’d be pretty clear simply by reading THIS comment thread exactly where I am and what I am doing.

      • I get what you are saying and of course you can do what you want as it is your blog. I’m just saying that since they posted early in the thread (where no one has mentioned your vacation yet) with what I thought was fairly politely worded request, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t know. Anyhoo like I said, your site is great and I have never asked for a posting here (or anywhere else) since you are one of the first to get recaps up anyway. Thanks.

      • @ i.kwon

        Absolutely you are right. The request was politely worded and there could be chance he/she didn’t know my schedule.

        But the operative word is still “request”, which no matter how politely worded, nevertheless remains an impolite blog comment.

        I normally wouldn’t care, and in truth people request things from me all the time., in much less polite terms. I suppose being getting some rest and still trying to post, the request kinda pissed me off more than usual. I concede I’m human and can be snappish. Eh, at the end of the day, water under the bridge. Appreciate your thoughtful response. I’ll try not to bare my sharp Koala teeth as much.

      • Well Koalla, I’m sorry for my impolite comment, but actually I just want to tell you that I really like you’re post and I always waiting for your post and also thanks for all the post too. sorry for beeig so so impatiece and I don’t know if my comment will hurt you. once again I really apologize to you but actually I don’t know that you’re in vacation now. Wish you have a great vacation. I hope it can clear the misunderstanding. I really like your blog and I’m your fans. I will be more patience next time 🙂 and for someone who write that “you’re so arrogant” it really wasn’t me. you can see from the pic, that’s not my email that’s only someone who use the same name as me. That’s only irresponsible man who want to bashing here. Tq

      • Dear Deasy (the real one),

        Even if you had called me arrogant, I’m still very touched you commented later to explain your initial post asking when the recap would be comment. I understand impatience and eagerness, and really appreciate you being sincere with me.

        But to know that a person pretended to be you and then to stir up trouble? That’s just…..WOW. What a really douchey thing to do. Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t you. HUGS. No hard feelings from me, in any way. I never begrudge any comment that never meant any harm, and your initial request was perfectly fine, and only annoyed me because I was being an irritable Koala. 🙂

        Hope these baby recaps for PTB satisfy your craving for now~

      • thank you for the understanding and for the baby recap too. actually When I write my first comment I really don’t know that you’re in vacation. I thought that you give up this recap. that’s why I ask that question. but I never imagine that the reaction would be like this. Enjoy your vacation Koala. hope after you back you’ll bring a new spirit for us. Fighting…!!!!

    • Deasy,

      Are you new here? Unni has posted a rather detailed post on why she wont have live posts for sometime – as she is on much needed vacation , so lets all be glad with baby recaps, she loves PTB , so she will comeback and make regular posts when she can , until then enjoy the baby recaps or watch the episode when posted .

    • arrogant??? Lol. This is her blog and she has already told that she has no time to recap or anything.
      But she even posts while she is on vacation, in order not to let down the readers. And whats the results? Demanding and unpolite requests.

      Koala, fighting!!!!!!!!!

  1. omg. I hope you are enjoying your vacay, because it seems like you never went anywhere with the tit bits you bring us. thanks for that. anyway, i am loving what i am seeing on ep 8. i hope the kissing is at the level of “lie to me”. lip presses are at best a passe and at worst an insult on our intelligence. so, protect the boss deliver like you have been delivering before, and you will have me eating at the palm of your hands!

  2. Yay for their second kiss!! Thanks Koala for the spoiler. After seeing the spoiler and the preview I can’t wait to watch episode 8. 🙂

  3. You are spoiling us with your spoilers (and other various live posts)! I hope you’re enjoying vacation and doing something relaxing!

  4. I miss everyone! And PTB just rocks, it’s hard to stay way. No worries, I’m enjoying every moment of my time off. Just plugging back in after everyone’s asleep and what not. 😀

    • i knew it. you can resist the charm of PTB coz IT ROCKS!!!! hahahah! so happy to hear you’re enjoying your needed long rest while continually giving us so much surprises at the same time. komawo 😀

    • He he he! I’m happy …and amused, to see you back here with the goodies for PTB Ep 8, Capt K. Thanks for them. It’s such a wonderful series which keeps one coming back for more. I, too, can’t stand CJH’s hair and wish he sports a new style soon. Keep having fun with your loved ones, wherever you are, Capt K!

    • thanks for taking care of us even now… I was wondering if ur vacation was over as I saw a baby recap and now the spoiler!!! thanks!
      I am waiting for the eng subs to be out to watch it!!! Enjoy the beach and again, thanks for taking care of the fans from ur playground! 😉

  5. OMG! A kiss from broccoli head!! And it looks like a non-lip-pressing REAL open-mouth kiss too! Kyaaaaaa! Faintz with LUST…. ok ok stop it!!
    Thanks again Ockoala-san, for bringing us these amazing KISSING pics while you are still on vacay! Million chuuuus.
    I am really having the xxxxx for broccoli right now and his growing-up-into-a-gorgeous-man process is totally DROOL…….. This drama is just fabulous for giving us not just ONE but TWO of the most drool-alluring GORGEOUS men (and one also insanely pretty) ever!!
    Oh forgot! PAPA Cha is way up there too! Whats with these Cha men????!!! They are sooooooo going to be the death of my saliva-genes!
    Arigato and please do enjoy the rest of your hiatus!!
    (go ogle + drool more…..)

  6. Running a blog must be like being in the mob. Every time you think you’re out they keep pulling you back in. Lol. Thank you and have fun

  7. Awwww… Can’t wait for tonight..

    Is he 1 of the kissing bandit as well? Hmmm.. He has potential.. He who used to hate skinship have changed a lot, and can’t be without any now..

    So, let us be the judge of his kisses../winks

  8. ~dies of happiness~ Unni, you’re just too good to me. But now I have to wait another five hours before I can watch it, which might kill me…but it’s worth it. ^_^

  9. OMG these pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know how to respond literally!

    it’s hard to believe that you are in holiday when you are feeding us:D Thanks a lot!

    and omg *wanna scream so bad but it’s pointless when there is nobody that can understand or share my feelings 🙁 how sweet those spoilers 🙁 and it reminded me kim sam soon:D LOL

  10. Those photos made my day! I screamed in delight when I saw them! Gave me energy to go through the rest of my day. : ) Thank you so much for all your spoilers and previews during your vacation. You’re incredible! Thank you so much ockoala!

  11. Ah thanks for the pictures! Aaaaaah I constantly visit your site everyday. And you make me so happy you got no idea. 😉

    Ah those pictures. O.M.G. If I were to type out what is running through my head right now it just be “Eeeeeeeeeek” and “Kyaaaaaaaaaa” ^_______^.

  12. not the kissing pics but that top picture melts my heart and brain:D how sweet are they!!! i dont know if i should be happy to see in this life or sad to see them because of envy their relationship ? *_*

  13. These pixies just made my day Ms.K 😀 I didn’t expect to watch a passionate kiss from this two besides bickering and awesome punchlines..I’m glad they finally give in now all I’m waiting is another you-and-me-against-the-world episodes coming, but who cares? This lip-lock scene is a sign of progress for their coupling .

  14. Sheesh… where do these trolls get off being so demanding. Anyways – glad the vacation is going well. 🙂

    Thank you soo much Koala for this. WOW! I love Ji Sung so much and am really glad that he has gained what seems like a lot more new fans from PTB. Much deserved. Yay! Jaejoong is a whole lot of pretty hotness but Ji Sung also is smoking hot here. Love both of their super adorkable characters.

    can’t wait to see ep 8! 🙂 So happy that PTB has lived up to my expectations – all the characters are interesting thus far.

  15. Just watched the ep, and *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

    Ji Heon is rapidly climbing the charts of my favorite drama heroes, even with his terrible terrible hair!

    (please let him have a mid-drama makeover)

  16. Heehee. I know the topic has shifted, but can you clear this up for us? I was under the impression that your computer was permanently chained to your ankle. (o;

    Anyway, anyone who has ever written a recap or attempted a recap knows how much time it takes.

    Thanks for the spoilers, and get some R&R. (o;

  17. I am happy for the couple but I’m sad that Muwon is not getting the girl cuz he’s 2nd lead w/ 2nd lead curse of not getting the girl. I’m hesitant to watch the episode now… 🙂

  18. Dear Koala, just a question.
    I haven’t started Protect the boss, but I see that you love it.
    Judging from your comments about other dramas, seems that our taste is similar to identical (Unless you didn’t like Capital scandal – my all time fave).
    Is it really worthing to watch (in my already full schedule with K/J and T dramas, as well as US series? )

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