Poseidon Holds Press Conference and Releases Five-minute Trailer

Poseidon will be premiering this coming Monday on KBS, so those of you who have longed dreamed of a marine police drama, your wish is about to come true! All kidding aside, the trailers are not bad at all, and the cast chemistry is pretty solid judging from all the behind-the-scenes goofing around.

The cast attending the press conference this week, and everyone was merely decent and presentable, with the exception of Ha Jung Soo, who appeared to have mistaken the event for an annual pimp convention. He wore a shiny royal blue suit, people! It must be seen to believed. If he wore matching patent blue loafers then I would fainted dead away in shock.

Ha Jung Soo, still sexy as all heck, but who’s fashion sense appeared to have been abducted by blind aliens from a very shiny galaxy and replaced with theirs.

Lee Sung Jae may seem like the ahjusshi among kids, but the wowsa factor is all there.

Not digging anything about Lee Shi Young’s look, except for the cute person that is Lee Shi Young herself. The makeup is one shade too light and not properly blended, her blush color dress washes her out, and the side cut-outs are odd and not very flattering or edgy. Her heels appear to be the wrong combo of classic work pumps paired with downtown heels.

Choi Si Won has said in interviews that he considers this role the biggest challenge of his career so far. It’s truly a very physical shoot, so all the best to the cast and crew.

Apparently the cast of Poseidon is doing the “hwaiting” pose to call for 40% in ratings. In this day and age, that’s like wishing for the moon, but hey, way to aim high guys. I totally support your pipe dream!

Five-minute trailer for Poseidon:


[Credit: all pictures of the respective news agency as marked]


Poseidon Holds Press Conference and Releases Five-minute Trailer — 18 Comments

  1. It reminds me that Park Shin Hoo wished ratings of 30% but so far his drama got almost 25% (that aren’t bad ratings) and they are leading their time slot… 🙂 but poseidon cast aim to 40% Holy! Good luck to them….

    • I like it as well. I love when men take fashion risks and the fit is just exquisite. The standard penguin suit is always mouthwatering and sexy but it gets super boring after a while.

      I think Shi young looks breezy and chic, although I do agree that the color doesn’t flatter her skin tone. I’m not crazy about cutouts but the nude color of the top tones down the conspicuousness of the cutout. The cutout shapes also mimic the armhole, creating a pleasing symmetry, and the black trim gives it an almost sporty feel when viewed from the side.

      • I hope so!! I especially loved that scene at the end of the last season when Castle confessed!! Eeek!! Even if we did have to wait a while for the next season but it’s finally here!! Also, I hope Beckett isn’t too injured but I guess she wouldnt be or else what would be the story.

        Anyway back on poseiden, I totally can’t wait for it to start because I really do adore choi si won and Lee shi young and I can’t wait to see them together!! ESP with LSY acting the lead for once + being badass!! Gah, I need someone to build a time machine!! I can’t wait!!

  2. ratings in the 40’s is ambitious indeed..they’d be lucky to get half their number considering that they’re up against two strong sageuks

  3. I am oddly attracted to the shiny suit – perhaps because Kim Hyun Joong wore it in black for one of his liner pics in his mini-solo album and practically sizzled off the page.
    Si won is looking especially hot and happy in the above pics – the whole gang looks pleased to be there.
    Have to agree with your critique of the leading lady’s ensemble – looks like she dressed herself and should have used a stylist. Oh, well. The important thing is that she can kick ass. 🙂

  4. I am dying to watch this drama!!!!!!! I totally Love CSW and I am praying for Lady Koala to love this drama too so we can get recaps… I will be happy with baby recaps to be honest!!! 🙂

  5. I bet you were wondering how long it would take me to comment on that photo! As much as I lub the man, HJS’s suit is not a good thing. It’s out of place here and the cut is wrong for him. I know he does love the fashion risk, but ooftah! OTOH, I love his hair. 😎 I was afraid we’d get another helmet look with the short hair, but nope. If I can’t have a mane of glory, at least I get some curls.

  6. Judging from the trailer, this is certainly a drama that’s worth watching out for. But while the Poseidon press conference pics are interesting, they don’t hold a candle to the montage of LTM header pics 🙂 I was kinda distracted by that – but in a good way… LOL

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