Download of the In Time With You OST and Pictures of the Taipei Cast Fanmeeting

It’s totally my fault for not talking more about In Time With You, which is shaping up to be the best drama out of Taiwan in years. I don’t think it’s presumptuous for me to bet on Ariel Lin getting a return nomination forย the Golden Bell Awards next year, as well as the drama getting lot of love. Ratings continues to rise week-after-week, and in fact seeped a bit away from Office Girls this week, with OG dropping below 5 again. The cast of ITWY held a fanmeeting in Taipei last week where they had a great time playing games and chatting with their fans.

One of the games involved Ariel getting blind folded and asked to identify Bolin Chen. She managed to do so, eliciting squeals of delight from the audience. Because I want to tell all the legions of diehard ITWY fans that I’m loving this drama as much as you (though not personally relating to the love issues because You Qing and Da Ren are SO not how I approached relationships), below I bring you the download of the entire ITWY OST that was just released a few days. Feel free to blow me kisses on your way out to listen to the amazing OST on massive repeat. ๐Ÿ˜€

Download the ITWY OST on bitshare (zip file containing the MP3s) by clicking here.

The tracklist goes like this:

01. ้‚„ๆ˜ฏๆœƒ(้Ÿ‹็ฆฎๅฎ‰) – I Still Will by Weibird (William) Wei
02. ็ฟ…่†€(ๆž—ไพๆ™จ) (ๆˆ‘ๅฏ่ƒฝไธๆœƒๆ„›ไธŠๅฆณ็‰‡ๅฐพๆ›ฒ) – Wings by Ariel Lin (closing track)
03. ๆˆ‘ไธๆœƒๅ–œๆญกไฝ (ๆผ”ๅฅ็‰ˆ) – I Might Not Love You (instrumental)
04. ้‚„ๆ˜ฏๆœƒ(ๆผ”ๅฅ็‰ˆ) – I Still Will (instrumental)
05. ็พๅœจ้–‹ๅง‹(็Ž‹ๅฎๆฉ) – Starting Now by Biung Tak-Banuaz
06. ๆ™ฎ้€šๆœ‹ๅ‹็š„ๆœ‹ๅ‹(่”กๆ˜Œๆ†ฒ) – Friend Who is a Platonic Friend by Emerson Tsai (cute fact: Emerson plays Di Shu in ITWY, Da Ren and You Qing’s high school friend)
07. ่ธฎ่ตท่…ณๅฐ–ๆ„›(ๆดชไฝฉ็‘œ) – Tip Toe Love by Hong Pei Yu
08. ็ฟ…่†€(ๆผ”ๅฅ็‰ˆ) – Wings (instrumental)
09. ๆˆ‘ไธๆœƒๅ–œๆญกไฝ (้™ณๆŸ้œ–) (ๆˆ‘ๅฏ่ƒฝไธๆœƒๆ„›ไธŠๅฆณๆ’ๆ›ฒ) – I Might Not Love You by Bolin Chen (side track)
10. ๆ—‹่ฝ‰้–€(Aggie) – Revolving Door by Aggie


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  1. Thanks for sharing.. I am loving ITWY.. and I am loving the track by Bolin Chen… it matches the his charactor and his feeling for YQ in the drama so well.. love it.

  2. Thanks! ^_^
    ockoala: do u ve any idea where i can download OST of office girls? I badly want the song ‘ Wanting to Fly in Free Fall by Genie Zhuo’ ! ๐Ÿ™

  3. OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! KOALA I HEART YOU!!!!!!!!!…..HUGGSSS this is indeed the BEST DRAMA!!!!! this is my crack of mega proportions since my City Hunter days.. ๐Ÿ˜€ I can rave about this drama on so many just amazing, if is indeed Ariel’s last drama, the lady is going with a BANG!!!..she got so much talent, I’m sorry but no other TWactress can compare to Ariel. I LOVE her chemistry with Bolin is like they have really know each other for 14 yrs..Last episode was JUST AWESOME…

  4. Each episode I keep thinking oh. , it can’t get better than this but I go back every weekend and am just left hungry for more . I have only ever watched Ariel in iswak so I didn’t really know much about her or that she could do the things she’s doing in this drama . I love that she has heaps of chemistry with both leading men – the preview for ep 7 lOoked like all kinds of awesome . You are right , this show is on it’s way to being the best TW drama EVER . This is how people people retire/comeback .

  5. Koalaaaaaa babe, I love you so!! I absolutely LOVE the ITWY, the drama and the OST alike. It really is one of the best dramas this year. THANKS SO MUCH!

  6. Thank you so much! I think this just might be Ariel’s best work ever. I also think she has more chemistry with Bolin Chen than Joe. (but that’s just me) Best drama I’ve watched this year so far.

  7. looking forward each time this drama airs its episode…loving it and the chemistry between the lead is awesome…best drama of ariel so far…

  8. I think it shows how much you love this drama that you didn’t comment on Bolin’s pants. I mean, WTH is going on there??? It looks like he went wading before the fanmeeting and then forgot to roll his pants back down.

    I love this drama so much. Every week it tops its own genius, which is really hard to do. I’m so glad that I took your recommendation to watch this, because Bolin and Ariel – Ariel in particular – are amazing. Watching the drama, I really believe that You Qing and Da Ren have been best friends for half their lives. They have the chemistry and the body language, and I love their performances.

    In short, In Time With You = LOVE.

  9. Thank you so much!!! This drama has one of my favourite motifs: best friends fall in love. Completely agree that it’s one of the best Taiwan dramas in a while.

  10. gahhh. i love this show. i love the story, i love the characters (except maggie. i’m sorry i just can’t. she’s like a 12 year old in a 25 year old body), their undeniable chemistry and omgomgomgomg do i loooove the soundtrack. it really has been beyond years since i’ve loved ALL the songs on a soundtrack before. i just feel that every song relates so well with the overall theme and tone of the show. and how awesome is it that the 2 songs that Ariel and Bolin sing reflect their characters and how they see each other? yep, i’m a woman obsessed.

    and have i told you lately, mz koala, THANK YOU for the introduction. really. <3 <3 <3

  11. Love! Thank you so much for the OST!

    Ariel looks so tiny and Bolin needs to unroll those pants.

    Please, please, please, You Qing and Da Ren needs to end up together. Please!

  12. i have actually been following this drama more than OG , well this series kind of appeal more to me, love the story, love the two leads, love their dialogue i just love this drama!!!

  13. Thanks for sharing! I love the OST of ITWY, I already ordered the CD on line. Oh how I wish I’m from Taiwan just to meet the cast. I’ve been listening to the songs in the soundtrack just to satisfy my cravings for ITWY until the next episode. Even the piano & guitar versions of the songs are so good. Very fitting to the vibe ITWY gives. I love the song of Ariel & Bolin’s track was so fitting for his character.

    I agree with you 101%, Ariel Lin (I am praying…) should be nominated for a Golden Bell next year for her performance as You Qing (unless something really fishy is going on like in the recent Golden Bell). Her acting in ITWY is the BEST I’ve ever seen her, it’s just PERFECTION!!! She IS Cheng You Qing… arrogant, confident, flawed yet so lovable. She was amazing as Xiang Qin in ISWAK but in ITWY, she’s totally You Qing. Her performance is so natural & effortless, You Qing feels so real, at times I forget it’s only a drama. I also hope Bolin Chen gets a nomination because I find his performance amazing as well. He’s a natural actor, so comfortable & real as Li Da ren. Oh, I just looooove him in this drama. Ariel & Bolin’s chemistry is so awesome and genuine! Their role are truly tailor made for them.

    Obviously I’m obsessed with this drama. I should thank the scriptwriter for the lovely & witty lines & dialogue, which what makes ITWY so heartwarming & funny at times. How I wish I can write lines like that. Every episode just gets better & better. And I love reflecting on the life lessons each episode gives me. ITWY has so much heart and soul…. love, love, love it! Episode 7 should be intense, I just don’t know how my poor heart can take seeing Li Da ren sad… sigh… Lol!!! This drama’s so addicting… :))))) Thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Thank you for sharing! I love the OST and the drama <3 I hope that Ariel and Bolin both get nominated for GBAs for their roles in ITWY… both are doing a wonderful job of becoming their characters and using subtle expression to convey what's going on inside their heads. I just can't get over the writing and directing for the drama either… it's just so well done all around. I hope it gets more and more love both in Taiwan and abroad.

    On an aesthetic note, what is going on with Ariel's shirtdress and Bolin's rolled up pants? I'm not a fan of cropped pants on guys (although it kind of fits with Bolin's boyish charm). Ariel looked so gorgeous at most of the Love Sick promos, and then she wore this getup ๐Ÿ˜› (She still manages to look pretty, though, especially while the way she's smiling and having fun in all of the pictures). Apparently, she wore the brand-new Hello Kitty Reeboks to the fanmeet.

  15. I really like this drama, & appreciate the various aspects of love/relationships, & it’s so humorous. I can’t say I’m an Ariel fan, but she is so cute when she smiles! And she is a superb actress. It’s been a long time since I’m hooked on a Taiwan drama.

  16. OMG!!!! I love you koala! thanks! ive been waiting for this ^^ Im one of those diehard fans of ITWY! gosh I really love this drama! why dont you recap this? ^^

    • I was going to ask the same question, I would love to read your recap & thoughts about ITWY. I’ve read that this drama is only 13 episodes, so it’s halfway already.

    • No reason other than I just don’t feel like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I already explained in my first impressions post of ITWY my initial reservations.

  17. Blowing kisses ……. thanks so much, Koala!!!!! Love the drama, love the soundtrack, love Ariel Lin. I finally got it started a week ago and, as expected, am crying my way through it. I hope this is NOT Ariel’s last drama, but she has a right to her life, so I’m looking at it as such, and am glad that it highlights her chief assets as an actress: genuine emotional commitment to the role, chemistry with her leading man, a solid not-a-missed step performance, and material that we can all connect with at some place.

    More kisses for all you give us, day in and day out, Koala!

  18. Didn’t know much about Ariel except for ISWAK and I hated her character there. But in this drama, wow, she’s really nailing it! Glad I decided to watch this. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  19. Woohoo love ITWY… love You Qing and Da Ren…
    it’s just how long they want to stay in status quo of BFF…
    can’t wait to see them finally get together

  20. I just love ITWY. Amazing chemistry between Ariel and Bolin, like they’ve known each other for years. I got hooked from Episode 1 and it just gets better with each episode. Good job to the actors, director and the producer, and great OST too.
    Yes, I can’t wait to see them together .. finally.

  21. omg you are awesome! I’ve been looking for the OST for a while now.. and me not being Chinese, had no idea the titles or how to read chinese, so I had a hard time finding the songs… THAnk you and ITWY is brilliant

  22. hey guys, i heard a lot of good things about ITWY
    however, reading the summary, it seems to have pretty much the same plot as other idol dramas
    what is it that makes it popular? Please enlighten me.

    • I can say that as far as story plot goes, it is original in how it carries out the story plays out… Very realistic and enlightening. Plus great acting and brilliant camera-work makes the film very memorable. I really have a dislike for T-drama because of exaggerated acting and cheesy, fairy-like, unrealistic story telling. But ITWY feels like 500 Days of Summer, it’s a sleeper hit. Truely a good quality drama. And it doesn’t hurt that the characters are played by very good-looking and talented actors and actresses.

    • Yes, the plot is simple & common but the way the scriptwriter made it so interesting is just pure genius. The lovely & witty lines & dialogue, especially between the 2 main leads, is what got me hooked in this drama. Not to mention, the direction, production, music & superb acting. It’s a mellow, heartwarming, funny & contemplative feel drama. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. hi guys … i just listened to the OST…. I love bolin but I don’t think he sang very well… the music of the song was nice but bolin still needs vocal training in the singing area… does anyone else think so too?

    • yes, but his voice has a lot of potential, more training I guess. I liked the emotional “feel” of his voice though, very fitting to his character as Li Da ren. I read somewhere that the director asked Bolin to compose that song. (not sure if it’s the music or lyrics)

      • i agree with you cottontwyst that bolin voice is fitting with his character as Li Da Ren
        i love Li Da Ren character ..

  24. Thank you thank you so much for this!!! You saved me!! I needed the instrumentals so badly… I can’t find it anywhere but here… ;D I Love the drama In Time With You… Every episode!!! And the last episode was the best!!! I love Ariel and Bolin… They make a very good match!!! Thank you for doing such a great job to everybody behind the scenes..

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