Written and Video Preview for Office Girls Episode 11

It was epiphany time for Zi Qi at the end of episode 10 of Office Girls. Will Xing Ren follow suit in episode 11 and then we can spend the rest of the drama with them playing house? Eating pasta with broccoli, and finishing up with some almond tofu. 😛 Man, this drama is turning me into Stallone with all the punny puns. So far the drama hasn’t dipped yet in energy or charm, and I hope it continues to deftly balance the zany with the swoony, all the while kicking Kai Er’s ass to the moony. And dost my eyes deceive me, or is Zi Qi wearing a Playboy sweatshirt up there? Roy Qiu must’ve dug it out of his closet, mwahahaha~

What kind of (love) confession can cause a person’s heart to beat faster? A look? A kiss? Or a word? Xing Ren is worried about Zi Qi’s injury and hurries to tend to his wounds. Their close proximity causes both to feel the nervous tension between them. The long suppressed feelings Zi Qi has for Xing Ren causes Zi Qi to lean in and kiss Xing Ren on the cheek. Time stops at the very moment, so will Xing Ren accept Zi Qi’s confession?

The kiss with Le Le causes the outwardly gruff but inwardly sissy Stallone to start feeling something for her. Too bad Le Le only has disgust and distaste towards Stallone. Zi Qi puts his promise to Xing Ren inside the dollhouse and gives it to her as a present. Xing Ren is moved by his gesture and feels her heart touched by him.

Mama Shen suddenly comes to visit, asking to review Zi Qi and Xing Ren’s love report card and assess their achievement. Kai Er just so happens to visit Zi Qi, bringing toilet paper and even a microwave. How will Zi Qi reject Kai Er’s expectations. Xing Ren’s feelings are like a roller coaster of emotion. Will Zi Qi use honesty and care to bring the two of them back to the sweetest of moments?!?

Newest preview for episode 11:


Le Le to Zi Qi: When you get some money you just take Kai Er out to dinner and a movie. Our Xing Ren treats you so well, cooking for you, washing your clothes, and even being your driver, yet what have you ever done for her?

Zi Qi to Xing Ren: I know I don’t have any money right now, and I don’t have any ability to change anything, but at least with this, you don’t have to be disappointed anymore.

Zi Qi to Kai Er: Actually…..I like Shen Xing Ren.


Written and Video Preview for Office Girls Episode 11 — 26 Comments

    koala, if it wasn’t for you, i would never discover this drama at all!
    He is so immature and his jealousy makes him childish yet it’s so funny!
    Can’t wait till SUNDAY…

  2. I wonder how many episodes there will be? I love Zi Qi and Xing Ren together. Although at the moment I sort of dislike Kai Er, I feel sorry for her due to her past and I admire her successfully going through many barriers in her life. Kai Er has a similar background to Xing Ren, but what makes her better is that she remains kind and compassionate to everyone.

    As much as I love Stallone funny and crazy antics, I don’t want him together with Le Le. He’s still a mean and incompetent boss although they do make him slightly likeable by making him loud and brash. Although we dont know much about Michael, he at the moment is better suited with Le Le.

    thank you for the preview. i wonder, how are you able to recap j-dramas, taiwan-dramas, c-dramas, and k-dramas? Are you that fluent in many languages? How did you become so? I’m impress.

    • I don’t agree with you when it comes to Kai Er… She did go through a lot in the past but, unlike Xing Ren, where she got to today is due to her sly way. I’m not about judging ppl but up to now, that’s all her character showed. While trying to make it through her hard times, she had lost her conscience along the way. Just look at the way she’s been “competing” with Xing Ren for Zi Qi: she lies and twists what ppl say to her own advantage. Plus the whole thing with her boss, if she wasn’t using him, she would’ve reported him. I don’t see anything positive in her. All I see is self pitying.
      She may have a similar past to Xing Ren, but Xing Ren went through it with dignity and hard work, which gave her a lot of pride and confidence in herself. Plus she takes responsibility of her mistakes.
      I hope she has some Pride and backs off now that Zi Qi is clearly telling her to.

  3. “And dost my eyes deceive me, or is Zi Qi wearing a Playboy sweatshirt up there? Roy Qiu must’ve dug it out of his closet, mwahahaha~”

    MUAHHAHAAHAHA LMAO…. seriously, I concur with your opinon LOL….

    I am towards the end of “Waking Love Up”… have you seen that show Koala? It’s a remake of a remake, I know…. but dude, episode 30… EYE CANDY + HEARTBREAK…. I like this remake version (never really cared for Ming Dao in the Prince Turns into a Frog, but replace Ming Dao with Roy… dang…. talk about making a difference…)

    I heart Roy Chiu… sigh~~~ Can’t wait to start on this series later!!

    • speaking of heartbreak, i just finished roy’s series with joe chen “the girl in blue”
      i wasn’t prepared for the tears…
      i hope roy does more light dramas!

  4. Omg I totally am already squealing. Why is it that I just CAN’T get enough of OG? I wonder how many episodes there are. Are there really 20 (I’ve seen it say that on viki)? If so I don’t know what more they could possibly do for the rest of the episodes. Why is Roy Qiu amazing! I want my own Ziqi!

  5. If Kai Er is going to get in the way of this latest romantic development, I’m going to crawl into my computer screen and kick her little behind. I intensely dislike her really low maneuvering to keep Zi Qi to herself – which, they were never dating anyway, so it’s not like she has the right. But enough about her.

    Come on, Zi Qi! Be a man and go after the girl you want! ~cheers~

    • Agreed! The little pity tactic of hers screamed desperation. I still can’t figure out if she’s after money, affection, or both.

      On the other hand, did Kai Er’s actress inject her lips? The shaping looks unusual. I mean she’s gorgeous and everything, but her lips…

  6. I would be seething in anguish if Kai Er continues to separate them. The guy has already told you he likes someone else. Please have some pride and back off.

    I have a feeling their lips are going to almost meet, but Xing Ren is going to pull away first. She’s probably going to flashback to that scene where Kai Er’s dressed in the men’s shirt. I’m waiting for a confession from Zi Qi though. He’s already confessed his feelings to Lao Yu and Kai Er. He needs to get the misunderstanding straightened out if he wants Xing Ren’s trust.

      • If there is, I better see some serious kissing. I’ve patiently waitied 10 episodes. The least they could do is let me see some passion.

      • roy’s a pretty good kisser in his other dramas haha
        can’t wait for the new episode!

  7. ^^”outwardly gruff but inwardly sissy Stallone”^^ —>what an appropriate description!! Loving OG!! Kinda off-topic but totally lubbing In Time With You….Bolin Chen is totally spazz-worthy as Li Da Ren.

    • Thanks for the info! Surprisingly I can’t find too much of this info online. I’m really surprised no one has picked up the subs and offered a link for the torrents on this drama yet. Do you happen to know any sites where I can download the drama? thanks !

    • Hi. You can try to install a program called PPTV. It is a Chinese software where you can rewatch and download the latest Asian dramas and movies. However, there are only hardsubbed chinese subtitles. I have only used this for HK and Taiwanese dramas and haven’t try it for Korean nor Japanese. You can give it a try if you can read a bit of simplified chinese. One way you can search the OG drama using the program is first search it on dramawiki and then copy the chinese title of OG and paste it onto the search bar from the PPTV program. Then the results will show up and you can stream it or right-click and select download to download onto your computer. Hope this helps.

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