LOVE with Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, Shu Qi and Vicky Zhao Releases First Teaser

Director Doze Niu’s mega cast romantic move LOVE wrapped filming back in September with an eye toward a 2012 Valentine’s Day release. The first teaser has dropped and it looks absolutely fantastic. Starring Ethan Ruan, Shu Qi, Mark Chao, (Vicki) Zhao Wei, Amber Kuo, Ivy Chen, and Eddie Peng (as well as Doze himself), the relationship pairings in the movie remain under wraps for now, with some clues given when you watch the teaser. I love how the movie looks both stylish yet appears character-oriented, so it’s about people and not some amorphous discussion of love. Doesn’t hurt that the cast is across-the-board crazy good looking. 

Teaser trailer for LOVE:

In order of appearance in the teaser: Ethan, Mark, Shu Qi, Vicki, Eddie, Ivy, Amber, and finally the last shot is of Director Doze Niu.

Cute LOVE production video:

Everyone is asked their answer to “what is love?” I love how in the very end, Director Niu says that to this day, he still hasn’t figured it all out. Don’t we all, Director Niu, don’t we all.


LOVE with Ethan Ruan, Mark Chao, Shu Qi and Vicky Zhao Releases First Teaser — 19 Comments

  1. If they paired Eddie with Ivy again, i’d die from happiness….they were the cutest things on the planet in Hear Me…also how hilarious is it that Mark Chao is working out before what looks like a nekkid scene…lol…i find it hilarious that actors tend to do this minutes before going shirtless, when its not like they’re going to grow a couple more packs in that short period…also how cute is his fake lovescene with the director

  2. Not a Mark Chao fan, but has he gotten better looking & cooler? That are so many great actors here…all squished into a short movie? Wish it was a 20 ep drama instead.

  3. Definately anticipating this!! Everyone looks great in the teaser! And the cast is just 🙂 Haven’t seen Shu Qi in a film for a while where she (attempts to) speaks Cantonese. LOL. Not that her Cantonese bothers me, for the record…I think it’s like her trademark in HK now 😛

    But it does feel a bit like the rom-coms genre that Hollywood has been into recently with the big ensemble cast and intersecting stories, like “She’s Just Not that Into You”

    • I agree. it does seem very like a hollywood kinda rom-com. but i love western rom coms, not matter how awful and unrealistic, and I loved “She’s just not that into you” so I’m def looking forward to this 😀

  4. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaark! ~swoons~ I’m so excited for this movie! I’ve been searching the net for a place to stream Monga with English subs but have yet to succeed, which makes me even more anxious for this movie. And considering that there were not one, not two, but three (if I counted correctly) shirtless shots in just this teaser…give it to me, baby! ^_^

    Oh, and the rest of the cast looks great, too. Haha.

  5. Whoa, Warner Brothers? (I find it kind of cute that Huayi Brothers is working with Warner Brothers… haha.)

    Loving the unabashed bromance in all these videos. After Monga, I’m definitely looking forward to what Ethan has to give. And I have to say that, for a 45-year-old, Director Niu is ridiculously hot. I think I had more of a crush on his character than on any of the younger guys’ characters in Monga. xP

  6. OMG that first picture looks more like a gangster movie picture. lol LOVE it! All of my fav men of Taiwan in one big screen =) Now if only Roy was part of this line up. I really hope they pair Eddie w/ Ivy. I absolutely loved them in Hear Me.

  7. I fangirl and trust PD Niu and the trailer doesn’t disppoint….but I’m more looking forward to Eddie in his gymnast movie.

  8. Why doe Amber have that not so great hair again? You’d think she grew it out by now after Channel-X…

    Aniwhos, I’m TOTALLY looking forward to this drama! Eddie<3 🙂

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