C-drama Fairytale with Janine Chang and Lee Joon Hyuk Holds Mid-Production Press Conference

The cast and crew for the upcoming C-drama Fairytale (童话二分之一 which literally translates as 50% of a Fairytale) quietly started shooting the drama in early October without much fanfare despite it’s cross-border cast. Looks like the production company wanted to make a splashy press conference complete with a teaser of the early footage. Starring Janine Chang from Taiwan and Lee Joon Hyuk from Korea, the second male lead is pretty boy Peer Zhu (one of the Chinese F4).

The production played coy on the second female lead, but since she plays Janine’s character’s older twin sister, I’m betting Janine plays both roles, hence the secrecy to milk it for a later surprise. I’ve written about the drama here, complete with synopsis. I’m totally looking forward to this, for no other reason that I love Janine and Lee Joon Hyuk! I’ve also embedded the first teaser below as well, so have a look. The drama is slated to keep filming for the next 3 months, with a mid-2012 release date.

Teaser for Fairytale (the dubbing and sound is all temporary, which explains why it’s godawful, so just disregard):


C-drama Fairytale with Janine Chang and Lee Joon Hyuk Holds Mid-Production Press Conference — 23 Comments

  1. there is a butterfly resting on the shoulder of Lee Joon Hyuk on the last picture~!! Lee has permed his hair, first time to see him in short permed hair style!!! ^^…

      • i love him since his first drama “first wives club”, and love him even more after watching his recent music show “saddle the wind” !!! He got so much potential and is really adorable…!! :>

  2. Personally, I don’t like the synopsis/plot but I like all the actors so I’ll give it a chance. However, this could easily turn boring..

  3. Lee Joon Hyuk looks so different! I hardly recognized him in the first picture. And in the second, third… Well the one that convinced me it was him was the last picture, the one wit a butterfly? in his shoulder.

  4. Never heard Zhu Zi xiao being refered to as Peer Zhu before.lol . And calling him a pretty boy just reminds me of the time he dressed up as Stephanie Sun’s sister and cracked the he’ll out of her. I’m propbably one of the few people here who is unfamiliar with the Korean cast but know the Chinese cast. Looking forward to this.

  5. I might check this out since I like Lee Joon hyuk and Janine. You have no idea how envious I was of current berkeley students when Joon Hyuk, Hong Ki and Im Jae Bum gave a lecture and special performances for them (I swear nothing cool happened when I was an undergrad there).

  6. I didn’t recognize Lee Joon Hyuk here too but my daughter insisted ” You know him Ma” then enumerated the dramas we’ve seen together of him; City Hall, I Am Legend and Prosecutor Princess. ” But he looks more handsome here” I exclaimed!!! lol! Is it because of the permed hair?!

  7. Thanks!! I love this already and like others have said, I totally did not recognize LJH from those pics!!!

    Koala, just wondering what your thoughts are on the quality of C Dramas these days… I have never watched C Dramas before until BBJX and am now really addicted to them and am shocked at the quality of the productions these past few years (they are really really good and are drawing actors from all over!) In fact, I’d even go out on a limb and say for the most part, they surpassed the quality of T Dramas, HK Dramas, and even some K Dramas… Just wondering if you have the same feeling…

  8. there was all these rumors about two and a half months ago that Jiro Wang of Fahrenheit was going to take the role. then it turned out to be just the production team juicing the Fahrenheit and ‘Jiro vs Chun’ rumors. and I was so excited to check the drama out… and turns out there was no way Jiro was ever even considering the role, since he’s filled up his schedule until next year. really, if the drama starts to use these things for publicity before even filming, i question its quality. don’t think i’m going to check it out until i read some REALLY good reviews.

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