Ady An Pairs up with Wu Zun in Saving General Yang and Breaks up the All-male Bromance

I’m totally watching Saving General Yang for my Zai Zai, but lord knows I have to go in with an iron stomach. The well-known Song dynasty folk tale about the patriotic Yang family who had seven strapping warrior sons who went to battle and only one came home is a perpetual cinematic favorite for how it deals with filial piety and nationalistic fervor. This is one of those rare stories where it’s all about the men, though the Yang wives have their own folk tale that starts after six of then become widows overnight and are forced to hold up the family honor. But for the story proper, it’s always cool to have seven actors cast as the seven brothers, and this movie found Ekin Cheng, Yu Bo, Vic Zhou, Li Chen, Raymond Lam, Wu Zun, and Fu Xing Bo to update this classic band of brothers. The movie’s short running time means the ladies are getting shafted even more than usual, except to set the story in motion one wife needs to make an appearance for narrative sake. That would be future 6th wife Princess Cai, whose marriage contest is what gives ammunition to the evil villains in the Song dynasty in sending the Yang men to their deaths in a battle they cannot win. Ady An plays Princess Cai and I’ve always said she is one of those actresses that fits a period setting more than a modern one. She is paired up with Wu Zun and despite both acting in TW-dramas during the same window of time they have never been paired up before until now. I thought the stills of Ady and Wu Zun are very lovely but in this movie probably as cheesy as watching the animal cracker scene in Armageddon. But the 4th trailer released for the movie looks so awesome I’m not even worried about a bit of cheesy romance on the side. Continue reading

Saving General Yang Releases Asia Trailer and Official Movie Stills Ahead of April Premiere

When I was in Asia last week, the entertainment shows were all covering the expanding barrage of press material and activities associated with the upcoming period wuxia movie Saving General Yang. It premieres early April worldwide which is a pretty … Continue reading

Saving General Yang with Ekin Cheng, Vic Zhou, and Wu Zun Releases First Official Still

Looks like Director Ronny Yu’s mega-budget period war movie Saving General Yang is potentially looking for an American distributor. The first official still from the movie, starring among others Adam Cheng, Ekin Cheng, Wu Zun, Vic Zhou, and Raymond Lam, … Continue reading

Casting Confirmed For the Saving General Yang with Vic Zhou as 4th Brother and Wu Zun as 6th Brother

Latest news from Weibo states that casting of the Yang’s brothers have been finalized. I posted here about the actors playing one of the seven brothers in the upcoming epic HK/C movie Saving General Yang (一门忠烈之杨家将), but it hadn’t yet been finalized which … Continue reading

Cast for Upcoming HK/C Movie Saving General Yang Including Vic Zhou, Wu Zun, Louis Koo, and Ekin Cheng

When I first heard the casting news, I did a double take, and then had to check five times to make sure it wasn’t some elaborate April’s Fools punk. Of course it’s not, and the reality only makes it more … Continue reading