Jo Hyun Jae Continues with C-dramas and Takes the Lead in Youth Storm

Methinks someone is getting really comfortable making C-dramas. Hot on the heels of Jo Hyun Jae wrapping his first C-drama, the period Rouge Hegemon, and returning to Korea, he’s just been confirmed as the lead for another upcoming C-drama. This time it’s a modern drama called Youth Storm, and centers around the the students at an aristocratic university in China and their trails and tribulations. It’s been described as a cultural reflection of China’s post-90s generation and their issues.

I’m actually way more excited than I should considering my track record. I tend to loathe most modern C-dramas, but the combo of Jo Hyun Jae with the leading lady Kirsten Jen makes me sit up and take notice. Kirsten is still more famous for being Selina Jen‘s (of SHE fame) younger sister, but I have to confess to finding her way more gorgeous and a natural young actress. I adored Kirsten in K.O. San Guo and find her too pretty for words. Since I’m loving the leads, I’m praying this drama doesn’t suck.

Kirsten plays Xu Ping Fan, a determined, hardworking student at the university, whereas Jo Hyun Jae is Ye Zi Xuan, said to be handsome with a scholarly air, rather like a modern young Sherlock Holmes. The drama is described as the opposite of the currently popular makjang or modern version of court intrigue type struggles. Instead it focuses on realistic positive and negative social interactions among modern Chinese youth.

Rounding out the cast is second male lead Kelvin Chen. The drama held a press conference to announce the start of filming, but leading man Jo Hyun Jae was still in Korea so wasn’t able to attend. I’m already drooling over how pretty the OTP is going to look onscreen. Yes, I’m so shallow. Above are the first two stills from the drama’s first day of filming. As for leading lady Kirsten, all the media wanted to ask was about her sister Selina. Kirsten happily revealed that the newlyweds are doing great and Selina continues with her rehab and recovery.


Jo Hyun Jae Continues with C-dramas and Takes the Lead in Youth Storm — 19 Comments

  1. I love to watch Jo Hyun Jae in new drama but I’m not a big fan of C-dramas tho. Anyhow i’ll be checking it out when it releases.

    • It’s actually Rouge (as in lipstick) Hegemon, so I’m not sure it evokes a connection with Ender’s Game that way. And I’ve not read EG so I can’t say if Rogue Hegemon draws the same connection. 🙂

      Rouge Hegemon is a Chinese phrase meant to evoke a feminine ruler or just a girl who rules the playground over all the boys.

      • Oh, that’s an entirely different meaning. Thanks for the information. I was mostly referring to the term hegemon. The Enderverse was the first place I was introduced to the word, so it brings back nice memories of the book.

  2. JJH should make a new comeback for korean drama after the successful of 49 days!!!Not in China…..I think he should just let this go and quickly comeback to Korea… urghhh……

  3. Any news on when this is coming out? I’m watching Kirsten in “In a Good Way” rn and I like it so far. This seems pretty similar, so I’d like to give it a try.

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