Calvin Chen Films GTV Drama with Victoria of f(x)

Another TW-drama filming goes underway, but this one has some interesting casting choices. It’s a GTV production that will be filmed in China, starring Fahrenheit‘s Calvin Chen and Victoria of the K-group f(x). The title is tentatively called The Prince without a Castle (失去城堡的王子). The third lead will be Zhou Mi, also a member of a Korean pop group, being part of Super Junior M.

Unlike the recent Korean-Chinese collaborations, this one will require no dubbing whatsoever since both Victoria (last name Song) and Zhou Mi are both Chinese. Whew, that’s one less thing for fans to complain about. But with the casting of not one, not two, but all three leads from the ranks of pop idols turned actors, the potentially iffy acting might be of concern.

I have no feelings about this drama yet. The best result is a fluffy and forgettable drama. The worse result is a big hot mess. GTV is known for being the home of idols, and the Fahrenheit boys especially have been quite active over there. While I think Calvin and Jiro are the better actors, I’m shallow and totally go for Aaron and Wu Zun’s good looks, since all four really can’t act that much anyways. Since I don’t follow K-pop, I have no clue if Victoria and/or Zhou Mi have acted or can act. One thing for sure is that they are also quite pretty. The drama heads into production this month and will be aired in both China and Taiwan when it’s completed. Looking at the picture below, apparently Calvin has already met Victoria and the rest of her f(x) girls. Without any language barrier, that oughta make getting acquainted easier.

[Credit: China Yam news]


Calvin Chen Films GTV Drama with Victoria of f(x) — 22 Comments

  1. Victoria has done “We Got Married”…if one considers that ‘acting’….but basically it would be both Victoria & Zhou Mi’s first time…and that makes me cringe a little…more so than the idol part.

    • It’s not zhou mi’s first time. He has acted before in a drama with Leo Ku, which I forgot the title, since all I read are bad reviews about the drama ^^

    • Zhou Mi is really good at acting, if you ever watched some of the Super Junior – M Variety shows they were on in 2011 in Taiwan you could tell he is a really good actor.

  2. I adore Victoria and the f(x) girls have all acted pretty well in their dramas so far so I think they’ve had acting lessons during their hiatus. Please don’t call Khuntoria acting…my heart couldn’t take it.

    MiMi went with another SM trainee for acting classes in China right before the filming started

    They’re being secretive about the drama but the Chinese Winnies are stalking information and Calvin said he’s still going to go back to Taiwan to host his show.

  3. From what I read…Victoria is the lead and there are three guys fell in love with her.. Hmmm.. I love FX… son Qian Fighting!!! Son Qian is Victoria Chinese name…

  4. victoria is really really good and talented in acting. as can be seen from mv like trax ” let you go” and “blind”, not to mention beautiful. but i kind of cringe at the choice for this drama as it seems like the typical tw drama which involes exagerrated acting and poor story line …


    Ahem. I’m sane, I swear.

    I also love Victoria too, so I’ll definitely give this a shot. :3

  6. The only acting I’ve seen of Victoria is the mvs were she’s brawling her eyes out, looking incredibly fierce or just really pretty. I think she might have potential. Though it might have been a better idea to have gotten some experience as a supporting actor first. Still quite interesting. This’ll be one of the few times a Taiwanese has a mainland chinese female as the lead. Though technically the management company is Korean. Seems like sm has package deal. Buy one sm member must buy another sm member per show.

  7. Calvin’s only not the worst actor out of Fahrenheit because there’s Chun… who really needs to thank God for his good looks, otherwise he would’ve never had a job to begin with. However, I’ve always found Jiro and Aaron to be the hottest members of Fahrenheit, and the better actors, especially Jiro. Aaron focused too much on music to have really made any dramas.

    • Wu Chun don’t really need to act to earn money. He’s a real life chaebol and acting is like 1 of the things he seemed to fancy on trying.

    • Jiro is the best actor of the 4 honestly…but I LOVED all three in The X-Family and KO One.

      Chun…when Han Geng is the best actor out of Chun, Geng, and Barbie in My Kingdom with his VERY limited acting experience that is saying something about Chun and Barbie

  8. i dunno about Victoria but i think Zhou Mi can act pretty well from what i’ve seen 🙂
    i would be very happy if Henry (from SJM aswell) would have a role in this drama ;p but then again his acting sucks XD

  9. Wow.. this is huge.. its probably going to get lots of Promotions since its going to be a huge Taiwan-Korean-China collaborations.. I agree that it may not be great on the acting but yes it will be very PRETTY and easy on the eyes.. Let’s hope they can at least deliver so that is watchable.. Somewhat. 🙂

  10. ahhh why it has to be Calvin?? i can’t take him seriously. :((( IMO he’s not handsome enough to be a lead actor. I’m shallow i know but i’d like to see Victoria’s acting tho.

  11. yea. victoria got quite a bit of attention for being able to act in recent mv’s. especially being able to cry on the spot.

    i just wonder how their characters in the drama are. (will victoria be cute like she was in WGM or ditzy?)

  12. I can’t take Calvin’s acting seriously either, but I feel like he must know he’s not a good actor. So that means I get to laugh along with all the lolziness that will be whatever drama Calvin is in. I mean, X-Family was hilarious (when I wasn’t fast-forwarding).

    I agree that Jiro is the best actor of Fahrenheit, but for some reason Calvin is my favorite member. If only I knew why.

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