Written Preview for Episode 5 of MoonSun

The impetus for actions in a sageuk is rarely personal, and this is especially true in The Moon Embraces the Sun. People are eliminated simply because they got in the way. It’s not like anyone objects to Yeon Woo being Hwon’s Crown Princess because she’s ugly, stupid, or his half-sister. It’s because she doesn’t represent the establishment, and the people in power need to get rid of her to keep their power. It’s always those who climb the highest who are most at risk to tumble from such great heights. It’s bittersweet to know that Yeon Woo simply likes Hwon and doesn’t covet the Crown Princess position, but she is not strong enough to withstand the onslaught of those who seek to destroy her. I wish she would have left with Yang Myung or married some nice lower official, only in the sense that her life wouldn’t be totally screwed because of Hwon. But then again, the most memorable of love stories are the ones that scale great heights to reach their happy ending.

Written preview for episode 5:

From Queen Yoon, Nok Young receives a paper containing Yeon Woo’s birth information along with Yeon Woo’s clothing. Alone in the Hidden Moon Chamber, Yeon Woo suddenly finds herself in unbearable pain. Yoon Dae Hyung’s cohorts use the excuse that the Crown Princess Heo concealed her illness, asking King Sungjo to expel her from the Palace. Finding out that the ministers are heading to the Hidden Moon Chambers at that moment to send Yeon Woo back to her family, Crown Prince Hwon is furious.


Written Preview for Episode 5 of MoonSun — 21 Comments

  1. I ADORE this drama, really
    but I’m not really understanding why the queen dowager want Bo Kyung for the throne?
    sorry if it was mentioned already in the drama, but what relation is the queen with Minister Yoo? why does she want him?
    Again I’m sorry if it was mentioned in the drama, but I just didn’t get it 🙁

    • Minister Yoon is the Dowager Queen Yoon’s nephew. They have the same last name. She wants to keep the power for her side of the family.

      • uh-oh! so that means bo kyung and hwoon are both grandchildren of queen dowager. hmmm sounds taboo to me.

      • Erm, no, Bo Kyung is a distant relative to Hwon. Since she’s the daughter of Queen Yoon’s nephew, she is clearly not Queen Yoon’s granddaughter.

      • ah…ok! thanks for taking time to clarify the matter and previews/recaps as well. 😀

  2. Thanks Ms koala.

    Back then… distant or not-so-distant relatives marrying each other was pretty common, especially amongst royalty right? In Asia, in Europe… eek at the thought.

    Anyhow – I don’t think I can watch ep 5 until I know what happens later. LOL Sooo tragic. I will definitely be reading recaps though. I too kinda wanted her to just leave with Prince YM since she is not the type of person who can even fathom what kinds of nasty/evil thoughts the Queen Dowager and her croonie relatives are thinking and plotting. But if she (at just 13 yrs old) truly loves Hwon, then I shall support 🙂 It is tough loving royalty esp a King. I must say that when Hwon becomes King, he had better be able to “sacrifice” for his love. That’s not really the word I want to use but I can’t think of a better english word.

    Must get the tissues ready. But I can’t wait to see what the children become as adults – how much they’ve changed and how tortured they are by all of this. Outwardly playboy – YM – I’m most looking forward to him – just feel so bad for him. Does he also feel this strange similarity between Wol and YW from the start?

    • Brothers-sisters got married in the ancient days to keep bloodlines pure, as recorded in Greek, Roman, Egyptian history. Most royal marriages even until modern times were folks who can trace their ancestry to one or two degrees apart. Bo Kyung marrying Hwon is not at all taboo.

    • in islamic countries cousins can get married with each others , this is not prohibitted by our religion islam , but sibbilings or uncles/aunts-nephiew/nieces can’t and it’s considred as incest

  3. Thank you Ms. Koala!

    I’ve been so interested in this from the start, but I’m having trouble finding where to watch it with eng subs. Can anyone help me out? Thanks <3

    • I’ve watched the first 3 episodes on dramacrazy. I don’t think ep 4 is subbed yet. The viki subs are not accessible in my region but you could try there too.

    • You can go on their Facebook page. They have the link for EP 14 with eng sub. =) I love this drama too!

      Thank you for the recaps and written preview! Can’t wait to see the next episodes!

  4. I’m actually wondering… if Lee Hwon would give up Yeon Woo… if he would have known that his brother loves her too. Would his love for his brother be big enough to give him the girl he loves??

    That would be interesting to know. Hmmm…

  5. In my case last names don’t want to meddle with the throne…my last name wants to be left alone hahaha…good thing I’m not one of the many moons in this drama eeeeywwww!

  6. thanks koala 🙂
    if she’s going to be returned back to her family then how she will be killed ?
    anyway , I wish they gave some infos about princess MH and yeom , my favorite couple

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