First Peek at Upcoming K-dramas Rooftop Prince and Fashion King

The upcoming K-drama season is going to be littered with Kings and Princes, as if the current runaway hit The Moon that Embraces the Sun didn’t already have enough of an angsty King plus and angsty Prince. I remember K-dramas always trending the same topics, whether it was a slew of sports, medical, or music dramas in short order. While only a tiny trifle about a young man time traveling to win his first love back is the sole drama I’m eagerly looking forward to, I’m keeping an eye out for Rooftop Prince with Micky Yoochun and Han Ji Min, as well as Fashion King with Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung. I like the concept of the former (a Joseon Prince time traveling forward with his entourage when he loses his beloved Princess), and I like the latter hot smirky dude that is Yoo Ah In even if I find fashion themed K-dramas mostly a dud. With the except of Fashion 70s, which was really a period makjang birth secrets drama with a super hot PIE masquerading as a fashion drama. Have first look at RP and FK, both of which are in the early stages of filming.

Also in RP is Lee Tae Sung (adore him!) and Jung Yumi (adore her!). Of course they are playing the second leads, but I find both of them refreshingly sincere in their acting, always making a character more interesting than initially written on paper.

I’m loving the so-called “new” Joseon F4, after the now “old” Joseon F4 which comprised the four youngsters in the childhood portion of MoonSun. Lee Min Ho has the honor being a member of both entourages. The other two rounding out the RP F4 set is Jung Seok Won and Choi Woo Sik. I’m the first to admit I do not (yet) get the appeal of Yoochun. I have a few drama friends who luuuurve him to pieces, so I’m always curious about what makes him mesmerizing, because IMO I think he’s the least attractive member of JYJ. He’s definitely the best actor in the trio, but perhaps RP will clue me into the Yoochun mania, because I didn’t feel him AT ALL in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Below is the first look at cast of Fashion King, most notably leading man Yoo Ah In performing a building leaping stunt. The second leads for the drama are Lee Je Hoon and Yuri of SNSD, with a story that revolves around up-and-coming designers in Dongdaemun (trendy market area in Seoul). While both leading ladies leave me rather cold, I’m also curious to check out FK for Lee Je Hoon, who is really making a splash in movies (The Front Line and he’s also in the upcoming Introduction to Architecture with Han Ga In and Uhm Tae Woong). I do wonder why Yoo Ah In’s character has to leap off a building since he plays a fashion designer. But what do I know? Maybe he’s secretly a spy who aspires to be a designer. It’s good to see his playful smirk back in action.


First Peek at Upcoming K-dramas Rooftop Prince and Fashion King — 27 Comments

  1. Ahhh Auntie K.
    OMG My Oppa Mickey is back in Kdramaland and I’m screaming like a schoolgirl. I just heart him to pieces. He is just so freaking cute to me. I think it’s that I’m too cool for school iceman face but then he smiles and ahhh I about have a heart attack.
    I just love him!!!!

    I’m so excited for both of these shows!!!!

    Cya mates later

    • That’s exactly while I like him. He looks so serious and then he would smile and his whole face would just lighten. It is a very sincere smile (doesn’t look forced or fake like his other counterparts in JYJ).

      • wth? O.O

        you have issues.

        those insincere/fake two do an incredible amount of charity work even individually outside of JYJ

      • Being a diehard JYJ fan, I’m really disappointed by your comment. You can spazz all you want about Yoochun but please is there a need to bring down the other two just because thats how you feel? How would you feel if JJ fans or JS fans say that about YC? If you don’t have anything good to say about them then please just comment on YC and leave them out. Thank you.

      • @Hillary Learn to respect the ones that Yoochun loved if you are his fan. You have just bad-mouthed about his 2 dearest brothers that Chunnie had just openly declared his loves for them in his recent tweets, the 2 others brothers that are going through thick & think with him.

      • @Hillary
        Well, YooChun will feel disgraceful to have a person like you as a fan. He’ll probably tell you to “F**k off, no more talk!”

  2. hi Koala unni,
    How is your new job.. I miss having a job as I was a workholic before two rugrats boys. (Stay at home mom due to made a promise to hubby to be a stay at home mom when second child is born.)

    Back to this two kdrama.. I am not feeling Micky Yoochun either…. I do not know why my dongsengs love him to death… =P I will be watching it for Lee Min Ho….. Plus, they have actions scenes so I hope it will be good and want to see the lovely hanboks that the girls will be wearing.. I am wondering will be hard as they have to talk to both in saejuks and modern times… Okay.. i hope that make sense to you…

  3. I like Yoochun a lot , but it’s mostly because I loved his character and his portrayal of said character in SKKS…he is by no means a mindblowing actor but I think he has screen presence and i thought he was able to pull of that righteous scholar looks pretty well in there….To be completely honest, I don’t find him that good looking in regular clothes, there’s just something really appealing about him in a hanbok
    I don’t know why but I have a very bad feeling about Fashion King….maybe it’s because of the stills…they bring back images of Kwon Sang Woo being chased or beaten up or something in Cinderella Man…and any semblance with that drama never bodes well for me

  4. Woo! Choi Woo Sik! He’s like the next Kwon Sang Woo, in my opinion. Totally adorable in The Duo and Ten.

    Yay also for Lee Je Hoon. He was the perfect balance of bravado and fragility in Bleak Night (Pasuggun).

    I don’t consider Micky Yoochun a looker, either, but he has this clean, yet intense appeal, and Yoo Ah In is a great actor (and I heard he’s really…fastidious…about fashion in RL) so I’m looking forward to both dramas.

  5. Yeah, I think Micky’s appeal lies in his personality…he always seems so sincere in what he does. Plus he has this lightning smile 🙂

    Unlike Yoo Ah In, who’s like the bad boy with extra charm on the side. *Sigh* The days of SKKS fever are coming back…if only Song Joong Ki was in a drama now.

  6. Loved SKKS and I’m soooooooo happy 2 of the gang members are back on national tv.

    I just hope that if both dramas fell in rating that the writing and editing does it justices.

  7. I’m looking forward to Rooftop Prince, b/c I’m hoping the writers do something really cool. I mean, what if (gasp), Yoochun’s character discovers he doesn’t love the new version of his first love, and that the 2nd love’s where it’s at. Okay, okay; I know that’s not going to happen, lol.

  8. I felt amused at the comments on how many people just don’t get what’s the appeal of Yoochun and trying hard to find out..first of all, I’m his fan since 2007..there’re so many appeals of him if you find out more bout him..

    I admit he might not be an eye catcher at first..I fell for him because of this..
    the vid is not complete though, the message at the end is heartbreaking and very touching T_T

    • Oh my! Thanks for sharing the link. I didn’t know about his childhood – that was so sad! I really have full admiration of him seeing how much he had achieved despite the broken home he came from. I really liked him in SKKS and thought that they castes everybody in the show really one else suited the main role but Micky.

    • Oh, God! This was my first encounter with Yoochun after a chance, no, destined encounter with DBSK’s Lion heart via DB site(Boys over flowers’ recaps-> T max’s Lion heart -> Smap’s original version(crap) ->DBSK’s sublime version.

      Anyhow, every single time I watch this clip, I end up crying. Thank you for posting it here.

      • *hug* OMG I rem you told me the same and showed me the vid and I was gushing and crying and grabbing you back when I was falling for YooChun and he’s now a forever soft spot in my heart. And yes, same for me, I can’t stop my leaky faucet whenever I watch this clip. T_T

  9. It’s ok… I have yet to see Micky as anything but an idol breaking into acting. Not a fan(of him or the group). Enjoyed him in SKKS but I thank the character and his common sense to interpret it well.
    I am looking forward to the drama though. All for Lee Min Ho and all the other minor characters. I find him so promising.
    Fashion King not so interested in but will check out for YAI— not at all surprising, ne?

  10. I am so looking forward to Yoochun’s new drama!~!~ Although I missed watching Miss Ripley…I needa stick around for Rooftop Prince ^^

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