Nicky Wu Plays a Freedom-fighting Bandit in Upcoming C-drama Into the Fire

Looks like Nicky Wu will never do another Qing dynasty drama again, because I’m getting the sense that he really really loves his hair. I probably would too if I had to shave it off for a good half a year and wear a braid hair piece around. Nicky’s upcoming C-drama held a press conference this week to announce the kick off of filming, and I’m totally mesmerized by his hair style, which is so opposite anything I would associate with his character or that time period. The drama is called Into the Fire (literal translation is Moving Forward into the Cannon Fire) and is set in the 1930s during the Japanese occupation in China. Nicky plays a bandit who is a Robin Hood type of character and eventually becomes a freedom fighter who opposes the colonizing Japanese. His leading lady is C-actress Gan Ting Ting, who has a lovely classy air about her. Those douchebags at Tangren weibo’d today a joke along the lines of 4th Prince is off being a bandit, and Ruo Xi is off being a wolf girl. We’ll definitely see Xing Ming Shi Ye air before this one, so Nicky will grace the screen in period garb first before he becomes a Chinese bandit channeling Danny Zuko.

Nicky and Ting Ting at the press conference while in costume. I wonder how much gel and hairstyle that make up team must go through. Heh.


Nicky Wu Plays a Freedom-fighting Bandit in Upcoming C-drama Into the Fire — 13 Comments

  1. Oh ! This looks original ! I must confess i’m a total newbie about C dramas, but i remember the previous post with guylinered Nicky Wu. See, my memory is very selective… I wonder what will be the approach of the story : Pure truthful history, action, romance ? That said, i’m all for an avenger’s character. Just hope a happy end.

    • That would be cool, eh, if Nicky is in DMY! But alas, he might be considered too old for the role (but he can really be a cute 18 y.o. too!).

      Anyway. NOT digging the pineapple hair, but happy to have Nicky with the guns again. His gun fighting in Sanctuary was really cool, and I actually dig his ‘official look’ as Liu Muoyan in that series better. Looks so 20s classy.

      I hope his character lives this time, cos anything he played around the Japanese era usually ended up with his character dead.

    • Not sure what the Bridal mask is about… But as a frequent watcher of cdramas- I can assure you this plot is a very common reaccuring storyline in many Chinese dramas. not all that original symphosis wise- with the exception of having a hottie like Nicky in the drama that is.

  2. sorry, random …. WHY of WHY unnieeeee…. did you post PK photos? Now … I feel like watching them again! sighhhhhhhh……. you know, many critics didn’t like PK but I really really like it, it’s sooo sweet.
    I didn’t know ‘you’ back then so not sure if you like it, but for you to post it – you must like it huh? I didn’t expect anything and I adore them …
    enough say .. Nicky Wu? the hair was a bit ..hmmm….well, guess it probably apts for that era, but he’s yummy … macho … ^_^ thks unnie ….

  3. I like Nicky a lot, but I don’t usually seek out c-dramas about this era. I will probably get to see it though since my Dad seems to like these dramas.

    Thanks for the heads up as always, koala.

  4. first what is DMY?
    and someone more familiar with c-dramas could help me with this? …is there a ranking system like japan or korea? how you choose a new drama to watch?

    I like to watch sanctuary but has not been subbed yet. storyline seems interesting.
    why people are slow in subbing c-dramas?

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