Ti Amo Chocolate with Vanness Wu and Joanne Zheng Releases Interesting Teasers

You know, Ti Amo Chocolate actually looks quite promising. With Inborn Pair about to wrap up its run, Ti Amo Chocolate with Vanness Wu and Joanne Zheng have released a slew of teasers that showcase a variety of moods and plot lines. Yes, there is shades of Coffee Prince with Joanne cross-dressing as a boy and the whole mistaken gender bit, but I think the overall plot will be so different that it won’t feel like a retread. I really enjoyed all the teasers, and I think Vanness is suited for a low key daily drama like this where he’s not required to deliver too much acting heft. He and Joanne appear to have chemistry, and if the story is interesting, I’m totally game to follow along for the ride.

Ti Amo Chocolate:


Ti Amo Chocolate with Vanness Wu and Joanne Zheng Releases Interesting Teasers — 19 Comments

  1. anybody knows when will they air this drama?
    i’m a big fan of both leads, especially Vanness after Autumn Concerto. =)

  2. i was a bit skeptical at first, but this actually looks pretty cute! especially the first trailer 🙂 but i’m confused- did he know she was a girl beforehand, or not? cuz it shows him walking in on her while she’s about to cut her hair, but it also shows him trying to see if she’s a girl or not…

  3. they seem to have ripped some scenes directly off of Cofee Prince..that aside this looks really cute….The teasers are also kind of fresh and creative

  4. Thanks for sharing the teasers! Hope that the drama turn out great and do well for Vanness esp after MQ’s not so good ratings. But somehow, SETTV is very good at churning out dramas that appeal to Taiwanese audience, so I have a feeling this will get pretty good ratings.

  5. I think they are going for the Italian right – in the title?

    Anyways – I think it looks really good. I am quite surprised as myself… I have been overall, pretty bored with TW dramas and it’s been quite some time since I watched one all the way through. I still have not finished OG yet along with all the others before it – including DTLY. But for some reason, with Love Forward, Inborn Pair, SB (EC), Ex and FG – I am back!! I will try to follow this one too. Actually, I did watch the daily with Lee Wei in it last year. So I do like dailies 🙂 In terms of idol dramas – yippee!! I always love a good tw idol / non-idol drama.

    I definitely see shades of CP but as a daily, I’m sure there will be a lot more to make it quite different from CP. Kdramas and TW dramas IMO rarely have the same feel for me. 🙂 I’m not a fan of Vaness and I haven’t seen Qiao Qiao onscreen since she was in high school – but they do look cute together. I’m definitely going to give it a shot. Hope it turns out good and keeps my interest. Jia You!!!

  6. Vanness Wu’s drama’s always look horrible to me, but for some reason I watch them all. and this one is no exception. it looks horrible, but why do i want to see it?? whyyyyy???

    • Because Vanness is hot ;D
      I’m the same as you, Vanness’ dramas look horrible but i always end up watching them and when it’s over i don’t regret having watched it ;D

  7. Awww. It looks so cute and innocent. I think i will love that more than Material Queen (which i hated). Vanness sleeveless handling melted chocolate: Nosebleed. If it’s a joke because of a particular day, someone will have to pay… 🙂

  8. Vanness is a true great actor. Regardless of how he looks he makes every of his characters so alive and believable. His acting skill is really crafted and that shows at his ‘Next Stop, Happiness’ I enjoyed that drama tremendously. During my business visits to Hong Kong I get to watch a few episodes of this drama in the hotel. I was real disappointed with the acting of the main actress. May be that is the asian way but she is so badly chosen. She is really so over acting. I usually purchased any drama to bring home during all my asian visits and this one even with Vanness in it I have to give it a miss.

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