Previews for Upcoming K-drama The Wedding Scheme is Crackling Fun

How did this drama fly under my radar? Oh right, working, translating, etc. The upcoming TvN drama The Wedding Scheme starring Kang Hye Jung and Lee Kyu Han premieres this Monday on the cable network, and I am seriously loving every second of the trailers and promotional material. The cast is populated with fantastic actors who can nail the comedy and bring the serious angst as necessarily. Plus funny man Lee Kyu Han finally gets his long overdue leading man role, despite always stealing dramas even as he plays secondary characters. Right now the drama is getting buzz in a very odd way, with fans of Kim Hyun Joong excited that he’s singing a song for the OST. I love Hyun Joong singing (acting….not so much) so this is quite a treat, especially if the drama turns out to be lots of fun. I’m looking for an unexpected zippy diversion and The Wedding Scheme just might be it. Check out the fun trailers and teasers, including a first listen of Hyun Joong’s song for the OST.

The Wedding Scheme:


Previews for Upcoming K-drama The Wedding Scheme is Crackling Fun — 25 Comments

    • me too!! hilarious lool :p I might start watching it cuz of that seen!! really says a lot about the leads… interesting

  1. nice to see Lee Kyu Han finally got a lead role! Loved him in Can You Hear My Heart and Smile You. Gotta check this out…how many episodes are on this? Thanks Ms Koala for the posting this…never would have known about this drama.

  2. If this series is a cable drama, does that mean there will be no subtitles that can be found in sites that do subbings? OMAYGAL!

  3. Hi, Ms. Koala are you doing the recap of this kdrama? I think with the trailer it will be fun to watch with not so much of angst. Hope it will be subs. Thanks again!!

  4. Please, please let this one be subbed somewhere! Looks like a ton of fun. I may watch even if it’s not subbed…

  5. Oh! So Won Jun is getting between Hye Jung and Kyu Han…I was wondering where he was going to fit in based on the photos and being excluded from the character preview

  6. This could very well be my new crack, and I’m sorely tempted to recap this … I’ve been waiting for the Korean version of Pride & Prejudice and this looks like a juicy and hilarious run at the Austen classic, as only Koreans can do!

  7. LOL Kyu Han was extremely hilarious in Smile, You:D I bet he will do a good job:D the actress is capable and love her voice but i think they dont match together, dont know why i am thinking like this but it’s just a feeling:D but since drama has its name mentioned in Koala Unnie’s playground:D definitely watching:D

  8. I am so excited for this drama. It looks hilarious and I absolutely love the leads. Kang Hye Jung needs a good role after how they wasted her in Miss Ripley.

  9. The drunk scene is horrifyingly disgusting…yet laugh out loud hilarious too. Definitely looking forward to this drama!

  10. heck yeah, loving the main and supporting casts already. This looks promising enough already. But i’m wondering how many epis will there be in total? just hoping it’s going to be 16-20ish. Because it does look like one of those long family drama to me. hmm.. anyhow, im really looking forward to this. Thanks ockoala!

  11. I guess it’s good drama. Koala unnie, will u recap it?
    I hope so, coz there aren’t many sites discuss it, maybe coz it’s cable drama
    thanks unnie for sharing this

  12. i’m watching this drama and its sooooo funny. AS IN!!! my jaws are hurting eith so much laughter… i’m loving every episode of this, i just hope that they are not going to cut this like they usually do when/if its not rating well.

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