Live Action Rurouni Kenshin Movie Releases Fantastic Trailer

Can someone tell me when Sato Takeru suddenly turned smoking hot? I mean, a few years ago he was Miura Haruma‘s side kick in Bloody Monday, and now he’s freaking KENSHIN! And not only is he Kenshin, he’s ridiculously perfect as the character based on what I see in the trailer for the live-action movie adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin. The only thing off is his height (the joke is that Kenshin is such a shrimpy short guy no one could believe he was the legendary swordsman), but he nails both Kenshin’s carefree demeanor and his intensity when he is forced to fight. Also, he looks great as a red head. Rawr, I paw paw at him.

It’s embarrassing to admit how many times I’ve watched this trailer, so the most I will confess to is making incoherent babbling noises the first time I watched it. Rurouni Kenshin is one of my absolute favorite shonen mangas, and I highly recommend it. A fabulous story with great insight into Japanese cultural and political history during the transition from the Edo into the Meiji period. Watch the trailer with English subs and tell me it doesn’t knock your socks off with the sheer amount of awesome. 

Rurouni Kenshin Trailer (English subbed):


Live Action Rurouni Kenshin Movie Releases Fantastic Trailer — 42 Comments

  1. The noise I just made was not human.

    Also, for some unexplainable reason, I have tears in my eyes and my throat is choked. I honestly have no clue why.

    I swear, if this turns out to be one of those movies where the trailer is magnificent and has all the good parts and the movie is meh, there will be no one who was involved in the making of said movie that will be left alive.

    P.S. Who plays Sano? And which arcs will they be covering? By the looks of it, they have the Jin-e arc, but that’s all I can definitely say…

  2. This looks excellent! But I’m more worried about Takei emi, she is not a very strong actress (yet, she’s so young) but the supporting cast is very good from Aoi Yuu (squeel) to Munetaka Aoki.
    Yes, I’m wondering that too, Sato was so cute and now he is all grown up.

  3. OMG….u are right. He is on one hand, all childlike innocence and in another scene, decisive and precise when fighting. Two completely different personas…wow. I’m hooked. And I haven’t even read the manga! Thanks for the intro 😀

  4. Oh my!! Amazing!!! Nice trailer!!!
    My favorite epic Rurouni Kenshin… now in movie… bring it on… I wanna watch!!!

  5. every time i see him as kenshin, i think of his kamen rider den-o role.. i think that his 4 or 5 personalities in that one show lends a lot. i’m excited to see this.

    • or, rather… i’m looking forward to seeing it… when it comes out on dvd… (which won’t be for a while with the popularity of the story looking to a potential long run in the theatres, perhaps?)

  6. I’m new in Japaneses movie/drama, it’s still strange hearing the language (I’m Latin, so different from Japanese) but I like this new world. I was a fun of Seven Samurai in my childhood :D, I liked so much “13 assassins”.

    How old are this actors? they look to young for this kind of roles. Anyway, I will watch it when will be online.

  7. Love Samurai X, its one of the cartoons I watched even if I’m in my 30s, the other one is Ghost Fighter. I don’t know I’m just so mesmerized by this 2 cartoons and another plus is that they were dubbed in English. Funny thing is I’m the youngest of four and when my other siblings came home from work and found me watching Samurai X they all sat and watched it with me. My mother nearly had a heart attack watching her duckies who are in their early forties, late thirties and middle thirties watching cartoons instead of watching the news. Sorry mom blame it on martial law, we grew up watching english dubbed Japanese cartoons such ingrained habits are hard to break. Same thing happened with Ghost Fighter my mom gave up and watched the news in her room.

    • Are you from the Philippines? Because I also grew up watching Samurai X. Love Kenshin, I had a serious crush on him (a cartoon character at that).

      The trailer looks awesome. I can’t wait!

      • Yep, martial law baby grew up watching Voltes V, in fact my eldest brother was traumatized when former Pres. Marcos banned the show just before the finale. So when he had the money he bought the complete series in high quality DVD. We have to get his permission if we want to watch it and there’s a ritual on how to handle the disk. If he wasn’t my brother I’d think he’s crazy.

  8. Yay! Am giggling like a school girl as it’s my fave anime. I hope it reaches stateside as I can’t wait to see it!

  9. Who knew Sato Takeru could be sooo, hmm.., cool. I don’t really follow his cereer but from what I remember from Bloody Monday – he was an akward teenager with excesive fondness of hair styling products. And now: BAAAAAAAAANG! A perfect Kenshin. Please, please, please, movie goods, let the rest of this movie (not only the trailer) be really good! Please!

  10. I first saw him in Mei-chan no Shitsuji with Mizushima Hiro where he played Hiro’s younger brother. And of course I didn’t like him (his looks, because I’m shallow that way. But his character was really nice. Your typical second male lead.) because Hiro was the highlight of the show. I didn’t like Hiro’s female partner either, Eikura Nana (she played the friend in Proposal Daisakusen and Jun’s little sister in I’m in love with my younger sister), so don’t be surprised if I didn’t like Takeru Sato. So when I first heard that he was playing Kenshin, I was first disappointed. But after I saw him in BECK Mongolian Chop Squad and a few Kenshin trailers, I’m kind of getting into the Takeru Sato bandwagon. It will take time, but I’m sure that my like for him will grow (just like my love for Oguri Shun. It wasn’t love at first sight.).

    And I will keep my expectations really low so as not to be disappointed. I’ve had enough disappointments this year that I don’t want this to pile up either. But thanks for the trailer!

  11. totally watching this at work and TRYING (really hard) not to squeal. That trailer looked AWESOME!!!!

    OMG I can’t wait.. If I didn’t see the trailer, I wouldn’t have been able to picture him as kenshin but now that I have… HAWT!!!

    When is this coming out? I cna’t wait

  12. Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this movie for so long every time any new snippet comes out I gobble it up. I’m a total Kenshin fangirl too, lolz. When I first heard about the movie I was like, oh…please let it do justice to the manga, please! And from the looks of the trailer and the still shots I’ve seen, it may actually be a decent adaptation. I’ve even heard that they are possibly planning more live action if this goes over well. So, I’ve been doing some hardcore fangirl squealing at that trailer myself (also have seen it more times than I’d like to admit). I don’t even think words can explain how excited I am about this (was actually contemplating raising money just to go to Japan when it comes out…not even kidding about that). Anywho, it looks amazing. And I really, really, really hope it lives up to my expectations.

  13. I’ve already watched this trailer several times and will be watching it again and again until the movie comes out. Can’t wait!!!! I am a bit sad that it’s not a drama series. I can’t imagine only having 2 hours, give or take, of live action Rurouni Kenshin. I need moar!

  14. *flails* I CAN’T WAIT! I loved watching the anime so so much and I’m so glad that a live action was made of it. SO.VERY.GLAD. *flails arms and fangirls some more*

  15. OMG MY FAVORITE ANIME EVER. Wasn’t a fan of the ending but i still loved it.
    I can’t wait to watch it.

    • I bawl my eyes out with the ending OVA. Bittersweet. But Samurai X has and always will be my favorite anime and Kensin and Kaoru my favorite OTP. I can’t remember how many times they show this anime here in my country. After the 5th re-run, I stopped counting and just enjoyed watching it over and over.

  16. yay . . . the best manga hero for me . . . can’t wait to watch this one . . . thanks koala . . . and i remember Sato Takeru in Mei-chan . . . wow, can’t beleive that this is him already

  17. Takeru Sato now continuously grab my attention! First BECK and now one of the best manga that i loved so much Samurai X. Cause before i don’t really pay attention when he was on mei-chan (blame Mizushima Hiro who’s being so perfect!!)

    I don’t have any objection of him playing Kenshin~ he really played the role well :O (from what i have saw on the trailer). Keep up the good work ^^

    My only complaint is I have to wait till August… and until it is being sub….

  18. Oh my Oh I think I just lost my mind. I am so excited I can’t even. And it looks good… please please please be as awesome as I imagine. Lord Shishio where u at.

    I mother lovin love

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