C-drama Bride with White Hair with Nicky Wu and Ma Su Commences Filming

Whether or not the purported sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin is a go or he’s even in it, Nicky Wu isn’t stopping for a minute in his back-to-back-to-back drama filming. He’s about to start filming his third drama since wrapping BBJX last year, and it’s his first time returning to the wuxia genre since he was the titular Xiao Shiyilang in drama adaptation of the Gu Long wuxia novel back in 2002. When asked if he’s still confident he can be as shuai ten years later in wuxia garb, Nicky laughed and says he’ll try, but since his character of Zhuo Yi Hang is older already than most wuxia male leads, he think he can pull it off. Playing the titular Bride with White Hair (though in truth a literal translation of the novel title would be White-haired Demon Woman Chronicles) is C-actress Ma Su, and Lu Wu from BBJX returns here to play a girl who has an unrequited love for Nicky’s character. This story is a famous wuxia novel, so y’all can go Google your way to the story and don’t need me to summarize it. It’s pretty lovelorn, and not one of my faves, but I’m game to check it out, especially since I love Nicky and he’s also producing this drama.


C-drama Bride with White Hair with Nicky Wu and Ma Su Commences Filming — 23 Comments

    • seriously both nicky and the female lead has the same hair.. .and it’s pretty terrible… the hair stylist need to be fired…. but nicky still charming.. just need to ignore the hair.

    • Gawd please. Why does he love that style so much? I know it’s “in” right now and I’ve seen a lot of guys try to pull it off, like Feng Shao Feng, but I can’t stand it. Not on Nicky or anyone else.

  1. Since this is a wuxia drama, the two leads epicly fail hair at the press conference is no biggie. This is more what we can look forward to. Below is Ma Su in Sword Stained with Royal Blood, and Nicky way back when as Xiao Shiyilang. In Bride, Nicky’s character is a pretty big wuxia hero in the novel, a bit of a stick in the mud, but got some serious fighting skills. I hope he wears all black all the time. And carries a big sword.

  2. Wow! How pretty is that actress who played Lu Wu in BBJX! Th period costume just did not do her justice in BBJX. She is gorgeous!

    • I agree that she looks much better in modern clothing. Her features just don’t seem to suite ancient costumes.

  3. They have a hard act to follow. Legendary Leslie Cheung and the sublime Bridget Lin were devastating in the original. The Bride With White Hair is a Hong Kong classic and world class cinema. I watch it every now and then and I still am in awe of the film.

  4. I remember watching this drama.. It was great.. But, it was a different actress. I forget her name as it was in Vietnamese but the songs was sooo great. I hope they have great songs like the original. Therefore, I might watch this after a long list of other kdramas/chinese dramas…

  5. I haven’t watched any of the previous made versions, so this is fresh for me. Always up for wuxia. I just hope they do her white hair right.

  6. Oh is that Ou yang Ke in the 4th picture, with the unfortunate get-up? Sorry I just finished LOCH and thought he was great in it.

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