Meet Brother Wolf in Da Mo Yao with Liu Shi Shi

Well, the most I can say is that at least Tangren found a real pair of pigeons to play Xiao Tao and Xian Cian in the currently filming drama adaptation of Da Mo Yao. Unfortunately Brother Wolf and the desert wolf pack won’t be nearly as realistic, though it won’t be going the CGI route. Just as I expected, a bunch of adorable gorgeous Huskies will be standing in as wolves. The fact that they are about 25% smaller in body mass and 100% tamer in ferocity is something we’ll just have to swallow. But I’ve got a super soft spot for cute dogs, and OMG is that a beautiful canine up there. This is also the prettiest I’ve seen of Liu Shi Shi as Jin Yu since filming began on DMY, and I just want to pet the little boy actor playing her son. Too cute! Check out more of Brother Wolf below. Right now my annoyance with DMY the drama is tempered by them bribing me with cute dogs and kids.

I love the bag of puppy chow next to that Husky.

Look at Shi Shi bonding with her Husky co-star. Though truth be told, that pack of “wolves” right below look rather clueless and harmless.

Below are pictures of a couple of real wolves. What do you think? Karen’s Husky pack convincing in wolf’s clothing?


Meet Brother Wolf in Da Mo Yao with Liu Shi Shi — 26 Comments

  1. haha they could’ve also gone the route of asking YH to cosplay the wolf, same effect, maybe less cute, but we can have true smexy OTP.

  2. Ahh.. How cute.. Those Huskies dogs are soo adorable. The lil boy is also so cute. LSS does look pretty and the guy too.. I do hope they great songs in this drama and lots of action scenes. =)

  3. I used to be scared of adult huskies… until you showed the difference between them and wolves. Now I see huskies as the harmless, tongue-lolling versions of wolves.

    • Believe it or not dogs are more aggressive than wolves. I use to work in home health where they saved wolves and had 7 in the house (17 outside), and the only aggressive one was a hybrid mix with dog, and the alpha was actually a Malamute who was sweet all over. Of course they are super observant so any little hint of emotion sets them off, but dogs have the same instinct just not as much in my opinion. Oh and brother wolf looks pretty good (will they beef him up for the show? he is looking a little skinny 😉

      • Totally agree that brother wolf looks too skinny. I guess he’s less fluffy compared to other huskies (like the ‘wolf pack’ above) and his muzzle is much pointer from how it looks in the photos. They must’ve put in some effort to pick the wolfiest husky to play the part of brother wolf! Can’t wait to see DMY <3

  4. That black patterned husky is absolutely gorgeous! But I feel really bad for them as it must be super hot at the filming location, and hence the tongues sticking out.

  5. I suppose if you’ve never actually seen a wolf outside of picture books, then you might mistake huskies for wolves. I pity anyone in an urban area in China who has a rare husky… if the show’s popular, I can see a lot of people taking six large steps back under the impression that you’re walking around with a wolf.

  6. Oh hello! Alaskan Malamutes! I love them! I am starting to like the show now! So excited! Jut jaw Eddie doesn’t look too bad either! Thanks for posting

    • My name is Darcy too! LMAO I was reading your comments thinking ‘I don’t remember saying that??!!?’ lol funny thing is that I am a Husky/Malamute lover too so I was confused cause I was thinking what you were posting then wondering when I posted what I thought.

      • Too funny! I am mad about dogs and have a 38 kg German Shepherd. She is such a cutee! And yes, absolutely adore Alaskan Malamutes and Huskies! Can’t wait to watch DMY now!

  7. For husky lovers – go check out Mishka – the talking husky on Youtube! So funny! Brother wolf is an Alaskan Malamute and they are bigger than your average husky with the characteristic white arches around the eyes and white faces. Sooo cute! I am looking forward to DMY now!

  8. And is this the ending scene they’re filming? Since they have a son already. But the drama definitely won’t air this year right? So i shouldn’t get my hopes up?? 🙁

    • and is that Yu Er’s dad’s grave HQB is kneeling in front of? But why is their son present.. i thought in the novel they were at the grave when the dan yu shot HQB? hahah i guess they must’ve altered the story a little bit. i’m sooooo excited to see it!!!

  9. I really want to pinch that little boy’s cheeks! Haha! =P I’m looking forward to this drama coming out. I’m sure it won’t be as great as the book, but I really want to see the adaptation on screen.

    I guess the photo in front of the father’s grave is the ending? They probably went to pick up Huo Yi and went to her father’s grave and fulfill that promise HQB made in front of it.

  10. Wow….just get a damn wolf-dog. It’s not like these aren’t trained and kept for cinema…maybe not in China but definitely in the US. Even better, go for a malamute, which actually LOOKS like a wolf (and is about the same size). That there looks like a collie-husky mix.

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