Bride with White Hair Starring Nicky Wu Releases Teaser Video and Posters

So the first teaser video and posters are out for the upcoming period C-drama Bride with White Hair starring Nicky Wu and Ma Su. I have to say that the action doesn’t look as bad as I worried it might, but the first set of posters need to be burned. It’s like horrific CGI wax figures. I feel bad for the actors. This drama is sorta a wuxia Romeo and Juliet tale where two members of opposing sects find themselves falling in love, and then all hell breaks lose with torn loyalties and perceived betrayals and lots of crying and someone’s hair turning white. It’s not my favorite wuxia novel, since I find the hero rather emo and the heroine rather bitchy. But its Nicky back on screen as a wuxia hero, and for that I’m for sure watching this. Joining Nicky here is also two other Bu Bu Jing Xin alum, Lu Wu and 10th Prince. 

Teaser for Bride with White Hair:


Bride with White Hair Starring Nicky Wu Releases Teaser Video and Posters — 10 Comments

  1. Remake again? sheesh..can’t they come up with new stories! I find Shui ling to be the best one for the White Bride. She was so beautiful in that role. No one can beet Julian Cheung in his mane of glory.

    • haha. or find new stories. I’ve never watched any of the prior versions, so I might try it out. The cast for this one is actually all good actor/actresses, I think it’s the problem with the costumes.

  2. Sheesh, after watching that trailer, it just reconfirms that C-drama is definitely not for me.

    The actors are not the most attractive (surely in a country of over a billion people, they have more attractive actors than that?) and the production looks very cheesy.

    I’m chinese, but I’m embarrassed that the dramas are so bad.

  3. haha 🙂
    I liked trailer…don’t know why others complain but it has something fairy tale-ish in it…I am like to see it but is there gonna be any subtitle?
    I accept your comment for posters lets burn all of them

  4. Any action scene with Nicky in it is worth watching. The man can fight! Love Nicky’s acts and can’t wait for his new films and dramas.

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