C-drama SOP Queen with Chen Qiao En and Hans Zhang to Premiere Undubbed Next Week

When I wrote about the upcoming C-dramaΒ SOP Queen with Chen Qiao En and Hans Zhang last week, I was surprised it garnered so much interest, with folks wanting to know when it’ll air. I thought towards the end of the year, but lo and behold, this drama just got kicked up the roster and will air next week following the conclusion of The Magic Blade (which I am preparing a post about, because it’s so insane I need to share it). I’m fairly certain the decision was prompted by the lead actress in TMB being Zhang Meng, who is the second female lead in SOP Queen, so Hunan TV is striking while the iron is hot. I’m not sure how the ratings bonanza for TMB, a wuxia drama, will transfer over to modern drama SOP Queen, but here’s to hoping.

Produced by Ming Dao‘s production company, with the PD from Summer’s Desire and Hi, My Sweetheart, this drama looks utterly gorgeous.Β Taking full advantage of its month long location shoot in London, plus capturing the cosmopolitan vibe of Shanghai, what is cherry on top of the cake is that this drama is not dubbed. Seriously, not joking, this is not dubbed. For fans of Hans, this might be the first time you will ever hear his voice saying his own dialogue, and he has such a cute little boy voice. I’m already used to the voices of other leads Chen Qiao En and Godfrey Gao since TW-dramas no longer dub, but its such a rare treat to get an undubbed C-drama these days. Check out the final batch of stills, the third preview for the drama, and the just released title credits. Click here to watch the first two previews.

Lin Xiao Jie is a department store lower rung employee, who is one day astonished to discover her boss Gao Zi Qi expressing his interest in her in a press conference. They get engaged but the day before the wedding, supermodel Bai Ji Qing shows up and reveals that she is the one Zi Qi really loves. The heartbroken Xiao Jie leaves and decides to throw herself into her career. Under the support and encouragement of her online friend Tom, Xiao Jie becomes a successful business woman and decides career is more important and love. When she goes to Shanghai, she meets Tang Jun there and hires him. Unbeknownst to her, Tang Jun is really her online friend Tom, and also the heir to a department store fortune. He hides his identity from her to pursue her. When his own family business falls into peril, it’s Xiao Jie who steps forward to help him weather the stormy tides. Ming Dao has a cameo appearance in this drama as a Cupid of sorts for Xiao Jie and Tang Jun.

Title Credits for SOP Queen (theme song by Chen Qiao En):


Third Preview for SOP Queen:


C-drama SOP Queen with Chen Qiao En and Hans Zhang to Premiere Undubbed Next Week — 28 Comments

  1. Yesss, finally! been waiting for this since like last year? so this is going to be a c-drama not a tw-drama. Now, i need to find a way to watch it, hmm.. Anyway, you mentioned that most c-dramas are dubbed — something new, never knew that. But i wonder why they do that though. Thankyou for the post ^^ hope that you will do some kind of review or first impression on it πŸ™‚

    • btw, is hunan TV airing 2 episodes/ day? Do you know where to watch it? Sorry for the Qs. Im not experienced with c-dramas, thanks before (:

      • I am pretty sure sugoideas will have it once its out. The site is about Taiwanese shows but usually also have c-dramas that feature Taiwanese actors.

    • Hunan TV aired three episodes of The Magic Blade a night (crazy!) but typically two episodes air a night. No confirmation yet. Viki is probably subbing. I dunno, I don’t watch subbed. πŸ™‚

  2. Ms.Koala are you being serious? Hans Zhang has a little boy’s voice????
    I can’t imagine a cute voice coming out from such a handsome face

    • His voice is higher pitched, plus he was born and grew up in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, so his accent lends it a cuteness is all I’m saying. He’s no little boy, he’s definitely a man in my eyes. *___* He’s C-dramas version of Song Seung Heon, and everyone knows how I love my Heon oppa.

  3. kkk thankyou ms.koala! holy heck, 3 episodes?! it’s probably because hunan TV got many dramas waiting in their pocket.. oh i don’t need subbed episodes either, so i guess i will just look it up on tudou then~~

  4. Oh goodies! I can’t wait to watch this. I haven’t seen Chen Qiao En since Easy Happy Fortune Life. But as always, I am sure her acting will be superb. (:

    Hmmm…I never knew that c-dramas were dubbed. That’s interesting. Are they dubbed by the actors themselves? Luckily, this one isn’t dubbed. I want to hear their real voices.

  5. Oh my goodness! Big, Xuan Yuan Sword, and now SOP Queen! My drama schedule has finally been filled after so long.

  6. hans zhang is such a cutie!
    chen qiao en looks more and more beautiful, no surprise there. i started watching dramas back when she seemed cute rather than pretty. the premise is even similar to one of her early dramas, which was rarely heard of.

  7. The magic blade is good? I was tempted to watch it but Baron Chen sucks so bad in some other dramas I saw him in that I’m still traumatized.

  8. Thank god its not dubbed!! πŸ™‚ This drama looks amazing! Im so psyched from watching the trailers haha Godfrey & Qiao En, who would’ve thought πŸ™‚

  9. Oh wow went to viki.It’s so cute.30 episodes hmmm…
    Plus Love Actually with Joe Cheng is starting next month as well.Woo hoo looks like my Chinese drama drought is over. πŸ™‚

  10. YAY omg i’m so happy its not dubbed!! I watch c-dramas that feature taiwanese actors and they’re always dubbed πŸ™ and i love Chen qiao en! πŸ™‚

  11. Yay! Lucky me πŸ˜€ hehehe, it just in time when my crave for some TW-drama/C-drama kick in the highest demand.
    Watch the preview and totally dig it. Already Qiao en’s fan since MVP Lovers. She as Barbie is really cute and overall raport, Qiao en mostly have a great chemistry with her co-star. And i think, SOP Queen will have a great chemistry between the OTP base on the preview. Plus, Hans is the cutest thing with his bunny and endearing smile. Totally in this ship already.

    Just asking, but, will Koala recap this drama? hehe, since its fun to read your recap and opinion about drama that i watch or i’ll watch πŸ™‚

  12. This is a great recommendation – looking forward to this drama already! Even better that it’s undubbed, such a rarity in a Cdrama.

  13. so purrrty and the tone is decidedly cute but the important question is who is directing this because if this is anything like Summer’s Desire (makjang) or Hello My Sweetheart (so shrill), I’ll be keeping a safe distance away from this

  14. I thought the trailer was nice and for QE I wanted to try it out, besides I got no other TW drama to watch nowadays, they all seems to be boring, so might as well watch C-drama with TW actors. But having this undubbed is even better, now I am sure I am gonna sit through this drama. Can’t wait for the next week!

  15. been addicted to Magic Blade! ( i got a bit antsy and watched the DVD version of it and to the end.. hahah.. but still watching the tv versions too) but this looks super ritzy and glamourous.. 3 hot men and qiao en.. WOW! (Been a while I saw Tall, Dark and Handsome Godfrey) but im glad the drama is not dubbed.. totally not a fan of c-dramas dubbed.. but I get why they do it..

    Anyways.. Hope this is good story and not just fun and beautiful eye candy! πŸ™‚

  16. i can’t wait to watch this… so sad that videos in viki are usually not supported here in our country… can somebody recommend a fansubbing site that would work on this drama? heehee.. TIA!.. XD

    • I have a feeling that sugoideas will have it, though they take subbed videos from other websites… Anyways, you might wanna check out sugoideas.com if viki doesn’t work.

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