First Teaser for To the Beautiful You Showcases a Youthful Vibe

To the Beautiful You just released its first energetic teaser and to my non-surprise, I like it! I have this weird relationship with dramas adapted from mangas, don’t ask. Even the hot mess Boys Before Flowers kept me riveted during its live airing, and I adored Playful Kiss for its slow burn not much happens mellowness. Beautiful You is the K-version of Hana Kimi, which Japan has made twice in five years, so that goes to show now much folks seem to love this girl-cross-dresses-lives-in-boys-dorm story. Starring Sulli, Min Ho, Lee Hyun Woo, and a bevy of male idols from SM Entertainment‘s stable of talent, I’m curious to see what comes out of this version. Will Lee Hyun Woo steal the show as Nakatsu as all previous actors playing that role have? Probably? Will Min Ho pull off Sano? Why not, he’s got the height and looks. Is Sulli convincing as a girl-playing-a-boy? If Maki can do it, Sulli can do it. Check out the first teaser and decide for yourself.

The white fluffy dog has indeed already won my heart in its split second back-of-the-head-only appearance in the teaser. Cheeky thing, that hound.

First teaser for To the Beautiful You:


First Teaser for To the Beautiful You Showcases a Youthful Vibe — 18 Comments

  1. I’m quite skeptical at first regarding this adaptation but surprisingly, I also love the trailer!
    I will add this to my must watch list alongside Arang and the Magistrate and Faith 🙂

  2. Lee Hyun Woo and the white fluffy dog has both won my heart so I will be watching this just to see them.

    I want to adopt that fluffy dog so cute ^.^

  3. I also can’t explain why but out of all the upcomings I’m definitely checking an ep of this baby out, not out of anticipation because I don’t care about the source manga and all the adapts ranged fr meh to exceptional turds. LHW combined with that white fluffy cutest thing r not hurting. It’s an involuntary urge like a moth to fire.

    Did Maki do the girl-as-boy justice though? I thought she’s even more girly than other stuff she’s in sporting short dos.

    I honestly have no idea who Sulli is and whether she’s the worst/best idolactress ever but I actually think she looks more like a boy than some idols these day after the make-under.

    • compared to the annoying attempt of Ella Chen’s at being Ashiya Mizuki, I’d say that Horikita Maki is tons better!!
      Maki was subtle and graceful. She is definitely pretty but it was perfect because the part was for a girly-

      • I lasted some of the longest torturous mins of my life watching the Ella/WuZun one, so IF DearKoala commented on Ella’s ‘ability’ to be Mizuki, I can’t help but have sth unsavory to say. It’s to my relief she didn’t mention anything TWHanaKimi at all in the post.

        I’m not a fan of Maki’s acting so the ‘subtle’ flew over my head, but at least I finished it even though I don’t know why and how.

  4. My EXO boys are in it…HAPPY.

    The Elle girl photo shoot with Sulli and Minho is gorgeous. Sulli works the short hair and says she is enjoying being an actress again.

    But really the side characters make Hana Kimi so Nakatsu and the boys of the dorms need to go all out!

  5. *SIGH* I think Hana Kimi needs to RIP now.

    Does anybody think that Lee Hyun Woo looks/feels like Lee Hong Ki (Jeremy from “You’re beautiful.”)? I was about to comment on him getting typecast as the “Boy-Who-Falls-In-Love-With-Crossdressing-Girls.”


    Just me?

  6. read the manga hana kimi but never watched any of the drama adaptations. also read the manga of boys over flowers and watched all its drama adaptations, but never finished the taiwan sequel, the korean version and the jaapanese movie. now, i’ve already mentioned this in dramabeans, i don’t mind all the adaptations, bc you get to see the role done by a different actor and explore the differences/uniqueness of each, but this will be a 4th hana kimi, boys over flowers has been done 4x (counting mainland china version) w/ sequels by taiwan and japan and a movie by japan. when will i get to see other manga drama adaptations or other remakes?
    i got into taiwan and korean and japanese dramas bc of they were adapted from my favortite mangas and then i started venturing out to non manga adaptations drama. i’m watiting for a MARS remake (starred vic zhou and barbie hsu)and a cat street remake. the japanese one was too short and they combined the chracters of rei and kouichi. and i would love it if tvN had loveholics and the pd forom SUFBB come back and work together on BECK the drama. they just gotta make sure not to mess up on chiba, rei and koyuki. i’m dying to hear his voice in real life already. well, taht all i have to say

    • also, since skip beat is an ongoing manga, i was a bit disappointed that it ended at 15 episodes. was kind of hoping the story line will continue on. let the writers create the rest of the love and show business story to 30 episodes.
      supposedly, months ago, a report said that big bang’s t.o.p. was to play in a drama called “celebrity” supposedly based on a true story, of how a girl was dumped by her idol bf, went to the idol industry for revenge and ended up falling for another idol (t.o.p.)- doesn’t that sound like skip beat? doubt it’s really true now, but if this drama does air, i’ll definitely relish seeing the love story line and coupling, that the taiwan skip beat never fulfilled and that the manga probably won’t show for however many years it takes to finish

  7. I’m actually happy a teaser have come out! I remember reading the character description for Nakatsu as an arrogant insensitive jerk and nearly cried. From the looks of it, Nakatsu will be the happy go lucky guy that I love 😀

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