Lee Min Ho Shows Off His Horseback Skills for Faith

We’re exactly two weeks out from the premiere of the fantasy time-traveling sageuk drama Faith starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun, and I must say this drama continues to look fantastic. By going fantasy, it actually plays up those elements and isn’t afraid to have characters that look really far-fetched, which also serves to further differentiate it from the historical sageuk. The drama has released stills of Lee Min Ho’s general sword fighting, and now its time to see him riding a horse. I’d say Min Ho has decent form, but his smile screams “OMG, I’m so excited!” which is adorable and takes me out of the oomph effect of seeing him astride. I think Faith has a clear path to dominate Mon-Tues ratings, so check out the latest stills below of the leads and supporting actors such as Philip Lee and Sung Hoon.

Here’s Lee Min Ho and his band of Goryeo warriors. Love the perfectly wrapped neck scarves and the assortment of hairstyles ranging from neat and serious to zapped with lightning.

Philip Lee, too well-dressed to be a good guy. Or is he? His penchant for fan fighting also marks him as the baddie, but perhaps that’s all a feint.

Sung Hoon as the albino flute-playing assassin who loves animals. I’m not joking, that’s pretty much his character description.

More stills of Kim Hee Sun looking confused, worried, nervous, and finally excited.

In case we’re getting tired of seeing Lee Min Ho in all-black, here’s a change of scenery as he goes for the red.


Lee Min Ho Shows Off His Horseback Skills for Faith — 22 Comments

  1. Every one is going to fight for the white haired guy or LMHot. I will take the mysterious warrior whose hair looks like he has been struck by lightning. I’m also curious about Philip Lee’s character.

    • Heh, I totally feel like giving them all nicknames.

      Hot General
      Emo Albino
      Fan Man
      Lightning Boy
      Brooding Bunhead
      Ginger Doc

      • LOL! There truly will be no lack of attractive men, in what seem to be every form possible! Can’t wait for Faith it’s going to be amazing thanks for all the updates Koala, and the pics are awesome!!! How I have missed LMHot!

    • Hey, I love my emos albino. Or the other way around.

      And if he’s already taken, I’ll just fangirl the Kickass Lady in Red (which sadly, did not make it to this post’s photo spam).

  2. I know what you mean about seeing that little boy smile.
    You can practically hear him giggle.
    So adorable.

    By the way, Ginger Doc better bring it as far as toughness. We need her to represent rather than being some damsel in distress for all the scarved testosterone to protect. Based on Legend, I think we’re going to be cool there.

  3. Is is just me, or does this new drama season look really good? I’ve only been watching dramas for about 9 months now, but it seems like most of the shows don’t really live up to initial expectations. Yet I’m somehow still really excited at this point.

    I’d rather be an eternal optimist than a jaded realist I guess 😉

  4. Well, I hate to say it – his form is terrible, but unlike certain people in Duo, I’m not fearing for his life aboard that horse, because he at least looks like he’s enjoying learning. Basically, he’s hanging on for dear life. 😎 Heels down, hands down, lean back, look up. OTOH, the horse looks fairly tame, and has every freaking piece of equipment they can throw on him to keep him from taking off, and he has contact on the reins.

    She, otoh, is just sitting on that horse hoping it goes quietly where it’s supposed to go. Absolutely no contact between her and that horse’s head. Sigh.

    This looks like it’s going to be a hoot and a half, though.

      • Poor Pie- the dude could not ride at all, and filming that scene at night where he took a fall and got injured was just plain stupid.

  5. The horse looks too small for him…..Poor horsie. And why does the horse have like 4 sets of reins including one going under its abdomen, totally tied-up head & ears…O_O…Poor, poor, poor horsie.

    Hope he’s using a stunt double for the riding scenes more advanced than walking or standing still, because he looks like he’s going to fall off, his balance is no good and his feet are slipping out of the stirrups. It would be terrible if he gets injured. Safety first!

    • He’s got one set of reins. What you are also seeing there is the bridle and a running martingale. That’s the thing that runs from the reins down to the chest strap. It’s used to keep the horse from throwing his head back. It looks like they have a plain bit on his horse, and probably an English all purpose or jumping saddle judging from the knee pads.

      They have a whole lot of tack on those horses, but he doesn’t really look too outsized for his horse. He’s a tall guy, as I recall. She, on the other hand, looks terribly uncomfortable (and now I’m wondering how she’ll deal with dark hair roots when she time travels…maybe she can get tips from the albino flute player.)

    • Oh! You’re right. Also, it’s a lot adversely different with Lee Joongi’s horse-riding stills & video from “Arang & the Magistrate”, too energetic without using a stunt double.

  6. Only 2 weeks away?! I am soooo ready to have LMH back in dramaland. I’m trying to have FAITH (hee hee) that this will be worth the hype.

  7. I think that the horse is a little too small for him. BTW…she’s getting a bit OLD, is she not ???? I don’t know but when people keeping on having their face done to look younger, the thing that won’t change is the look of their hand.

  8. This drama seems to have many male characters, but where are the ladies? So far, I’ve only seen the time-travelling doc and the lady in red. Does this mean that there isn’t going to be much romance involved?

    • There is a pretty princess who pairs with the king and another lady who has crush on LMH’s character(they have not announced this actress yet).

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