Written Preview for Episode 6 of Rich Man, Poor Woman

Is anyone’s head spinning with how fast Asahina appears to have gone to the dark side? It’s like one moment he was all “lalala, I’m the bestest #2 ever in this world!” and then suddenly he’s all shifty and plotting Next Innovation domination. Simply because Sakaguchi called him a cowardly douchebag? I thought he would have known that already. Look, I’m all for some meaningful conflict, and I knew whatever seemingly happy functional working partnership Hyuga and Asahina had was clearly not as peachy as it looked on the surface. I’m just a little taken aback at when Asahina chooses to challenge Hyuga, he doesn’t even bother with a modicum of honorable competition. He flat out undermines him and schemes behind his back.

I don’t think Hyuga will be taken down this easily, especially not with his own cheer leading squad behind him consisting of one Makoto. I swear that girl stares moon eyes at him every minute of every day, and everyone can tell but him. I think Asahina turning evil makes Yoko’s interest in Hyuga all the more uncertain to predict. I still get the feeling that she genuinely likes him and did meet him on the train years ago, but I’m not sure how everything will shake out once her brother reveals his dastardly ways. I was hoping Asahina would straddle more gray areas, but oh well. I hope he doesn’t try to make a play for Makoto to drive a wedge between her and Hyuga. If he does that, I’ll wedge a stick up his behind where the sun don’t shine. 

Written preview for episode 6:

Hyuga calls a press conference to discuss the leak of all the personal files. He explains that the leak of the personal files is currently being investigated, and there are no signs that any outside sources have breached their security network. But the Board of Directors continues to pressure Hyuga, and the stock price of the company plummets. This situation causes employees of Next Innovation to be walking on eggshells. Because the company still holds considerable amount of personal files, the company undertakes an investigation of all employees. Despite the surveillance camera footage, no one suspicious is spotted. Yamagami decides that they still need to hold on to the personal files until the new dies down. Makoto is asked to get an update about the investigation into the leak. At that time, Asahina brings up the fact that in two weeks, Makoto’s internship will be up and her contract over, so she shouldn’t be tasked with this matter. Makato wants to take on this project and asks to be allowed to do it, but Hyuga decides not to.

On the other hand, to increase patronage at the restaurant, Yoko decides to use the extra ingredients to run a cooking workshop. She asks her rival the sous chef to help create the menu. Makoto is busying preparing for the upcoming Board meeting and runs into Yoko. Makoto is very affected by what she thinks is Yoko and Hyuga’s relationship, and she wonders what will happen if Yoko becomes Hyuga’s wife. Hyuga is home depressed from the Board pressuring him to take responsibility for the leak. He calls Makoto, but she is with Asahina at the restaurant and doesn’t hear his call. At that time, Hyuga’s doorbell rings….


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  1. Hi Koala! Thank you so much for introducing and recapping this drama. I have never watched a Japanese drama and reading your recaps got me curious. (= But.. just as a clarification, is this Episode 5 or Episode 6? Is there a recap for Episode 5? This drama is getting interesting. Thank you!

  2. I was waiting for the recap cause ep. 5 left me with a big heart pain.

    Is anyone’s head spinning with how fast Asahina appears to have gone to the dark side? – Mine! I don’t like it at all.

  3. I saw the preview for episode 6 and the last part of the written preview kind of explains what will happen…. -_-

  4. “He calls Makoto, but she is with Asahina at the restaurant and doesn’t hear his call. At that time, Hyuga’s doorbell rings….”

    Ding! And that moment in that preview, isn’t it?! Damn it. If not, it would’ve been Makoto!!!! He called Makoto first! Why, the miss-timing?! Argh!

  5. Ms. K thanks for the preview! I’ve been refreshing your page from time to time to check if there is a new entry for RMPW. Hehhehe!

    I don’t know if I can bear to watch the kiss between Yoko and Hyuga! My heart will surely broke. When are we going to see a kiss between OTP???!!! Whhha! Yoko the pinkberry is already leading with 2-0???!!!!

  6. I don’t understand Japanese and the episode’s not subbed.
    * SPOILERS *
    – actually not sure since I don’t understand Japanese but just in case.

    But did Yoko just declare she liked him and he **** her? I was like ^%$#@^&*( I am so frustrated.

    Sigh, can you tell I am addicted? Asahina is evil. How can he drop a cement block on his own foot? That guy, or the writer is nuts.

  7. Thank you for the text preview… holy h… I’m still not over the last kiss and here comes another misplaced one already… breaking my heart. Hyuga looks like a lost puppy starving for affection.. and Yoko appears out of the blue. Faaaaan-tastic! :/ Geeeez.. Makoto should pay more attention to her phone! :O Asahina is going to make a move on her in the parking lot which she’ll refuse, I think and then realize the boss called and she’ll call him back but a step too late… Aigoo this is too much for my weak heart in this summer heat… 🙂 but I keep coming back for more. Have been a while for me to be addicted to a jdrama… feels weird but I like it so far. 😀

    • Omg you’re right. When Hyuga was leaning in for a kiss, they showed his phone and makoto was calling him. Ugh. Why r they not together yet? Just quit the company and go plant tomatoes in the countryside.

      • Oh, oh! Can I hope for he stopped before planting the kiss, and takes the call? *beams*

      • me too…. hope he realize that a wrong girl and just take a phone, and get out from that place without looking back to Yoko

    • Oh my gosh, at that moment when Toru is leaning in I was flapping my hands and screaming that he had the wrong girl. I would actually ship Yoko and Toru if not for Makoto, because I think Yoko is a cute if misplaced character. At the very least, I DON’T want Asahina the ass making moves on Makoto – that girl has got to step up her game!

  8. So we basically have a case of second lead syndrome.

    Given Asahina’s ambitious nature (read: when Hyuga refused to sell his original company/idea to the larger firm and attracting Ashina to begin with) I can see him going headlong into whatever nefarious scheme he has for Next Innovation but given how Next Innovation is essentially his “baby” just as it is Hyuga’s I have to wonder how far he’s willing to go to show Hyuga (and by extension the world) the kind of person he really is.

    I’m curious a to why people seem to dislike Yoko. I know in their minds she’s a fifth wheel in the Hyuga/Makoto OTP but beyond that what has she done that has caused such feelings? She generally seems to care about Hyuga (whether the initial training meeting happened or not). I presume people are now associating her motives with Asahin’a own and simply casting her as another “black” sheep and must be gotten rid of.

    As for Yoko and her dram at the restaurant I’m not really sure what to say about it. It just seems as if the sous chef was passed over for Yoko’s position and is trying to drive her out by being distracting/destructive to the business itself (oft used tactic really) but I’d rather this kind of drama be minimized if not someone do a Deathmatch and best Orzo Pilaf wins.

    • I like Yoko! sure she’s quite boring, but at least she fights fair. I wish there was more of a point to the chef war scenes. Yoko and dude chef have chemistry but that isn’t being taken advantaged of.

      • They most likely think she’s playing off the fact that Hyuga has prosopagnosia and wouldn’t remember her regardless. Given that she could implant a memory of their first meeting and to that extent show Hyuga just how long she’s liked/waited for him to reciprocate those feelings.

    • I don’t think it’s so much that people dislike Yoko, it’s just that she’s incredibly boring and Hyuga/Makoto are so astoundingly interesting to watch what with all their adorableness and chemistry that people (including myself) perceive the Yoko storyline with increasing bitterness since it takes precious screentime from the HyMa couple.

      ESPECIALLY anything and everything related to her god-forsaken restaurant. It’s such a random side-plot that it’s not clear why it is included at all, except as a time-filler. If this were a kdrama with 16 hour-long episodes, I’d be more forgiving. But given that it’s a jdrama with around 10 45-minute episodes, I am upset with basically everything that takes the camera off of Hyuga and Makoto being cute. Yoko is the most egregious and irrelevant time-drain, thus the hate.

      • She’s a second lead and even then they still need to give her some back story and/or reasons for the audience to care about her. So the sojourns to the restaurant and/or the drama surrounding her are all relevant to the overall story. Worse case scenario is when things between Hyuga & Yoko go south they can still muster some kind of story to give her a happy ending (even if it’s with the sous chef).

        Since you bring up KDramas you have to know that it’s not always about the OTP having 100% of the screen time [this is true 100% of the time] so even if this is your first venture into JDramas it should have prepared you for a similar set up and/or resolution for the story, its characters, etc.

      • I am well aware that they are *trying* to make us care about Yoko by filling in her backstory and motivations, but for a lot of people (including myself and, it seems, many people here), they are not succeeding. I’m not trying to convert you to the “hate on Yoko” train, I’m just trying to explain what I perceive as the rationale behind the Yoko hate, since you asked.

        The main problem IMO is that Yoko’s backstory/current struggles are completely extraneous to the main storyline. Saying that her story time is relevant because of the tropes that exist for 2nd leads is missing the point, I think. There are many examples of 2nd leads who are integral to advancing the story. This is why in most workplace dramas, the 2nd lead is a career rival to the lead. It’s an elegant way of increasing the stakes for all parties by integrating the romantic conflict into the non-romantic one. In this way, the 2nd lead serves not only to cement the leads’ feelings for one another, but also to provide conflict that advances the non-romantic conflict. It’s obviously not the only way to do it, but it’s a formula that works well.

        Here, since there’s SO MUCH interesting, rich conflict to mine in the Next Innovation/Hyuga’s hunt for birth mother/Makoto’s ambition & attempts to carve out a career for herself/Makoto’s budding relationship with Hyuga/Hyuga’s transformation into a real human being who cares about other human beings, it’s frustrating to see a significant portion of the screentime dedicated to advancing a substory that is completely irrelevant to what I consider the “meat” of the show. Particularly when, as with episode 5 & Asahina’s betrayal of Hyuga, I feel that some of the more interesting conflict goes unexplored.

        If this drama were established as a show about a rich, lonely, brilliant man’s search for true love, then I wouldn’t care about Yoko’s restaurant storyline being given a lot of screentime because she would be more at the forefront of the conflict. But it’s not. It’s about Hyuga’s friendship with Asahina and his relationship with Makoto and his search for his lost mother and his learning to be a leader of the staff of Next Innovation and learning how to get up when his ideas fail and getting smacked in the face with the politics of the workplace and learning more about his face recognition disease and it’s also about Makoto’s evolution from an oddball timid little jobless graduate to an empowered career woman and it’s ALSO about Asahina’s jealousy of Hyuga and his ambition and his power plays for the company. And that’s not even scratching the surface.

        I think the show already suffers a little from lack of focus, so given all of that, is it any wonder we’re frustrated when the show navigates the completely unrelated and significantly less interesting restaurant conflict?

        I definitely don’t expect 100% of the OTP 100% of the time (though I certainly wouldn’t mind it!), but I don’t buy the argument that just because a character is introduced to the story, that character is relevant to the story. What has Yoko accomplished narratively so far in relation to the primary Next Innovation/Hyuga plot? She’s romancing the main lead and, in so doing, sort of preventing (or at least slowing) the main character from recognizing his attraction to the female lead. But can you see how inactive that is? She’s holding the plot back rather than pushing it forward. I’m guessing as the Asahina/Hyuga conflict beefs up, Yoko might take on a more interesting narrative role in the drama. But as of right now, that’s about it.

      • @semi-fly: I would also like to reiterate that Yoko’s language reveals her to be a rather charming character. In fact, I quite loved her in the first episode. She’s a bold, smart, no-nonsense woman. But we have other charming characters who I care more about, so given that she’s a total narrative sideline to the plot, I have no patience anymore for her storyline.

  9. thank you so much for the preview. Your preview is so detailed! I absolute heart this drama. I wish it would be longer but it’s probably gonna have 11 eps as usual. After reading the recap of ep 5 I really can’t wait for next week. Why is it only 1 ep/wk??!! 🙁

  10. I’m trying to avoid written previews because I’ve realised after reading episode 3’s, that the written reveals EVERYTHING in an episode, hahah. Unlike the korean previews that are more vague.

    Agree about Makoto-the-cheerleader part, she’s so positive and cheery and sunshine and rainbow, it’s really hard not to love her. I can’t believe Hyuga’s not staring at her in awe yet, heh! And Makoto’s silliness cracks me up everytime. ie. when she ran away from Hyuga and Yoko outside the restaurant, because she can’t stand to see them together. Her body language is just by default hilarious.

    As for Yoko I feel Hyuga’s hanging out with her more as a friend than anything else. No chemistry between that pair. Na-dah. Zlich. Asahina — why do I feel, judging from the short preview at the end of episode five, that Asahina is going to plant something on Makoto and use her as a scapegoat??? Have I watched to many kdramas to be so imaginative? The preview clearly gave me “oh man next will be worse for Makoto” vibes.

    • Ahhhh omg you’re right. I just read ep 5 preview again and it basically described the whole episode. So a preview in jdrama equates to mini recap. Wahh my heart is not ready for what ep 6 entails. There’s only 11 ep (?) and how is the otp not get together yet. Wth, he should at least realize his feelings for her already!!!
      I bet in ep 6, Asahina will say that Makoto is the person responsible for the security breach. Of course Hyuga will believe his bff and fire her and then she has to spend 2 episodes proving her innocence. Then in the finale he finds out that it was Asahina all along and Makoto forgives him and they hug and kiss cue spinning camera moment. THE END. >.< Gosh I hope it's not gonna be like that. Lol.

      • hmmm…that’s k-drama style. I think Hyuga will suspect his former employee=investor that disappeared had something to do with it. He probably won’t find out until later that Asahina is involved, but suspicions will rise…
        I wonder if I’m as psychic as the Captain. We’ll see!

  11. I he been waiting for this all week. Kept coming back every hour to check if there are updates. KOALA YOU ARE THE BEST! :dd

  12. I haven’t watched episode 5 yet, but I have precisely zero interest in anything relating to Yoko. I adore this show but could hardly get myself to finish the sentence with “to increase patronage to the restaurant” in it because I find her storyline so dull. I don’t even mind her, she’s just an interest vacuum to me. On what distant planet was the restaurant politics deemed remotely as interesting as Next Innovation’s? I could watch Makoto and Hyuga sit and play checkers for hours, but if Yoko were fighting off a drove of man-eating insects singlehandedly with a spatula, I could hardly be bothered to glance up.

  13. I LOVE the scene where Hyuga looks into his rearview mirror watching Makoto crossing the street. :3 So clear that he will end up with her! kkk

    • i agree with you.. the scene when Hyuga look at the side mirror make me smile for the whole day but why he said to Yoko that he did not see Makoto? it’s quite disappointed when he argue it.

      This is a great reveiw and really thanks to Kaola..

      Hope somebody will stop them for 2nd KISS… AND hope no kiss between Yoko and Hyuga anymore…..

  14. Asahina’s traitorous turn definitely have me whiplash! Even if he wanted to destroy next innovation, leaking out citizen private information getting them into the crossfire is too much!

  15. Since I was finally able to watch it in English sub, I could now read the written preview for the next episode. I am not sure if Asahina would put the blame on Makoto. That is no profit to him unless he does that out of spite against Hyuga. However, there is no reason to since it’s not like they are boyfriend/girlfriend. Asahina has no reason to use her. Asahina doesn’t hate Makoto and she is the only one that thinks that he’s a “decent” person. After all, she is pretty much a kind, thoughtful, and naive person. Like her friend said, she is someone that many guys would like. Hahah. Anyway, from the preview, it seems more that Asahina wants Makoto off the team and out of New Innovation so she doesn’t get caught in the mess. However, I just don’t understand what Asahina is trying to do. How is it to his benefit that the stock price is plummeting and that the company just leaked out personal info? Is he trying to get Hyuga to sell the rest of his stocks to pay off the “loss” that the company suffered? But even so, that is a big hit to the company in the future. I guess it is a drama after all, and some times it just doesn’t make sense. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show. =)

  16. i think yoko is too old. don’t u think so?? besides makoto seems to be really beautiful girl but she looks clumsy…after all, she has good determination towards her career although hyuga always use rude words when speaking to her, that’s really pity…i hope one day hyuga realizes how makoto likes him so much!!!

  17. well..one thing that has yet to be discussed, IMO, is that Why Asahina would let Next Innovation’s information be leaked and let the price of the stock plummeted, while he still have 25% of the share. Isn’t that it’s his money too that’s plummeting. Weird.

    • maybe he want to sold the share or want to show off with the power that he has…he will be a hero if he can save the company and do not be a number 2 anymore… Maybe

    • Yup, my thoughts exactly. Guess there are some things that don’t really make sense in a drama or weird holes in the script.

  18. The thing I hate about Yoko is just one. Her HAIR. :/
    Yoko is a nice character for second lead. She did not trick anyone, just play her own game there. No hate for her!

  19. All this talk about Yuka, poor thing!

    We see her parallel struggles in the restaurant and watch her and Hyuga hang out and commiserate. She is as ambitious and forward as Hyuga, so in that respect they make a good pair. Problem is her projected personna is cool and in control – just like him. Let’s assume the kiss is nice, but not earth shattering for either.

    But if you watch Hyuga with Makoto, it is a totally different back and forth. He keeps doing things to get a rise out of her, and he keeps succeeding. Each interaction where he gets her to squeal in delight, or scream in horror, or spit in anger makes him hungrier for MORE.
    It is satisfying something in him that has never been fed before.

    All the little moments of Hyuga absorbing the sight and sense of her into his being are fantastic – when he makes fun of her bento, and mimicks her “eeeeeh,” when he wathces her enjoy the tomato, when he watches her with Aoyama play, when he offers her the tiny tomato to throw at the nasty farmer, when he scrutinizes her on the escalator and wants to know why (what stupid reason) she is smiling. While this all does not add up to needing her around, it certainly starting to make him WANT her around.

    • I don’t know about everyone else, but I got such a kick out of replaying the scene where Hyuga was mimicking Makoto’s “eeeehhh”. It’s positively hilarious! Couldn’t help spazzing out. lol. And I totally agree with you, Jomo, although Yoko would make a “nice” match for Hyuga, she doesn’t quite feed his senses as Makoto does. He can’t stop his eyes from studying her. Nor has Yoko persuaded/motivated him to grow as Makoto has proven, especially this last episode. I love coming to this site to feed my addiction of this drama. Thanks Koala!!!!

  20. I knew the takeover bid was coming…..The thing is Innovation is primarily Hyuga. If he sells his remaining shares, he can start over and slay the competition with the help of his friends or admirers.

    Asahina may be doing this for all of the right reasons, but forcing Hyuga’s hand in this manner will destroy their friendship. Sad, but I want the split to happen.

  21. something isn t right with yoko i don t trust her.here s why:

    Firstly: She makes no qualms about liking Hyuga

    Second: When Natsui and Hyuga met in the past, we still have a flashback to prove it, even if Hyuga doesn’t remember it. However, we have nothing for Yoko’s word on it.

    Third: at the time when Hyuga agreed to remembering the incident, he had just returned from hurting Natsui with his admission to not remembering anything,just before Yoko started talking about the past, he asked her if he was hurting her (Yoko) too by not being able to remember.

    Then Yoko immediately segued into her talk of taking a trip down memory lane. Now Hyuga is nothing but a fast learner, and having just seen his effect on Natsui, and not wanting to hurt two people in the span of a few hours, he readily admitted to remembering something.

    Two things pound out this point for me:

    One is the way he said it, sort of like “Oohh Yeaahhh, I remember that…”. It’s something most people have done at some point.

    Second is the way he played it safe. By saying he doesn’t remember the exact contents of their conversation, he leaves himself some breathing space, making himself able to not offend anyone.

    i don t know but that s what i got

  22. other reason for this leaka of information can be this:the value of huga’s share will be less so he has to sell more to get 130 m of money needed for server for example he has to sell 10%,so asahina and his bastard new man could have more shares than all so no way for huga to get the company thats really belongs to him back,soooo sad:(anyway i like to watch their split,bcause it will b the end of Asahina but the real start for Hyuga,as makota said:each success should face a failure @ first..

  23. For me Yoko doesn’t have a success in love with huga…she plays her own game.she feels that has a rival,so she tries hard to show to makota that something is going on between them,she pushee him so much,and gets the advantage of Hugas situation(hard time on project)…come on show some real romance 🙂

  24. After watching ep. 7 (was okay) and ep. 8 (now Hyuga finally reacts). The special, in my opinion, is a waste of time. It didn’t convey anything except what we know already about New Innovations beginning. I wanted to see more dialogue between Makoto and Hyuga. Him telling her he accepts her affections or just going somewhere to relax for a few days and take her along with him. He displays interest in Makoto a lttle when he takes her arms and wraps them tightly around his waist. From her reaction…I saw that she understood, she got what that movement conveyed…that he needs her to hold on tight to him and not let him go. At least that’s what I got out of it. There are previews where Makoto takes Hyuga to meet his mother, and there’s a scene where he and her are about to kiss. That would really be nice to see him be human and not so stiff most of the time. Even though, I’ve seen glimpses of him admiring her or having an affectionate puppy dog look towards her at times. But, then he quickly gathers his emotions so Makoto will not see him. I did like those times. He doesn’t have to be all over her, yet communicating more or looking into her eyes affectionately will satisfy me.

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