Ishihara Satomi and Oguri Shun in Rich Man, Poor Woman BTS Pictures

I’m sorry, did anyone order a serving of cute? With a side order of adorable? That’s easy to whip up. A hard-to-find-but-I-found-it pictures of the two leads of Rich Man, Poor Woman in behind-the-scenes shots is coming right up! It’s a testament to Oguri Shun’s hotness that he manages to rock that weird haircut, but that’s probably because 99% of the time we’re staring at his broad shoulders, smirky lips, sleek jaw line, and a whole smorgasboard of beautiful man features. Plus he’s not the only one with an unfortunate haircut in RMPW, part of Yoko’s ugh factor is her all-forehead hairstyle. Thank god Ishihara Satomi avoided the curse of the bad hair, because that allows her to be as cuddleworthy as a kitten crossed with a panda and then shrunken into pocket-sized to carry around. Still twiddling my thumbs waiting for episode 6 to arrive, and while I love this dorama to pieces, imma going to need some Shachou to Makoto kissing face soon before I Hulk out.


Ishihara Satomi and Oguri Shun in Rich Man, Poor Woman BTS Pictures — 20 Comments

  1. Sooooooo cute.

    I am afeared we will wait until the bitter end for the kissing.
    He’s kissing the YUKKA now, so there are a few spacer episodes needed first…hmmm OK maybe ep 8.

    I am now hoping for a season deux.
    What do you all think?

    • I agree. Season 2 would be awesome. Or at the very least some Nodame action where there are 2 specials and a movie. (But PLEASE don’t make us wait that long for some kissing!)

      I’m imploding from the cuteness.

      • NO that would be the worst. I had to wait far, far too long for Chiaki and Nodame to kiss. Seriously when I got the back hug at the end of season 1 I was jumping out of my chair squeeing…

  2. I am waiting for the kiss between his hotness and Makoto it better happen soon and that Yoko better just stick to her cooking and leave my boy alone.

  3. Whoa…Shun’s sexy back!!! He’s not conventionally handsome in a Johnny-idol sort of way but my God, the boy is hot. And Ishihara is just a bundle of adorableness.

    Oh, and I’m just pretending that Yoko doesn’t exist. She’s inconsequential to me. Haha.

  4. thanks Ms. Koala! Haay! Can’t wait for episode 6! It is a sad thing that we can’t watch it live. siggghh!

    As much as I love Shun in his business suit, I think I am loving him more in his relaxed, capri + white shirt with vest and messy hair. hehehhe!

  5. Now that we’re halfway through the drama, THEY BETTER up their game and show more touchy-kissy scenes! If that useless/annoying/ugly cook can kiss Hyuga, WHYYYYYYYY can’t Makoto?!

  6. So cute and indeed adorable >.< found this dorama randomly and loving every second of it..thanks for the recaps!
    btw anybody notice the shadow in the 2nd pick of the guy holding the white thingy looks like batman? maybe its my crazy imagination @___@

    • @ gusya –

      Too funny! I was so busy staring at Shun I hadn’t noticed anything else. 😎 I too am loving RMPW and hope our OTP soon figure out what we already know!

  7. Oh, thank you, thank you, and sankyu, Capt. Koala! Love the first pic. Showcases the cuteness and the hotness! I am so addicted to this jdorama, and I have fallen in l*st with Shun. Whew!!!

  8. loved the first pic! thanks so much koala! i knew you wouldn’t fail my Shun-kun weekend craving. please continue posting stuff about them. i notice there aren’t that many sites dedicated to j-ent. or maybe i just don’t know where to look. but in any case, i got ur blog bookmarked now. i am loving everything about Oguri Shun. even the fact that he’s married. is that weird?

  9. RMPW…possibly the first J-drama that’s really brought out that OBSESSIVE DRAMA streak in won’t let go and I’m overly eager for episode 6! Thanks Koala for the pictures, my fav would be the first one. The optomistic me thinks (hopes) that kiss number 2 between Toru and Yoko aint gonna happen, let me just premept that he answers that call from Makoto (ayaaaaa!!!!).

    AND for our Toru-Makoto supporters, have strength, evidence that Toru finally realises his own feelings/genuine interest towards Makoto, I think occurs during the short but heart-warming conversation they have in the field, that side-long look he gives her says it all! Notice his startled reaction and slight change in expression when Makoto smiles back at him (the good ole ‘oh, I got caught staring expression’)? Ahhh…will have to wait a bit longer til I can scratch this itch!

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