Written Preview for Episode 7 of Rich Man, Poor Woman

I almost wanted to rage/quit Rich Man, Poor Woman this week. That is how much episode 6 pissed me off royally. But then I calmed myself back down and took out my frustrations on the screenwriter rather than the drama itself which I still love. Episode 6 felt like a super long filler episode with enough story for 10 minutes stretched into 50, with emphasis on people and situations I would love to see less of. Asahina and Makoto? OMG, shoot me now. Hyuga and Yoko? My eyes rolled all the way into my forehead, and then refused to come back down. The problem isn’t that I don’t like second leads, because if done right they can easily steal my heart and the show. In RMPW I simple could care less about the Asahina siblings, the brother being a moron in trying to take down Hyuga by taking down a company that he partially owns (buh?), and the latter seems like a decent girl with solid culinary aspirations, but as a romantic rival to the heroine she’s all sorts of annoying.

The Japanese audience appears to be tuning out big time, as episode 6 hit a giant low in dropping below 10 in ratings (terrible for a Getsuku). I think this story swims with Hyuga and Makoto, and treads water with the personal file project, and sinks with the sibling machinations, the brother with Next Innovation domination and the sister with winning Hyuga’s heart. Unlike Miss Rose episode 3 which was all sorts of awesome I eschewed sleep despite being supremely jet lagged in order to recap it, episode 6 of RMPW is leaving me cold with inspiration to recap. I’ll probably end up doing it, but oy won’t the screenwriter cut a Koala a break and quit wasting my time and gimme MOAR Hyuga and Makoto? Though truth be told, what little interaction they had in episode 6 was Adorable as usual with a capital A.

Written preview for episode 7:

Next Innovation receives an order to cease operations. Asahina, Hyuga, and Yamagami stay at the office, and under the threat of bankruptcy, in the discussions of how to obtain the necessary funds even Hyuga has lost his usual arrogance. At that time, Asahina tells Hyuga that his confession of feelings for Makoto was rejected by her.

The employees who have been told to take an extended vacation return to the office. Makoto goes to Hyuga’s office , and the first words that reach her when she opens the door is “lying woman”. Makoto realizes that Hyuga is talking about her not answering the phone and she apologizes to him. But Hyuga then remembers that when Makoto returned his call, he was embracing Yoko, so he acts awkward with her.

Makoto tells Hyuga that he may have a lot of enemies, but he also has a lot of allies like herself. Even if she’s just exaggerating, she wants to reassure him at this time. Hearing this, Hyuga is comforted and he decides to sell all his shares and use the cash as compensation to the 500,000 people whose personal data was leaked.

Hyuga tells Asahina about his plans and Asahina apologizes for doubting his methods before. Hyuga has the support of Asahina and he vows to rebuild the company. At that time, Makoto receives the notice from a large pharmaceutical company that she has been offered employment. She’s ecstatic about the sudden job offer, but sad that she will need to leave Hyuga’s side. Later in the night when she is alone with Hyuga, she confesses that she wants to stay by his side and work with him. Hyuga responds……..


Written Preview for Episode 7 of Rich Man, Poor Woman — 49 Comments

  1. Thanks for the written preview, Koala!

    Yea, I’m getting a little tired of this drama now. It’s lost the magic of the first 4 episodes where there was lots of Hyuga-Makato interaction.

    The company stuff is just blegh, and Asahina can just go and die. I don’t mind Yoko though, I just don’t understand why Hyuga seems to be reciprocating her love for him? Is he just confused?

    One question though: What is Makato’s major in unversity? I might have missed them mentioning it, but she’s always seen wearing a white lab coat. Is she a doctor/pharmacist/chem student?

    • Idk if they mentioned it or not, but I think she’s completing her undergrad degree in biology. In ep 1, there’s a scene where she fell asleep typing ‘plasmids preparationnnnnnnnnn’ on her computer. lol

  2. Ms. Koala,

    Thank you for the preview to episode 7. Was actually just online looking for it and there you were to provide us the goods (thank you!!). I agree with you on episode 6…Arghhh and I only saw it the raw version (even though I did not understand anything, I was screaming at the my computer) My hope is that the episdoe next week will take the story back on track. Thank you for all the info and love your recaps 🙂

  3. I watched Ep 6 raw and was enraged w/o understanding a word!! We have 4-5 episodes to go and ughhhh no skinship yet b/w our OTP. So depressing when I think about those two barf-worthy siblings getting more action w/ our OTP.

    Hyuga responds… ughh, what a tease?! nande…

    Thank you for the preview. Much appreciated esp. with you being on your vacation. <3

  4. Thank you for your preview. Ep. 6 sounds like a debbie downer. What happened to the cute and lovable? Hoping ep 7 turns it around. Happy Vacation!

  5. I haven’t watched a single episode of RMPW, just reading recaps. I hope for each fan’s sakes that the story pick up again with the next episode. Ganbatte, Koala! I’ll go back to looking at the interesting episode screencaps and adorable gifs until your next RMPW post.

  6. I blame it on the lack of Hyuga & Makoto. These 2 carry the show but so little of them together are shown in this episode ):

  7. Thanks Ms Koala for the preview. Urggh, I can’t stand Hyuga with Yoko, No wonder the ratings went down for Ep6, nobody like them together but we still watch hoping for more lovey dovey scenes for our favourite OTP. Enjoy your holiday, Ms Koala.

  8. After watching ep.6 raw, the first thought that came to me is that Mrs. Koala is going to be so pissed. The first 10 mins was a bit fun but then after that I got a hoo hum response. That show tested me, I did feel it dragged. I hope ep 7 does not do the same.

    Another thought occurred to me as well after ep 6 and that is did Asahina actually sent Yoko to distract Hyuga from his backstabbing plans because the interaction appears so or is it something else. Makoto was unexpected therefore a new plan occurred.

  9. I haven’t felt inclined to pick up episode six, after watching and re- watching episodes one through four like crazy. Asahina’s betrayal just left a bad taste in my mouth. It came on too fast and reckless for me and it looks Asahina does a 180 and returns to normal-you know after destroying the rep of next innovation. Still very messed up he broke his own foot. I like the personal file project in how it is bringing our characters together and allows our characters to show off their talents.

  10. It is criminal to cast a show with such adorable and talented leads with such INCREDIBLE chemistry and then completely stall them for a good quarter (if not more) of the drama’s episodes. Criminal, I say! The writer should be imprisoned! Or, at the very least, fined heavily and pelted with tomatoes.

  11. i already watch RMPW ep 6 in raw and i really hate it… i cannot accept the kiss between hyuga and yoko and the confession from asahina to makoto… Why he kiss her? and it’s annoying when i think i need to wait a week to get the answer

  12. Thanks for the preview! So now the tables suddenly turn with Asahina being an ally again? *sweat*

    The next ep sounds much better to watch together with this week’s ep….

  13. i am so with you koala sis! i was appalled watching episode 6. and to think we have a lot going on the previous episodes and that kept me anticipating for episode 6. tsk tsk tsk… and what i hate the most is why the asahina siblings keep getting more airtime compared to our OTP, which is senseless.

  14. Thank you for the preview. I had to go away and calm down before commenting. Needless to say I’ve watched ep 6 and the only positive thing about it, is that Hyuga is clearly aware of Makoto now. Which is I guess better than him taking her for granted.
    Ep 7 looks better… as long as Yoko does not get any more scenes. So what if she kissed him TWICE- but we can show the OTP together growing closer. However if they show him alone with her again, my pitchfork and egg throwing skills are coming out for her. Grr…

    • “However if they show him alone with her again, my pitchfork and egg throwing skills are coming out for her. Grr…”

      Yeah, I agree. We have established that H is a normal functioning male who responds to the female stimulus, Yucka, in his face all the time.
      But that is about all I will accept as far as this side plot line.
      Cook cock block, be gone!

  15. Thank you Ms. Koala. I already watched episode 6 without subs and i must say they should give us a better episodes. More interactions between our OTP is needed and the long awaited KISS should happen.

  16. ah episode 6 was quite annoying, I don’t like Yoko at all,, and I also dissapointed to Hyuga. why he seems so easy. eventhough Asahina was bad but I don’t know why I can’t hate him….
    but I always wait for this dorama…

  17. Thanks for this…

    I am having a little, ok a LOT, of trouble processing Assanine-ah’s revenge plan. If his motivation is simply to bring Hyuga down a peg, it seems a leetle overboard to take billions of profit away from the investors.

    And why partner with the weak link that Tono is when you have a Hyuga already? I thought NI’s success didn’t only rest on H’s programming vision, but also on A’s business prowess.

    The rest, I get. Jealousy, long-running resentment, coveting your neighbor’s part-timer, sure. I even understand his willingness to crush his own ankle. He reveals his self-loathing brilliantly.

    We see that he buys up a bunch of NI’s stock at a bargain basement price, but then what? NOW, he allows H to make miracles and pull the price back up with more cell phone games and avatars? NI is supposed to go back to business as usual?

    • OMG you have the best nicknames ever. Yucka? Assanine-ah?

      That is hand’s down the best thing to come out of that pair of characters, ever.

  18. Episode 6 was really sad, but i can’t say that it was BAD! I still think this show is amazing and i don’t find it boring at all! Yes, there are things happening between Toru and Yoko rightnow…and we all don’t want to see this, BUT if Toru and Mokoto will get together now, then what they will show us in the next 5-6 episodes??? I think the writers make things like this, so we could get more excited to see Toru and Mokoto finally be together…I beleive they will show it beautifully!
    RMPW gambare!!! LOVE this drama!

  19. I wanted to rage when I saw the preview for ep 6. I was like “are you kidding me?” Another score for Yoko. I don’t like when writers clearly have an OTP, but choose to give all the goodness to the interloper. I don’t mind angst and obstacles, but in this scenario, it seems rather pointless. That’s not going to keep me wanting to watch a romcom. I actually don’t mind the business stuff, but I could care less about the siblings. Oh well, I haven’t watched ep 6 yet and may just read your recaps from here on out and marathon the rest of the eps later.

    • Totally agree. What a waste of two incredible leads and an amazing premise. I don’t necessarily like it, but at least I understand why some other dramas with weaker premises use love triangles to manufacture drama. They need to fill screen time. I get it. What I DON’T get is that RMPW did not have to be one of those dramas. There is SO MUCH POTENTIAL here for a rich, conflict-laden story without the stupid Yoko/Hyuga half-romance (which, even though it’s a half-romance, is actually SO MUCH FURTHER ALONG right now than the romance between Hyuga/Makoto. RAAAAAGE). If, for example, the bromance between Asahina & Hyuga were more developed (and Asahina were less skeezy), then the corporate betrayal would’ve carried a ton more weight and tested Hyuga to his core. Or, if the show engaged with adopted family (Asahina, Makoto) vs. biological family in Hyuga’s search for his mom. Or, if more focus had been given to Makoto developing her own set of skills and if her ambition came up against Hyuga’s, rather than her falling more easily into the role of “Hyuga supporter” from the start…now THAT would’ve been interesting. SO MUCH POTENTIAL, WRITERS. GRRRRR.

      • THIS, this! Yes. But okay with the cards we have been dealt they can still salvage this story. We’ve established that Makoto is smart, has talent and gives him all his best ideas lately. Why not used Makoto’s nack for seeing people’s true selves to uncover Asahina’s plans?

        I think I’m a little upset that Hyuga doesn’t have everything under control like a genius in a drama should. He’s human, he’s making mistakes all over the place (letting himself be kissed by Yoko twice and then kissing her!!) I’m just gonna act like episode 6 doesn’t exist. Who’s with me?

  20. i think huyga isn t like mark zuckerberg.He s more like steve jobs from apple because on the long preview of episode 7 huyga says he s going to quit the company.that s what happened to steve jobs ,he had to leave apple even if he was the reason that company succeeded.his own friend put him out like asahina is doing.
    difference is steve jobs knew but hyuga doesn t know yet.
    And apple didn t get back on it s feet until steve returned. we will see.

    • Interesting observation! I think you’re right. I can definitely see it now. Steve Jobs was adopted so is Hyuga right? Though I’m not sure if Steve was searching for his mom like Hyuga. Also, they have sort of similar personality and work ethics. This is a stretch but are they gonna have similar love life too? hahah

  21. I’m really hoping that episode 7 is much better than 6. By any chance has any checked out the long preview for episode 7 on the official website? Could anyone give us an idea of what is happening. I’ve watched it but have no idea what they are saying. I still have hope that the drama will get back on track.

  22. I can’t even describe the rage I felt watching episode 6. The preview for it had already made me not want to see it (no wonder the ratings dropped, smart Japanese audience!).

    Honestly, the preview for episode 7 doesn’t make me think they’ll fix this hot mess. And up till episode 5 they were doing SO WELL! What a waste!

    I hope this doesn’t become a drama where I love LOVE love the first half and hate HATE hate the second.

    Koala, I would totally understand if you didn’t write a recap for episode 6. Let’s just pretend it never existed. I won’t be reading that recap anyways, since it’ll only make me angry all over again.

  23. I love this drama. I don’t get your hate towards this episode. The company stuff is interesting, and all the interactions in the middle are interesting too, it helps developing their characters. But hey, I get it, you want a drama with no climax and pure lovey-dovey stuff, one of those that will make you scream to the monitor/characters for their ridiculousness, with lots of make-overs at the compass of some teen jpop.

    • I think it’s pretty clear that’s not what Koala/the rest of us are saying. We’ve provided legit criticism of the setup an execution of the workplace and romantic conflicts. It’s fine if you disagree with us, but to say that because we don’t feel the show is being executed well means that we want “no climax” and manufactured angst is reductive and ridiculous.

      I for one have been very outspoken about wanting more development of the workplace drama and the relationship b/t Asahina & Hyuga. I absolutely want more lovey-dovey stuff, but I realize as well as anybody that there needs to be conflict for a drama to sizzle. What I absolutely don’t get is why all the focus on Yoko & her irrelevant restaurant storyline. As jomo pointed out above, all that seems to accomplish narratively is to remind us that Hyuga is a man who is attracted to women. Obviously they’re not going to end up together. And she’s not even trying to challenge Makoto on a personal level. So what exactly is Yoko’s function in the drama? Her presence doesn’t create any meaty, interesting conflict–it just delays the inevitable union of Hyuga and Makoto. That is DELAYING the potential for more interesting conflict rather than creating the potential for a gripping climax.

    • I don’t care much for lovey-dovey stuff. I understand that I’m watching a Jdorama and not a kdrama and have different expectations. However, I do think they’ve actually injected too much love stuff into this drama – sticking in a love square that isn’t well planned or executed where there need not be because there is already enough good material to work off, but the drama is not realizing it.

      Sort of reminds me of the situation with a Gentleman’s Dignity. Not that I didn’t love it (loved it!), but I was also disappointed that they’ve set up this rich array of potential conflicts – enough that each minute had the potential to be meaty (some dramas just have one direction or important character or plot point and just try to run with it for 16 hours), but they didn’t take advantage of it. I think the opportunity missed is very disappointing. However, jdoramas have this thing with showing up a good story in very little time. Even if we get a few fillers here and there, I have some faith that RMPW will pull it together by the later episodes.

      • You put it well. Even though I’d totally be down for more lovey-dovey, it’s not so much the absence of the lovey-dovey stuff that bothers me (b/c any interaction between the leads is adorable, I don’t need it to be overtly romantic), but the presence of the totally random side-love story. So IF you are going to have the lovey-dovey anyway, why have the lovey-dovey be w/a random character nobody likes? It’d be better to have none at all.

        And I have now officially used the phrase “lovey-dovey” more times in the last five minutes than one person should use in a lifetime.

  24. Oh Koala… I so was frustrated watching Ep 6. I don’t even have words to express how much I agree with you. How does “ditto” sound?

  25. EP6. was not bad. The kiss between the asahina’s sister and hyuga is probably the main reason why ep.6 sucks. Besides the kiss of the side character and the main guy, I love the beginning part where Makoto does the beans in the pot. I thought that was really cute. Hyuga saw it and made a OMG face. I couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for giving previews for each upcoming chapters. I can’t wait til ep. 7 comes out. I hope there is more of Makoto and Hyuga. KISS ALREADY GOD DMAN IT is what I really want to say.

  26. Episode 6 episode 6 episode 6… smh…

    Seriously, Asahina and Makoto are cute together, but there’s that little back-stabbing problem he has. If he weren’t so devious and evil, I would prolly root for that relationship.

    As for Hyuga and Yoko, watching them interact makes my skin crawl. I guess it’s understandable that they’d want to up the ante in that love-line just to see what Makoto will really really do (besides flail in despair after witnessing their kiss). Besides, I don’t even know who Hyuga likes up to now. Because he treats Makoto like an annoying, cute pet; and Yoko like a woman. So… Idk!

    But oh Makoto makoto makoto – whyyy is she in that “i’ll grovel at your feet, as long as you pay attention to me” phase??? It’s super irraz! I just want to pelt her with little tiny rocks, shake my fist at her and shout “pull yourself together man!” I’m just crossing my fingers, hoping that her sassy, belligerent, job-hunting self comes back into the picture. I paid more attention to her determined character before, rather than this flimsy love-lorn person that she’s become.

    Ugh! i nearly pulled my hair out bc of this episode.

  27. Re episode 6! I agree with you Koala! Asahina and Yoko are blaise to me. Asahina is more like the chosen ‘villiage idiot’ for bringing to ruin a company he co-started. While Yoko, though kind doesn’t show enough huxpa in order to get Hyuga, from my observation. Yoko’s hand showed more passion when she stopped Hyuga from answering his phone than in that kiss she gave him. I want to see Makoto be a little bold like that…even though she’s innocent, she can just express her affection toward Hyuga with a kiss on the lips that will wipe the thought of Yoko out of his memory which shouldn’t be too hard to do!

  28. I love this show and think its amazing, I liked the sub plots .. but would really like more interactions between the two leads and how they will find each other..sigh…..
    its maddening to see everything go havoc ..argghhhh thanks for the recap !

  29. In episode 7, Yoko literally overtakes Makoto as if she really wants to have a drink with her while she hid the fact from Makoto that her brother and Hyuga were waiting at the restaurant. Also, how childish and sad for Yoko to brag about not letting Hyuga answer his cell phone trying to give the impression that something more than kissing was happening during that time. Yoko and her brother are so petty and immature during this scene. Is it me or does Yoko and her brother tell each other about their private relationships, then broadcast it to Hyuga and Makoto! Its easy to tell that Yoko and her brother didn’t date much.

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