Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun Reunite in New Zealand for High Cut Magazine

My babies are back together again! I must’ve been good indeed to be rewarded by High Cut magazine sending Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy to New Zealand for an outdoorsy photoshoot. Kim Soo Hyun is riding high in his acting career after winning a Baeksang Best Actor award for The Moon that Embraces the Sun and his Summer ensemble caper movie Thieves is on track to become the highest grossing Korean movie of all time at the box office. No small feat for a young man who is just about to enter his mid-twenties. Despite all the accolades he got for MoonSun (he was good in it but the drama was so blergh for me), it remains Dream High that makes me a diehard Kim Soo Hyun fan. My love for that drama really rests on both Soo Hyun and Suzy‘s characters and love story, and I remain ever hopeful K-dramas will allow them to pair up again. I think Suzy does quite a lot with her limited acting experience and I can’t wait to see her do something better than playing a thankless second female lead role like she did in Big. Until then, I have this gorgeous High Cut pictorial to sate my Hye Mi-Sam Dongloving heart. They are perfect perfect perfect together!

[Credit: High Cut magazine]


Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun Reunite in New Zealand for High Cut Magazine — 17 Comments

  1. Too bad they didnt come a little further to the left of NZ as they would have been in my country. Oh well maybe next time, one can only hope.

  2. this is jus my opinion.. n i knw i am goin to be bashed .. nevertheless.. i have seen him do collaberated ads with eunjung aswell.. and as far as the chemistry is concerned …the spark between them is sooo downright obvious .. in the drama the OTP were quite good but if i had want another drama/movie being done with kim soo hyun .. i wud defo vote eunjung to be his love interest… anytime!!
    PS: i dont knw y?? but i jus cant cum to like Suzy!! SURRI!!T__T

  3. When I saw Dream High,I wanted so much for them to end up together and luckily,they did.
    I’m too am not so into Suzy but I adore Kim Soo Hyun a lot,lot. Am going to dream about him tonight!

  4. SamMi!!! They are so adorable. I was recently thinking when I can see them together in a project again. ha. Thanks Bean Pole (& to you too Koala)!

  5. Maybe because the drama established them as good friends first, that is what I see between them. Two people who really enjoy being with the other person. Plus a sunbae/hoobae dynamic.

    I would love to see this blossom into romance up the road a piece.
    She is so darn cute and smart.

  6. wah in my my hometown. so cuteee thank you. Btw, i’ve been refreshing ur page hoping to see ur first impression of arang or even better a recap. Sorry for demanding too much, is just that watching drama along with ur recap is a heaven goodness heheh. And I also like reading ur first impression thought and perspective because it is usually very thoughtful and interesting.

  7. I never knew you are a hyunzy shipper and despite our differing opinions in MoonSun we are both agreeing on the perfect couple that they are… it’s refreshing to see them together after a long while and the chemistry I have seen in Dream High is still there and much much more… I’m waiting for the other Beanpole photos to be released this September

  8. Kim Soo Hyun has openly admitted he likes Kaya Scodelario (skins). He claims she is his ideal type, and they just modeled together for J.ESTINA–I’ve never seen him act so adorably! He’s blushing so bad, you can tell he REALLY likes her.

    You can find a video of their shoot on youtube.

  9. after i saw and read this, i just had to go and re-watch (for the gazillionth (?) time Dream High). *sigh* *swoon* *aawwww~ (hands over heart)

  10. They look really in goodness HyunZy you kill me with your Perfect Chemistry together, I cannot wait to see both of you again in a drama together as a loving and a matured couple than Dream High (who both of you played an innocent couple together, young, cute & so sweet). Eventhough Soo Hyun is 7 yrs. older than Suzy, age doesn’t matter anyway, I am maybe one of the happiest person on Earth if this two will end up for REAL…

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