An Aquarium Date is Forthcoming for the OTP in Miss Rose

Date, date, date! I love how Miss Rose continues to take the most squeeworthy City Hall OTP elements and spinning their own twist on it. Those who have seen CH know that two scenes in MR episode 3 were quite iconic comedic CH scenes. The first was the scene where Cheng Kuan voluntarily pretends to be Si Yi’s boyfriend in front of her odious date was a riff on CH where Mi Rae ropes Jo Gook in to play her boyfriend in front of her odious ex-boyfriend and he goes along with it. Then the scene where Cheng Kuan dips Si Yi down and acts like he’s going to kiss her is straight out of CH. But unlike in CH where there was no resulting kiss, I love how MR allows Si Yi to turn the pretense into reality, despite how cringeworthy the kiss was.

So the upcoming stills from MR showing the OTP on a business trip and visiting an aquarium totally brings to mind how Gookie took Mi Rae on their camping trip ostensibly to discuss serious matters but we all know he just wanted to spend time with her. When I see them together, I just know that there are subtle hints and hormones flying around left and right. The fun part is how it’s both obvious yet both pretend otherwise, though other people like Sheng Jun and Si Yi’s friends and family can see through this sure to be pointless attempt to dance around the mutual attraction. The shit will hit the fan once the bitch Vivian clues into Si Yi’s existence and realizes something is up. I sure hope some subbing group starts to sub MR soon, because this drama looks to be the cake, whip cream, and cherry-on-top. 


An Aquarium Date is Forthcoming for the OTP in Miss Rose — 18 Comments

  1. “I sure hope some subbing group starts to sub MR soon, because this drama looks to be the cake, whip cream, and cherry-on-top.”

    This was exactly what I was thinking!! School starts soon, and luckily I am not that interested in any of the new crop of dramas with the exception of Arang. But Miss Rose Oh Miss Rose. Koala, you had me at the City Hall references and now any news of it is like a quick trip to a day spa. I have been searching through the internet to see if anyone was subbing this and no luck. I look every day even though I should be doing course prep and studying Korean and helping my daughter pack for college. But Miss Rose, Oh, Miss Rose. . . the chance that there may be another recap even sucks me back to the internet instead of what I should be doing.

    Please drama gods. I will try to be a better person, get someone to sub and post Miss Rose !!!!!

    • me too, dying to watch it w/subs!!! thank god for ms.ockoala otherwise i would be sooo lost watching the raws…im loving this drama as much as RMPW 🙂

  2. Sooo cute! Koala, I love reading your recaps for this drama, because otherwise I’d have no clue what’s going on! Thank you. And enjoy your vacation!

  3. Yes, I’m also hoping somebody starts subbing this drama in english!!! For now, thanks so much for writing recaps, you’re my life saver in making me understand this cute, funny TW drama:-)

  4. Thanks for the CH parallels because I have been so curious as to what the parallels are. 🙂 I admittedly dropped CH after just 2 episodes, and I only skimmed ep 2. One day, one day… I’ll get into it. Oddly, it’s the only series of KES that I haven’t seen all the way through.

    Anyhow – I really have to stop getting to into MR. It’s too time consuming! I hope this one keeps my interest all the way through. 🙂 I did make it through the blah train wreck of LF so I have high hopes for MR. I always love the nice mix of comedy and drama in Sanlih dramas. Tia is much better as a friend than the evil 2nd lead. I just love the awkwardness of SY and CK. They are so cute. And every time, CK throws something like his suit jacket with a hole, it’s just too adorable!! 🙂

    Thanks Capt K for still indulging us while you are on vacation! I hope you are having a lot of fun and relaxing above all.

    • I prayed to the dramagods for English subs of this show. I swore to be a better person in exchange. And you give me this image?!?!?!

      • I don’t know what you are talking about. ;p I have lots of different images of Roy in my head.

  5. I look at these pictures and all I can see is MANATEE!

    But, yeah. I can’t watch this show b/c of lack of subs, but it looks adorable!


      • OMG I hadn’t noticed the almost-kiss! GIANT SEA COW=BEST. SECOND. LEAD. EVER!!!

      • And now I am imagining the manatee/whale’s equivalent of the angsty shower scene, in which the creature thrashes itself longingly against the glass wall while bemoaning (in low, melodious tones) the Love that Cannot Be.

        And the climax of the series, in which the manatee/whale rescues the lead female from drowning but returns her to the arms of the male lead, emitting a sad little spurt of water through its blow spout as it swims off into the night.

        OMG questionable issues of bestiality and/or animal cruelty aside, I NEED THIS TO HAPPEN.

  6. I don’t want to spoil myself so I’m not reading your recaps *covers eyes* but do you know if anyone is planning to sub this? I usually am skeptical of remakes, but reading the intros to your MR posts is making me reaaally want to watch!

  7. Mrs Koala,

    You’ve been spending so much time on your blog that the thought of you developping the ubiquity “gift” did cross my mind. Hope you’ve been enjoying your vacation, with and without us. 😀

    Reading that you too found their kiss to be cringeworthy had me grin. I couldn’t help but think of KSA and CSW’s kiss in the car, and I kinda look forward to a more mature, mutual, tender moment between our OPT. Don’t disappoint me, Show!

  8. Whip cream cake with cherry top, sound fattening but if with Roy Cute oooppss… I meant Qiu on top, I don’t mind to add a pound. Hehehe… Thanks, Ms. Koala.

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