Miss Rose Episode 8 Recap

Hallelujah the ignition has started! Episode 8 of Miss Rose revved up this baby with a monstrous vroom, telling us that all the great set up is starting to go places. At this point, MR has moved completely away from any tonal or narrative resemblance to Office Girls, despite the initial similarities in the office environment setting. This drama has taken on an identity of its own, though it continues to pick off elements from other dramas but manages to make it fresh with a different spin. The return of Yi Chun felt like a mashup of both sets of former loves in My Queen. Yi Chun swans back much like James Wen did to Cheryl Yang in MQ, and even Si Yi going surfing with Yi Chun during their dating days reminded me so much of Ethan Ruan and Alice Ke being happy in Kenting. My love for this drama continues to grow because it stays away from the misunderstandings and the hidden agendas.

The main foursquare is not hiding anything from anyone. Cheng Kuan’s attitude towards Si Yi is completely done in the open and anyone with eyes can see he likes her whereas he looks at Vivian like she’s some sort of foot fungus. Vivian knows Cheng Kuan likes Si Yi, and Si Yi isn’t stupid enough to pretend Cheng Kuan is just being the world’s most solicitous boss. The two alpha males Yi Chun and Cheng Kuan have now sized each other up as work partners and rivals in love, and I’m loving the undercurrents of tension between them which I hope manifests into awesome jealousy spats later. And finally, can we all say a woo hoo for the return of strong in-your-face Si Yi? The way she put Ah Zhe in his place, and how she confronted Ting Ai, was beyond awesome. Now I’m just waiting for the drama to keep manufacturing situations for the characters to spark even more.

Episode 8 recap:

Si Yi’s dad has fallen asleep while waiting for Si Yi to come home. Mom shoos him off to bed and they notice its 10:30 pm already and still no sign of Si Yi.

Turns out the sweet but awkward tango ended with Si Yi and Cheng Kuan off somewhere else having drinks. Si Yi starts crying (again, yes I know she’s gotta stop soon, and I promise she will). Cheng Kuan gets up and walks to the bartender gesturing for something. He returns and sits down, opening up a box of tissues for her (Hello Kitty ones, too!).

Cheng Kuan hands her a tissue and tells her to wipe. Si Yi cries that she’s been running forward really hard, but now that she’s seen Yi Chun again, she realizes that she’s always been running toward’s his back. Cheng Kuan grabs another tissue and hands it to her, telling her that eyes are for smiling with. Filling it with tears is not a worthwhile way to utilize it.

Cheng Kuan tells Si Yi that she can’t keep standing in one place, otherwise she won’t be able to move on. Si Yi cries that she’s really been trying hard and Cheng Kuan says he believes her. Cheng Kuan places an entire package of tissue boxes on the table for her as a present for accompanying him to the charity auction. He tells her to use it all and this should be enough for her to get over her heartache. If it’s not enough, then she’s in big trouble. Cheng Kuan smiles at the macabre joke and Si Yi smiles back and thanks him.

Si Yi apologizes for Cheng Kuan spending the entire night comforting her, to which Cheng Kuan says nothing other than takes a swig of his beer. Si Yi turn the tables and asks Cheng Kuan if he loves Vivian? Cheng Kuan says there is nothing to love or not love. He pauses before saying that the choice of who to love is not a luxury that everyone has. He takes another sip of beer and its Si Yi’s turn to hand him a tissue.

Cheng Kuan takes the tissue with a tiny smile which turns into a wide grin as he realizes that she understands what he’s saying.

Si Yi puts a drunken Cheng Kuan in the car and puts on his seat belt. Si Yi grumbles that he was supposed to drink with her, so how come he’s the one that got drunk? Cheng Kuan drunkenly mumbles her name and tells her that she needs to find happiness.

Si Yi helps Cheng Kuan home and outside his condo she can’t find his house key. She reaches into his pant pocket reluctantly and happily fishes out his house key at the same moment Cheng Kuan’s mom opens the door.

Si Yi introduces herself as Cheng Kuan’s secretary and Mom remembers her from the earlier dinner with Vivian. Mom happily greets Si Yi and compliments her on being so pretty. Ooookay, Mom has good taste but she is adorably clueless. Mom is off to help a friend’s daughter who is about to give birth and asks Si Yi to please put Cheng Kuan in bed. I love how everyone just gives them all the time to spend together.

Si Yi drags Cheng Kuan into bed and tucks him in, wondering why he looks so skinny but is so heavy. Thank god she’s as strong as a horse. Si Yi thanks Cheng Kuan, saying his full name for the first time since they started working together (she always calls him Deputy General Manager when she addresses him), before leaving. She forgets the box of tissues on the ground.

Cheng Kuan falls off the bed the next morning and tries to remember what happened last night. A flashback reminds him that Si Yi drove his drunken ass home. He notices the forgotten tissues and grabs his phone to call Si Yi. He hesitates, wondering if it’s too oppressive to call his subordinate on a weekend?

Suddenly devil Si Yi pops up all biker chick like and annoyed, telling him no employee would want a call from the boss on a weekend. Which is when angel Si Yi pops up all cute and perky, asking why he wants to call Si Yi? Cheng Kuan looks alarmed but talks to his imaginary angel Si Yi, explaining that he wants to invite her out to do stuff since she’s in such a bad mood. Angel Si Yi tells him to call Si Yi then, winking that she’ll be waiting for him. Ha, angel Si Yi is such a tart. The two imaginary Si Yi’s disappear in a puff of smoke.

Cheng Kuan makes up his mind and pulls up Si Yi’s contact on his phone and sends her a message on Line, asking her if she wants to join him for an activity this afternoon at the orphanage. He sends the message and wonders why he’s suddenly all happy. His mom returns and asks why he drank so much last night. Turns out Vivian called to announce that she was off to Japan on a trip. Mom wonders why they are not planning the wedding and off doing their own things? I hope this is a running joke about how beyond clueless Cheng Kuan’s mom is.

Si Yi and her mom are doing aerobics in the living room and discussing why she was out so late last night? Mom is pleased she was out with Kuan Kuan, and wonders why she’s not out on a date with him today? Si Yi tells Mom to stop pushing her out of the house. Mom sees Si Yi huffing after a few minutes and shows off how limber she is, which is when Si Yi turns and twists her hips.

Mom is worried that Si Yi is still young but in such a bad shape, telling her to get more fit otherwise she won’t be able to have kids later. Mom thinks Cheng Kuan is a rare specimen and she’s already thought of the names for their kids. Si Yi is appalled her Mom is like fifty steps ahead already, but then asks Mom what are the names? Mom says Gao Xing (Happy) for a girl, and %&^& for a boy. The bleeped out parts I won’t explain, but suffice to say Cheng Kuan’s last name Gao can be paired with another character to make the word for orgasm. That Mom is such a hoot!

The door bell rings and the ladies head down to see who is here on a weekend, which is when the text from Cheng Kuan arrives but Si Yi doesn’t see it. Mom opens the door to come face-to-face with Yi Chun. He address her politely but Mom refuses to welcome him in and tells him to go back to where he came from. Yi Chun asks for a chance to explain but Mom is so angry and wants to shoo him away. She reminds Yi Chun that Si Yi’s dad was so good to him back then, how could he do what he did to Si Yi!

Mom goes to grab the broom to shoo Yi Chun away, which is when he leaves her an address and asks her to meet him there later. Mom gets rid of Yi Chun and throws his note away, telling Si Yi that she will protect her.

Yi Chun sits in a restaurant looking at roses in a vase. He pricks his finger which is when Si Yi arrives and hands him a tissue. They sit down and the waiter brings out tea. Yi Chun explains that this is her favorite rose tea served in her favorite rose tea set. He’s had it prepared in advance and reminds her that this was their favorite restaurant when they dated and this was their favorite table where Si Yi could enjoy the city view.

They both start talking at the same time and Yi Chun tells Si Yi to go first. Si Yi thinks her world is so small and when she turns around, she runs into people easily. Like she finds herself running into the old Yi Chun, with his shadow in the places they used to visit. But she also thinks her world is so big and when she turns around, people also disappear easily. Witness that Si Yi is wearing the rose necklace that Cheng Kuan bought for her, which he bought out from under Yi Chun’s nose.

She’s forgotten all the painful memories now, which gets Yi Chun’s hopes up, until Si Yi adds that she’s also forgotten all the happy memories. That’s fair, right? Si Yi asks Yi Chun to treat her like a stranger from now on,which is when Yi Chun asks Si Yi to believe him that he’s never forgotten her for even a day during these past five years. Si Yi replies that she’s forgotten him.

Yi Chun tries to touch her hand but she pulls back. He apologizes for what happened, it wasn’t what he wanted and he never wanted to hurt her. Si Yi retorts that he’s already hurt her. Yi Chun says he’s returned to fill in the blanks in the last five years of her life, but Si Yi says those years were filled with darkness. She thanks him for coming back, for bringing back all their old memories, because it’s just making her decide that she needs to start afresh at last.

Si Yi gets up to leave but Yi Chun grabs her hand. He knows she’s been terribly hurt but this time he doesn’t want to let her go. Si Yi shakes off his hand and demands to know why he thinks he has a right to come and go as he pleases in her life. What does he take her for? As she turns to leave, their song comes on over the speakers. Yi Chun asks if he can hold her just for the duration of this song? He pulls her in for an embrace and Si Yi cries but doesn’t push him away.

Cheng Kuan is at the orphanage, and as cute as he looks playing with kids, I can’t help but chuckle at this attempt to turn Kuan Kuan into the paragon of virtue who plays with orphans. But it totally works, especially when he chases after them wearing a funny yellow hat. After Cheng Kuan leaves, he checks his phone and still no response from Si Yi. He thinks to himself that its rude for someone receiving a text not to reply to it.

Cheng Kuan gets into the car with Sheng Jun and they drive off. Sheng Jun wonders why Cheng Kuan doesn’t just donate money and instead actually spends time playing with orphans. Cheng Kuan says kids are innocent and he ought to spend more time with them to do good. Sheng Jun suggests that he ought to go volunteer at the orphanage as well.

Cheng Kuan calls Si Yi but she doesn’t answer her phone, which adds to his annoyance. Sheng Jun wonders who dares not answer Cheng Kuan’s phone? Is it Vivian? Cheng Kuan says no, so Sheng Jun says he knows who it is. Cheng Kuan asks to be let off right outside Si Yi’s house, which Sheng Jun recognizes as the home of Miss Screw. After Cheng Kuan gets out of the car, Sheng Jun murmurs that all Cheng Kuan thinks about these days is Miss Screw, hence things are about to get complicated.

Cheng Kuan walks up to Si Yi’s front door and peers into the dry cleaning shop. He gets a call that he takes, and when the call ends, he hears Si Yi’s voice asking someone to please leave now. Cheng Kuan turns around to see Yi Chun walking Si Yi home. I love the sneer on Cheng Kuan’s face when he spots Yi Chun. He hears Yi Chun asking Si Yi for a chance to pursue her again, asking for some time to prove himself. Cheng Kuan folds him arms and sneers even more.

Mom sudden arrives on the scene and is totally happy to see her Kuan Kuan, asking why he’s here. Cheng Kuan makes up the excuse that his jacket got dirty and he brought it here to clean. Hahaha, the last time this joint cleaned his jacket, he ended up with an iron-sized hole in the back.

Si Yi turns to walk inside when Yi Chun grabs her hand. Cheng Kuan sees it and goes “hey!” Mom also sees it and orders Yi Chun to let this girl go! Yi Chun releases Si Yi’s hand and apologizes to Mom, saying he’ll see her another time. Mom tells him that there won’t be a next time. Yi Chun leaves and Mom goes inside to clean Cheng Kuan’s jacket, leaving Si Yi and Cheng Kuan outside.

Cheng Kuan walks up to Si Yi and asks why she didn’t respond to his text which is so rude. Si Yi is surprised since she didn’t see the text and now she pulls it up and is happy that Cheng Kuan invited her to the orphanage to volunteer. Cheng Kuan acts bored and says he only invited her since he thought no one invites her out on weekends. Si Yi says she loves kids and asks him to invite her again the next time he goes.

Cheng Kuan says no since she stood him up this time. He walks away and plugs his ears to act like he doesn’t want to listen to Si Yi’s excuses. After he’s alone, he immediately places a call to the orphanage director asking if there is another event next weekend. Ahahaha, he’s gone off the deep end here.

Xiao Ke and Ah Zhe return to their cafe, with Xiao Ke happily talking about their engagement while Ah Zhe doesn’t look excited in the least. Xiao Ke notices he’s not terribly into it but Ah Zhe apologizes and she lets it go. Xiao Ke tells Ah Zhe that for their wedding, Si Yi will be her bridesmaid while she wants Cheng Kuan to her his best man. Ah Zhe doesn’t care as long as she’s happy.

Suddenly Ah Zhe gets a call from Ting Ai who asks if he can deliver a love beverage today. Ah Zhe promises to deliver the drink like the shady asswipe he is. Si Yi is walking somewhere and she spots Ah Zhe and Ting Ai hugging across the street and then getting into his car. She wanders into the road to get a better look which is when Cheng Kuan grabs her and pulls her to safety.

Cheng Kuan tells Si Yi that he’s not planning to change secretary yet. Si Yi reveals that she just saw Ah Zhe cheating on Xiao Ke with Ting Ai from their company. She’s certain she saw the right person and she’s furious on behalf of Xiao Ke. Cheng Kuan reminds Si Yi that if she tells Xiao Ke now, she will be so heartbroken since she wants to marry Ah Zhe. How can they get engaged then?

Si Yi is surprised Cheng Kuan knows about Xiao Ke’s engagement, and turns out Xiao Ke called him to ask if he’s willing to be the best man at the wedding. I swear this drama is going to end with a double wedding of BFFs Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun marrying BFFs Si Yi and Xiao Ke. Cheng Kuan has agreed and he’s here today to discuss the details with Xiao Ke at the cafe. Si Yi wonders why he agreed and Cheng Kuan says he’s doing it because Xiao Ke is Si Yi’s friend. Si Yi is touched that Cheng Kuan would do this.

Si Yi and Cheng Kuan arrive at the cafe and Xiao Ke remains oblivious as to what her boyfriend is up to behind her back. Xiao Ke thanks Cheng Kuan and Si Yi for agreeing to be part of her wedding party. Ah Zhe returns to the store and Xiao Ke introduced him to Cheng Kuan. Si Yi and Cheng Kuan exchange a look. Ah Zhe tells Si Yi that the beach has been booked for the engagement party, revealing that its one of Xiao Ke and Si Yi’s favorite places.

Ah Zhe shares that this particular beach is where Si Yi had her first kiss, causing Si Yi to spit out her water. Si Yi asks Xiao Ke to make her a glass of lemonade, as sour and icy as possible. Xiao Ke wonders why Si Yi is drinking a cold beverage when normally she doesn’t? Si Yi glares at Ah Zhe and says she’s feeling heated today.

Ah Zhe walks out and Si Yi follows by saying she needs to go buy something. Cheng Kuan tries to stop her by grabbing her arm, but she pulls free and chases after Ah Zhe. Si Yi confronts Ah Zhe and asks what his relationship is with Song Ting Ai. Ah Zhe acts dumb and says he doesn’t know her, but Si Yi refuses to back down. Cheng Kuan arrives and asks Si Yi for her phone, since she snapped a picture of Ah Zhe with Ting Ai earlier.

Cheng Kuan turns on the phone and its a horrible picture of Si Yi snacking, but they pretend its a picture of Ah Zhe and Ting Ai. Si Yi says its hideous and Ah Zhe is totally cheating (slang is stealing a bite to eat) and not even wiping his mouth afterwards. Ah Zhe finally caves and admits it but begs Si Yi not to tell Xiao Ke. Si Yi asks how he could do this to Xiao Ke, who loves him so much and is willing to spend the rest of her life with him.

Ah Zhe says he really wants to marry Xiao Ke and there is nothing really going on with him and Ting Ai. Si Yi grabs Ah Zhe by his collar and yells that Xiao Ke is her best friend in this entire world, even more important than her own life, so he better end things with Ting Ai and not hurt Xiao Ke. She makes Ah Zhe swear and the bastard swears with one hand but crosses his fingers with his hidden other hand. Before Si Yi can make Ah Zhe make a deadly curse on himself, Xiao Ke arrives and Ah Zhe runs off. After Xiao Ke and Ah Zhe leave, Cheng Kuan looks at the Si Yi picture and clucks his tongue. Si Yi grabs her phone back and says that was her breakfast. Heh.

Si Yi and Cheng Kuan sit at the playground later in the evening, with Si Yi revealing that when she was at her lowest, it was Xiao Ke who was always by her side. If it wasn’t for Xiao Ke, she might still be like a walking zombie. Cheng Kuan asks what happened these last 5 years and what does Yi Chun have to do with it. Si Yi shares her history with Yi Chun, that they first met as work colleagues.

Yi Chun fell in love with her at first sight and pursued her. Yi Chun gave her all her smiles, her tears, all her happiness and sorrow. She felt so special that he picked her. They started dating, and we see a very romantic Yi Chun having random passerbys hand Si Yi a single rose before he shows up with an entire bouquet.

Si Yi reveals that Yi Chun loved to surf and she would accompany to the beach. She would sit on the beach watching him surf and that made her happy even if she did nothing but watch him. We see how happy and adorable they were together. Cheng Kuan asks what happened afterwards? Turns out Yi Chun actually proposed to Si Yi (at their restaurant), and that was the happiest day of her life. But then her world came crashing down a month before their engagement party when Yi Chun abruptly dumped her without any explanation and left for the States.

Once Yi Chun left, Si Yi never heard from him again……until now. When Si Yi tells this entire story, she’s smiling but Cheng Kuan looks very serious. Si Yi asks if Cheng Kuan knows what it feels like to be betrayed by a loved one? Cheng Kuan shakes his head. Si Yi explains that its like a heavy rock is on your heart and even if you want to cry, you can’t. What did you do wrong? Didn’t you love enough? But in the end, you realize that its the other person who didn’t love you enough. It takes a long time for a betrayed person to regain the ability to trust another person again.

Xiao Ke loves Ah Zhe so much and trusts him, so Si Yi cannot let the kind Xiao Ke experience the same pain as she did. Cheng Kuan asks if Si Yi has finally walked out of her pain? Si Yi doesn’t know if she’s finally walked out of the pain after that night of crying in front of him. Cheng Kuan apologizes to her for bringing Yi Chun into the company and not taking into account how she might be feeling. Si Yi tells him there is no need to apologize, he’s doing something big for the company and there is no need for him to take into account the feelings of lower rung employees like herself. Cheng Kuan sits there looking contemplative.

Si Yi arrives at work the next morning and finds a rose bouquet on her desk with a card and box of rose tea. Miao Jin says it was here when everyone arrived in the morning. Si Yi opens the card and its a drawn picture of her with roses. Cheng Kuan walks in and hands her the boxes of tissues and she thanks him again. He sees the gifts on her desk and Si Yi notices him looking and explains she doesn’t know who gave it to her.

Xiao Ke walks in with Sheng Jun, here to deliver invites and candy. Xiao Ke thanks Cheng Kuan again for agreeing to be the best man. Maio Jun teases that watching Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke walk in together, they looked like such a pretty couple. Those who didn’t know anything would assume Xiao Ke was getting engaged to Sheng Jun! Sheng Jun says he’s not lucky enough to marry like a hottie like Xiao Ke, they merely ran into each other downstairs and walked up together.

Ting Ai arrives and asks why Xiao Ke is here so early, doesn’t she have to run the store? Xiao Ke says her fiancee is watching the store right now. Ting Ai repeats “fiancee?” and asks Xiao Ke if she’s sure that her fiancee is going to marry Xiao Ke? Cheng Kuan speaks up and says that he’s sure the fiancee is NOT going to marry Ting Ai. The wench flounces off and Xiao Ke asks her friends to please come attend her engagement party.

After everyone leaves, Si Yi puts on this awesome “imma gonna kick your ass” face and snaps the pencil she was holding in half before walking into the break room to confront Ting Ai. She tells Ting Ai to end things with Ah Zhe since she’s the interloper. Ting Ai says she won’t do it, there is nothing Si Yi can do to stop her. Si Yi asks why Ting Ai insists on seeing Ah Zhe? Ting Ai she likes Ah Zhe, and like is not something she needs to explain or justify.

Ting Ai says it was Xiao Ke who forced Ah Zhe to propose to her, and Ah Zhe did not voluntarily propose. Si Yi says feelings change so why doesn’t Ting Ai step aside and let the couple be happy together. Why is Ting Ai so selfish? Ting Ai laughs at that, telling Si Yi that love is selfish. Ting Ai takes the time to remind Si Yi that their Deputy General Manager has a girlfriend, who happens to be the daughter of the company President. She tells Si Yi that before Si Yi starts lecturing her on principles, she ought to look at herself in the mirror. Touche, Ting Ai. I may have to you give the edge on this one.

The GM, Manager Kang, and Ting Ai are meeting with Chairman Wang to discuss next quarter’s procurement plans. Everyone talks in circles about how they are like family. Chairman Wang asks what the price will be and the GM promises that it will remain the same as before. The GM hands the project to Ting Ai, telling her to make Chairman Wang happy.

The GM and Manager Kang walk Chairman Wang out and discuss their usual meeting at the golf course. Chairman Wang says he’ll bring the golf bag and this time it will be even heavier. He tells them to work on their muscles to carry such a heavy bag. Manager Kang says he’ll pretend he’s training for an Olympic sport. Sheng Jun witnesses this entire exchange and it piques his interest. He remembers seeing Manager Kang lug a golf bag into the company last time and how shifty Manager Kang was acting.

A car pulls up and Yi Chun steps out, here to sign the contract to work for Guang Qiang. Yi Chun thinks to himself that this is where he starts over with Si Yi. Once he steps into the company, he will do everything in his power to win her back. Sheng Jun walks Yi Chun in and can’t find Si Yi, but Yi Chun spots the roses on Si Yi’s desk.

Yi Chun is brought in to meet with Cheng Kuan and the two men shake hands and sit down to finalize the contract. Cheng Kuan hopes that this collaboration will have a good result. Yi Chun says he was being courted by many companies upon his return to Taiwan but he ended up choosing Guang Qiang. Cheng Kuan says if the project is a success, Yi Chun will be generously rewarded.

Yi Chun says he hopes the company gets what it wants, and he also gets what he wants. When he says this, Cheng Kuan gives him a knowing look and the two men have a silent stare down. Cheng Kuan smiles and pretends that what Yi Chun is talking about is financial rewards. There is yet another silent stare down when both reach for the contract, until Yi Chun smiles and allows Cheng Kuan to take it.

Miao Jin reveals to Si Yi that Yi Chun is here to start work. Yi Chun tells Cheng Kuan that he’s confident when it comes to developing new products and he’s sure the company will succeed with his involvement. Cheng Kuan and Si Yi walk Yi Chun out. Yi Chun tells Si Yi that he’ll be seeing her in the future often, to which Si Yi replies that if its work related she’ll do her best.

Before Yi Chun gets in the car, he asks if Si Yi likes the roses and the rose tea? Cheng Kuan asks if Si Yi loves rose tea? Si Yi nods, but says she doesn’t like it anymore and doesn’t drink it now. Yi Chun asks Si Yi if she’ll go to the beach with him for a stroll when she has time. Si Yi tells Yi Chun that work is very busy and she has no time. After Yi Chun leaves, Si Yi asks to take a vacation to plan Xiao Ke’s wedding. Cheng Kuan looks worried so Si Yi tells him that if its for the company, she’ll be able to handle it (working with Yi Chun).

Sheng Jun and Cheng Kuan are sitting in his condo sharing a bottle of wine. Sheng Jun asks Cheng Kuan what he’s thinking about and doesn’t get a response. Sheng Jun pretends he got a text from Si Yi which immediately gets Cheng Kuan’s attention. Sheng Jun points out that Cheng Kuan is indeed very concerned about the presence of Tang Yi Jun. Because he’s Si Yi’s ex-boyfriend and Si Yi appears still affected by him. Sheng Jun asks what Cheng Kuan intends to do about Vivian, since its clear that he’s falling deeper and deeper for Si Yi.

Thoughts of Mine:

I loved so much that this episode focused on Si Yi, not just on her being sad and mopey about Yi Chun, but a deeper look into her past and her personality. She’s such a giving person, and when she gave her heart to Yi Chun, it was completely and without reservation. His betrayal was also so sudden and devastatingly final that I can’t fault her for being affected by his return and crying so much. That was a relationship which ended without any explanation, and I’m proud that Si Yi managed to pick herself up in the ensuing five years and try to move on. But its understandable that she hasn’t dealt with all her feelings, because who can when a romance that is a month away from a fairytale engagement crashes and burns without warning or any reason for her to mourn it and move on.

I found myself sad for what could have been with Si Yi and Yi Chun, because they were adorable together and he appeared to genuinely want to be with her. Which makes his betrayal inexplicable even to me, so no wonder it almost ruined Si Yi’s ability to love again. I’m sure he has a “reason”, but I doubt it will be anything I’ll buy as justified. I’m enjoying that the story puts everyone one equal playing field – the collection of folks in MR are flawed and they know it. Cheng Kuan is falling for Si Yi but can’t break free of whatever is tying him to marrying Vivian. Si Yi isn’t some innocent maid but a woman who has been through heartbreak and knows that her boss is paying her way more attention than he ought to and she hasn’t been able to draw the line with him. Vivian is pissed her arranged golden boy future fiancée doesn’t cater to her every whim and she wants to make sure he doesn’t throw her over. And Yi Chun has committed a horrible betrayal of Si Yi and appears to be delusional if he thinks he can waltz back and try again with her. I love Mommy Luo for shooing him away with a broom, and I would not want to be him if Daddy Luo were to find out he was back in town and sniffing around Si Yi.

I think its amusing that the entire world can see that Cheng Kuan likes Si Yi, which is why Ting Ai actually had a valid point in that love is not a crime and can be controlled, so Si Yi is in no position to point fingers at Ting Ai. But Si Yi is also correct that people can use love as a justification in hurting others. So clearly the main point is that people can’t control who they fall for, but they can control what they do about it. Si Yi wants Ting Ai and Ah Zhe to end because it’ll hurt Xiao Ke. I’d rather Ah Zhe end it with Xiao Ke now and let her move on because the guy is no good in the long run. But I understand Si Yi’s desire to protect her best friend from heartbreak, since it just hits too close to home. Watching Si Yi and Cheng Kuan talk, and they do talk all the time, just hammers home why it makes so much sense that they are falling for each other despite all odds. Si Yi’s presence taps into Cheng Kuan’s hidden emotional side, and Cheng Kuan’s practical side tempers SI Yi’s impetuous flightiness. They are two people living with a piece of who they are missing, and the other person unexpectedly completes it so well.


Miss Rose Episode 8 Recap — 10 Comments

  1. This is a wonderful thoughtful recap!
    For some reason, this episode just hit all the right buttons for me.
    Everything everyone did and said moved the story along.

    I like that storm clouds from SY’s past heartbreak are starting to clear before the thunderclap from Vivian hits her. SY isn’t fully repaired, but at least we see her willingness to battle is baayaaaack.

    They deceptively kept Vivian out of this episode so we forget she’s lurking in the warm shallow waters just beyond our focus. [Cue Jaws theme… OMG I HATE HER!]

    So far, the fight with Vivian hasn’t been that personal, but once SY digs in and declares the Golden Boy MINE! it’s gonna be good.

    Love how protective Mom is. I almost fear for YC’s life when he meets up with Dad. Oy!

    I had a huge smile on my face for the funny parts. Watching CK chase the orphelins brought back memories of my father doing that with the grandkids. They LOVE doing that, and would make him scare them for hours.

  2. Yay for another scene with both Xiao Ke and Sheng Jun…together, interacting!
    Still don’t get why Ah Zhe would cheat on Xiao Ke with an older and less attractive lady (IMO). Are we supposed to think she is sexier and more beautiful than Xiao Ke? Cause Si Yi mentioned something about how there’s a lot of guys chasing after her. Hm.
    I am THISCLOSE to being fed up with weepy Si Yi. I was glad to see that she seems to be toughening up again in the second half of this episode….let’s hope.
    Drunk Cheng Kuan was <3

  3. Ting Ai repeats “fiancee?” and asks Xiao Ke if she’s sure that her fiancee is going to marry Xiao Ke? Cheng Kuan speaks up and says that he’s sure the fiancee is NOT going to marry Ting Ai.
    I rewatched this one segment so many times — it was so funny! Really starting to get hints of a Qin Ziqi vibe from Chengkuan now that he’s loosened up around Siyi and doesn’t rein in his emotions as much anymore. His conversation with Siyi about the orphanage date, and the way he walked away with his fingers in his ears screamed Qin Ziqi, rofl.

    Great thing about this episode was that there was no Vivian! I’m not as annoyed with her as I could be, but that doesn’t mean I don’t mind getting a break from her. xD Now, if only they’ll give us some more Shengjun/Xiaoke scenes~

    Lovely recap as usual! And thanks for the clue about the joke with Luo Mama’s choice of baby names… I had no idea what she was getting at with that. xD

  4. Why oh why did they have to make the past Yi Chun and Si Yi so adorable together?! I still love Si Yi and Cheng Kuan together, but every time Yi Chun pops up, I get excited for some Si Yi-Yi Chun interaction. Nooo, I don’t wanna second-lead ship!

  5. Again, Ms. Koala, your words goes through the analysis and thought-process that I’m sure most of us are going through while watching Miss Rose.
    I love your ending in this recap because you got at the heart of what these two characters are about.

    I am so happy that Taiwan have been coming out with such great dramas lately! As always, looking forward to reading more as Miss Rose progresses along!

    Happy Wednesday!

  6. I haven’t watched it yet but this looks like a cute episode. When does this drama air? It takes such a long time to be subbed and uploaded on Viki, I might just have to wait until it ends and marathon it.

    • It airs Sundays (in Taiwan) don’t know if it’s a long time from air date, but we don’t have to wait a long time between episodes.
      They are doing them pretty fast at viki.
      I know you get plenty of time before Koala’s recaps to watch it, so to me it’s just fast enough.

  7. Hello Koala unnie!!!!

    Thank you so much!!

    Because of you i got to watch for the first time in my life a Taiwanese drama, and i love it!!!!
    I have been lurking in the playground since Playful Kiss time, and i have been with you through My Princess, Lie to Me Kings 2 Hearts. And now i am discovering Taiwanese dramas through you, i was curious about Roy Qiu as you were always posting things about him, and when you started recapping MR i decided out of curiousity to watch it, i watched episode 1 to 5 straight in one day!!!!! and i couldn’t wait until the next episode!!!!

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