A Walk Down Memory Lane with the Adorable Pair of Alice Ke and Roy Qiu in Office Girls

My Office Girls recapping project is one where I have promised to finish and I know the raw files for the last two episodes are still sitting there just reminding me of what a slacker I am. Even as I’m addicted to Miss Rose and have completely disassociated Roy Qiu as Gao Cheng Kuan from his character of Qin Zi Qi in Office Girls, the more I see of Roy on my screen the more I nostalgically miss the sweet cute fluffiness that was OG. Roy and Alice Ke were perfect together in their own unique way, a low key but simmering with chemistry kind of co-star pairing I haven’t seen in TW-dramas before. There was an innocence and purity to their relationship which overflowed with humor and restrained affection. I can’t quite capture it in words, other than it was like watching two boy-girl identical stuffed animals falling in love, much like Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma. Join me for a walk down OG memory lane with a screencap recap of the best OTP moments in the drama plus a bevy of great scene cut videos and a perfect entire drama MV to end the journey. In truth, the recent ending of Rich Man, Poor Woman was close to perfect as far as romance dramas go, but would have been 100% perfect if it borrowed the OG ending playbook. 

The cuteness of Qin Zi Qi and Shen Xing Ren is neigh impossible to beat in a TW-drama.

He tries to pick up a hot chick in a department store and yells at the “dinosaur” mascot to move out of the way. She tells him to get a life.

He sees her all dressed up and out with a client and gets jealous already. Even though he totally completely doesn’t like her.

She quits the department store over a case of shattered red wine. He dresses up as a dinosaur and dances for her to get her to stay.

He follows her home and almost falls off her roof when helping her prepare the house for a typhoon. She wraps up his arm in a bandage that is the size of a football.

He gives her a shoulder to lean. That is all.

Is a kiss coming? Only in his wildest imaginations.

He builds her a dollhouse complete with paper cut outs of him and her inside, to cheer her up because she can’t afford to buy her dream home yet.

He gets into a fight because of her, and when she puts a bandage on his forehead, he feels compelled to lean in for a cheek peck. Which gets him a slap on the face. Nice.

When she’s sick, he uses his forehead to take her temperature because the Academy of Science in London just released an article that this was the best method to take one’s temperature.

Instead of flowers, she gets a broccoli bouquet when he confesses his feelings to her. Because she made him eat his hated foe broccoli and he learned to like it.

When she loses something, he goes dumpster diving with her to find it.

The department store was really their playground, where they made working while flirting into a new profession.

Dating is hard, but watching them date was ridiculously simple.

She chooses to leave for Paris, he waits for her to return while turning himself into the capable leader he had inside him. When she comes back, he gives her three choices, all ending with her married to him.

A wedding and a perfect perfect kiss. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, except for maybe her wedding dress to not look like a rhinestone encrusted cake.

But the wedding kiss(es)? That was worth the wait.

Pulling an all-nighter working – it’s so cute I smile until my cheeks hurt (Mama Shen would agree with me:

[youtube id=”SE4DxFx0pzE” w=”625″ h=”445″]


The proposal – You can pick among three things:

[youtube id=”AcMYZB_Ls1k” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Zi Qi: You lost.

Xing Ren: Mmmmm. I lost.

ZQ: So I order you to pick amongst three things. 1: You marry me. 2. I marry you. 3. Let’s get married.

Xing Ren and Zi Qi’s wedding:

[youtube id=”5iQdE3aIVE” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Watch them nibble each other until you want to tell them to get a room.

To wrap it all up, watch an MV of the entire drama OTP cuteness:

[youtube id=”COnq0eXRpcM” w=”625″ h=”445″]


A Walk Down Memory Lane with the Adorable Pair of Alice Ke and Roy Qiu in Office Girls — 44 Comments

    • Never gonna happen. I want it desperately, too, but the relationship ended way too badly for that to ever happen. Rainie still bitches about him, but really its because she loved him so much and he was so immature back then. I think its hilarious that Rainie’s most famous co-star pairing is with a guy that everyone in TW thinks Roy looks like. It’s like she can’t get away from that face. Who would want to? 😛

      • Yep – and I definitely feel for her. That just sucks the way that one ended and had such an impact on her. If they didn’t have that history, I think they would have worked great together as adults now that they are much more mature. Ah… just not in the cards.

      • i know, he really hurt her back then, but a fangirl can’t help but dream! and not only looks a lot like him but was/is friends with him!

      • Sigh, if the media would SHUT UP about asking each other about each other all the time, then maybe they would be able to meet without having a billion lightbulbs go off. Last year SETTV even cancelled its usual baton hand off ceremony party between Drunken to Love You, which was going to be followed by Office Girls. Word on the street was Rainie didn’t want to do it. 🙁

        I’ve watch bits and pieces of Original Summer Scent, and young Rainie and Roy were precious together. And now? When they can both actually act? Our screens would explode.

  1. I have been trying to resist the pull of Office Girls because summer is over and the semester has started. I have research projects and papers to grade, people! I am only allowed to watch one Korean drama (two hours a week), and that is only because I am also studying Korean for a research project (really. cough. I only watch to improve my language skils. I promise. really. What? You don’t believe me?). But the last MV is making me hard to wait for winter break. I really need to stop watching the MVs that Madame Koala includes. I almost started Robbers yesterday because of one even though she warned me not to. Thank goodness the pain medication from my dentist appointment started to wear off or where would I be?

  2. I must say the final wedding kiss did take me by surprise. After all the coy cheek and forehead kissing, I just didn’t think they were capable. Nice ending.

    • I adore them together soooooo much. T____T My babies Alice-Roy. But that kissing at the end, NOT babies anymore. That was some major “get a room” kissing and imagine doing it in the church with everyone watching. Kudos to A+R for really bringing it home in the end.

  3. LOL. Somewhere in ep 5 of Miss Rose, I did a marathon session of PG. I loved the popcorn movie date.
    Yeah, that wedding dress was the ugliest thing ever. Possibly followed by that silliest tiara ever.
    However their chemistry was just so sweet. I love Miss Rose I really do. But OG is still my preferred drama.

    • I wish I had the time to marathon OG again. *sad face* Right now I haven’t decided which one I prefer, OG or MR, but for MR to even have a shot at winning me over OG is quite a feat I must say.

  4. i have to say that i didnt know anything about this hottie, Roy Qiu or his dramas but that changed when i read your recaps for Miss Rose. I started watching that drama just because of you and i loooove it… Pls do a memory lane for oguri shun and ishihara satomi too!!!

    • I’ve been told by many that I singlehandedly introduced Roy Qiu to a great swath of the online drama world viewers. Just doing a public service for my honey.

      • I am one of the people that you introduced Roy to on your site while subbing Yun Zhong Ge, then I’ve introducted my co-workers to him. He is such a hottie!

  5. I am totally in love with Roy now, thank you very much!

    I think I will marathon OG soon. It is all on Dramafever.

    (PS I had no idea that Miss Rose was being subbed so quickly on viki. Faster than Dramafever. Picture is nicer and bigger on DF, though. So I do the rewatch from there.

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND Miss Rose to those who were afraid to jump into a TW drama. It’s fast, funny as in LOL funny, and real easy on the eyes.)

  6. I have to thank u koala for making me watch this 😛 😛 It was ur dinosaur dance video post that made me go ‘awwwwwww~ this is freakkn cute!!!I ve to check this out!’
    Thanks a lot! OG will always b special to me! ^^

  7. OG is one of my favorites! Even with some of the over-the-top acting, I still enjoyed the story and the couple. Roy Qiu has the cutest and most spot-on expressions (as does Oguri Shun). Just watching Roy’s actions and reactions is a pleasure. I was very glad to see him back and I hope his career takes off!! And, yep, that wedding kiss was also one of the best I’ve seen, way to go boyo.

    • So true! Roy and Shun have some similarities in acting styles, plus the gorgeousness doesn’t hurt them either. Roy’s career has taken off since The Daughters 3 years ago. He’s an A-lister now.

  8. Wow, you basically summarize that in a nutshell! Well, goodbye to
    OG forever and hello MR! I think I am going to like MR a lot more than OG. OG killed it for me when it got draggy near the end

  9. Ah, the pretty. What drew me to OG was their attraction, and what pulled me through was their attraction. Cute drama, though it was the pair that made me love this. Funny, I never noticed Roy resembled He Jun Xiang until the wedding photos on this page.

    I haven’t watched MR yet, though I really want to. I guess I might be one of the few who watched trailers/clips but can’t get attached to it, though it’s on my drama list for later.

    • I’ve been refuting the Qiu Zhe looks like He Jun Xiang comparisons for years, UNTIL MR when suddenly I “saw” it. Perhaps it was because they both have almost the same wardrobe and plays very very similar characters that it clicked (I’m talking about Cheng Kuan in MR and Yun Jie in SH). Roy does look like Mike in the last wedding scene in OG as well.

      • Hmm… Roy and Mike He do resemble one another slightly… but I’ve always felt that Roy was the younger, more handsome doppelganger of the old-time actor, Jiao En Jun. Roy could play his younger brother or younger self. Both incredibly good-looking. 😀

  10. I personally don’t think Roy and Mike look anything alike. But I can understand, from looking at the wedding scene where he’s smiling… maybe there could be a small resemblance, but not really at all.

    Back to OG – I actually wasn’t super into this series through the end, but I remember all of these scenes so I guess I watched a lot of it. These were really sweet moments. I’m sort of lost in his CK character in MR so I kinda forget his ZQ character. I never liked LYY much either, but those two are blowing out of the water in MR.

    Thanks for a walk down memory lane. So many walks this week – with LTM and now this. Sniff Sniff… after his drama with Rainie, I really could have cared less about QZ. I could barely muster his cdramas, and he wasn’t the lead in any of the tw dramas i saw him in. So when OG came around, I was so happy that it did well and was so cute.

  11. AWHHH. Thank you so much Miss Koala for this!!! I miss Office Girls so much and it’s cuteness and Qin Zi Qi and Shen Xing Ren and Mama Shen… and everyone and everything! As I was reading this post, all I could think off was.. MANN. Time to rewatch! But I can’t since there’s darn school work to do. But thank you for this! 🙂

  12. the reason i started watching this drama was purely coz of the spazzing of ms. koala. then i got stuck and can’t wait for the next episode. it was one of those that took awhile for the withdrawal symptoms to subside. i still miss it and will forever ship Roy and Alice. I loved the pairing. i still re-watch random episodes every now and then when i need a shot of cute.
    so, for introducing OG, i thank you, ms. koala.

  13. what can i say? I love OG. i love MR. i love RQ. I love koala’s playground. 🙂

    mike and roy.. Roy is older but he looks younger than Mike, maybe due to his small build. And although both are gorgeous, i’d say Roy has sharper features.

  14. love love love love!! Always feel like re-watching it!! Kept it in store so I can watch it when I want to 😉
    Thanks for the sum up of the love and cuteness in OG!

  15. I’m watching this drama right now! It’s my 2nd favorite drama of the year, right after Queen of SOP 🙂

    Btw, love your blog!! Keep up the great work!

  16. I finished this evening, and I don’t want to withdraw. EVER. I want more. Someone give me an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind procedure so I can watch it and thrill to it again.

    My conclusion from OG is that Qin Zi Qi/Roy is perfect and everyone else can just give up.

    OMG, Koala, thanks for the recommendation. I am almost glad I missed all the hoopla last year because zipping through it was hard. I cannot imagine having to wait all those weeks for that perfect end.

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