The Great Seer Releases Unintentionally Hilarious First Teaser

Oh boy, this is…..interesting. I think we might have an actual competition for the worst-wig-of-the-year award, when I had thought nothing could ever come close to the “thing” that rests on top of Yoo Seung Ho‘s head in Arang and the Magistrate. Sometimes when a scene comes on with the Celestial Jade Emperor I subconsciously cringe because I’m afraid his wig is actually alive and about to munch down on his pretty little noggin. So its with great amusement and horror to announce that in the just released teaser for the upcoming sageuk The Great Seer (Dae Poong Soo), the leading man Ji Sung as the titular great seer is sporting what can only be described as a permed low ponytail with curls framing his face. Not to mention his outfit appears to have gauzy wings attached to the sleeves. Buh? Can someone tell me what the costume designer was smoking? Its so inexplicably ridiculously I actually watched the teaser three times before I stopped laughing long enough to actually watch what else was going on.

In terms of content, I started laughing at him doing some sort of energy wielding Tai Chi dance, and almost died when a guy dressed like wolf boy showed up shooting an arrow. This is totally not what I envisioned or expected for this sageuk. SBS also released the poster filming video showing the four leads, and both leading ladies Kim So Yeon and Lee Yoon Ji are gorgeous and lovely beyond belief. Conversely the two leading men are not looking good at all, with Ji Sung’s hairstyle as I described already, but poor Ji Jin Hee looks like an alien life form in the shape of a horrible beard crawled its way up his chin and attached itself there. Between Ji Sung’s wig and Ji Jin Hee’s beard, I think this drama should be about aliens attacking ancient Korea disguised in the form of bad follicle growths. This is sorta depressing from a visual expectation level, but it’s too early to write off the drama yet since the teaser doesn’t reveal a lick of story, only revealing that the stylists in this drama are sadly all blind.

First teaser for The Great Seer:

Poster shooting:


The Great Seer Releases Unintentionally Hilarious First Teaser — 29 Comments

  1. Koala,

    Just reading your description has made me LOL. It just seems to hilarious. Now I’m off to watch the actual video and compare your descriptive writing to the visuals. 🙂

  2. LMAO!

    Why they can’t afford a good wig? I really don’t get it.

    I get he has a messy hair, but can’t him have a messy hair like Chuno guys had?

    PLus all I was thinking is ”Damo waterfall!!!!”

  3. Uhm, yeah, I’m seconding the interpretive dance. All we’re missing is the bad poetry and the random characters leaping across the stage in the background while holding strange poses. No, wait, we got that too. Clearly the show is ready for its off-off-off-broadway debut.

  4. I think ji sung still looks nice with the wig if he jus stand still for a minute …without all “ohh i am soo hot and sweaty with all my wet curly hair lashing my face” LOL
    still lookin forward to the drama.. Ji hee looks aweful with the beard…yuck take it off now!!! ;(

  5. I’m really hoping that’s not an actual costume from the drama itself. Crossing my fingers that it’s promo only!

    The hair and beard? I have no words. But I still think Yoo Seung Ho’s is worse. This comes as a close 2nd.

  6. LOL
    They don’t see to get JS’s hair right in a lot of shows.
    His Kim Sooro wig looked really fake, too.
    It’s almost like they think we won’t notice his perfect teeth if they put messy hair around his perfect face.

    We are learning how difficult it is to get this fantasy/fusion/saguek romance thing right, right?

    Faith and Arang struggle with little and big editing and plot issues.
    Dr. Jin completely failed on all levels.

    If only there were one show that these PDs and writers could learn from…If only someone got it right…If only one drama figured out that tight writing, editing, directing and music could make an unforgettable show…OH, that’s right! Queen In-Hyun’s Man.

    You get the feeling that making one of these shows starts with everyone jumping blindly into cars in a roller coaster.
    While they are on the ride, they’re discussing the plot, wardrobe, cast, screaming over the noise and trying to be heard three cars back.
    THAT’s the calm stage of the process. Once in production, add a car or three, throw the actors into them, and begin filming!!
    Never, does it seem, do people take a breath to THINK things through. It’s all pelmelmel, hurdling forward. Momentum forcing them to stick with bad choices. Cast and crew getting less inspired as exhaustion sets in.
    How they make it out alive is a miracle, let alone how they finish 16 or 20 coherent episodes. It’s all crazy there in K-drama land.

    • This can’t be worse then Jin and MrsK watched 10 eps, so I think she’s gonna secretly watch this too…hahah. As for wig, still Jade is on the lead. I think I’m gonna check this out, I really like JSung’s acting.

  7. That ain’t that bad. YSH’s god of heaven hair is a 100x worse in my opinion. And it doesn’t get any better no matter how they style it.

    At least JS’s is tolerable. I thought KSY’s hair made her look a bit stern but maybe her character warrants it.

  8. the teaser doesn’t reveal a lick of story, only revealing that the stylists in this drama are sadly all blind.
    That’s a shame for a drama named “The great seer” and an awful lack of insight. ^_^

  9. Sorry but I think Jade’s hair is still 100x worse. And he didn’t look too bad with it tied back for the photo shoot video. But what is up with the balleria like movement?

  10. Wow… I will be watching this for ji Jim hee but that beard does look quite horrible on him. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will fix it later or maybe they just don’t really want to make him all that good looking since ji sung is the lead. Ji sung … Well I still think he lOoks good but he could look a lot hotter.

    All I am hoping for is good story and good acting.

    • “All I am hoping for is good story and good acting.”

      Ditto. And i think i have confidence and huge expectation for the cast being so promising.

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