Missing You Holds Press Conference and Releases 5-minute Trailer

As the sage Tony Stark once said, and I’ll gift his acute observation now to Yoon Eun Hye, “Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?” Though it also looks like the fabric from a sofa, so points for having multiple resemblances. The cast of MBC’s upcoming Thurs drama Missing You (I Miss You) gathered for a press conference this week in advance of the drama’s premiere next Wednesday. In what looks like a not-too-shabby DIY outfit, Yoon Eun Hye the fashionista rocked a cap-sleeved flower print shirred-front sheath dress that looked like she took off the curtains from her parent’s home and sewed herself a dress. It’s so far below Eun Hye’s normally standard of dressing I’m rather bemused she showed up in that. Her leading man Yoochun wisely went with all black, but am I imagining things or did he put on a few pounds because his face is strangely chubbier. I have no problems with fattening up the normally emaciated K-actors and actresses so don’t assume I’m doing anything more than affectionately poking Chun’s chipmunk cheeks. Yoo Seung Ho also borrowed something from his parents to wear, but instead of using household items he just went through his dad’s closet and unearthed that fugly suit. He still looks like a kid who brought his noona to his high school prom, but they took so cute together I haven’t the heart to tell him to invite girls his own age. Poor second female lead Jang Mi In Ae has been getting netizen flack for publishing seksi pictures of herself in the past and then daring to sully this drama with her unpure imagine. *rolls my eyes at the crazies* I can’t say MY hasn’t seemed like a trainwreck from the get go but I hope this is the end of all the controversies and blips and the drama can finally air next week to everyone’s relief.

I swear I still have no clue what the hell is going on in this drama plotwise. It’s way too complicated with the murdering dad, screaming mom, angry dads, guilt-ridden cops, mopey girl, kidnapped boy, gimpy baby boy, and the love illuminated by street light which can never be.

Missing You 5-minute trailer (English-subbed):


Missing You Holds Press Conference and Releases 5-minute Trailer — 87 Comments

  1. I think the reason it’s so confusing it’s because they had nothing to show for the adult part of the drama since I doubt they shot more than promo pictures so far. So the trailer ends up looking like someone put it together while eating pizza at their desk.

    I too got no idea as to what is going on in this 5 minute trailer.

  2. I think that’s why he wore black to hide the little x-t lbs, I hope he loses them cus the camara “does” add x-tr lbs. Oh well, I’m still crazy about that bottom lip of his :]

    • Yoochun looks mighty fine to me and emaciated actors have no appeal to me ’cause who wants to watch skin and bones? Dramas set unrealistic standards for the world and although that may be part of their popularity, it’s refreshing to see people go against stereotype. YC is no longer an “idol” only, so I’m glad to watch him grow into an ahjussi. 🙂

    • Nah, I don’t think he gained weight at all, his face that day is just bloated plus the turtleneck didn’t really help at all. Read somewhere in soompi that he actually needed to shed off some weight, or atleast maintain a strict diet to make his face look slimmer, for the sake of the hairstyle. Sigh. As if he has any more pounds to shed off, poor guy’s always been lanky. I guess all the fat goes directly to his face, hence the chubby cheeks and that plump lower lip. LOL.

  3. nonetheless, she looks good in it. 🙂

    i agree with you, my chunnie seems to have gotten a tinnie bit extra weight on him. but handsome as evah.

    thanks for the post koala sis. 🙂

  4. I like the dress…. I have a few with flower patterns too, and I love them…. And I agree, the story is complicated that I have no idea what is going on besides that they haven’t seen each other for years.

    Can’t wait for the drama!!

  5. But the veteran casts are among the best of Korea I guess. I would probably watch it just to see Yoon Eun Hye’s drama parents act. I love those two actors.

      • Oh, you’re right.. The veteran casts looks very promising.
        Jun Kwang Ryul(detective) is one of my favorite ahjussi actor 😀
        Too bad it’s only a cameo appearance.

  6. Actually I like YEH dress. its flatter her skin tone and her figure. But man , she look tired even before the drama started *looking at her baggy eyes. I cant imagine how she will look like when the actual filming start and the crying galore hits her role …

    PYC look chubby because his turtle neck shirt I guess. It shorten his neck and that haircut make his chubby chick even plumpy. But I still like him … acting wise.

    YSH what can I say … this kid always get a role that doesn’t match his age. But so far I like his role as an adult compare to the role that match to his age.
    I can never finish his Operational Proposal and God of Study. I simply dont like it.
    I dont know … maybe he play well as an adult compare to the one that suit his age. Or maybe he need to pick a good script when he wanted to play a role that suit to his age.

    • I love the cut, but the print was meh. Wuri Eun Hye managed to pull it off though. Put that dress on another actress with no fashionista cred and she’ll end up looking like a sofa.

    • Totally! She looked great! But she was wearing curtains. I’m not sure why people have to insist just because she managed to pull it off the print wasn’t straight from the fabric store of a curtain shop. She could have gone with an ochre satin with graded color changes in shades of amber and rose and it would have illuminated the Autumnal feel without looking like she melded with her family drapery before she left the house.

      • Am totally biased that despite being in her grandma’s drapes, she looks fantastic. She manage to project this feminine touch. She is in a league of her own in terms having a hot bod. shall wish for her bod in the next lifetime.. he he


  7. Dis is gonna b one crazy melo…not my fav genre, hate all d crying. The only time I cried like an idiot was while watching 49 days. But am soo gonna watch this.

  8. Thank you for the update. This looks a lot darker then Can you hear my heart. And very confusing.
    So her dad killed someone , she is called 27 , he is only one to call her name, she is outcast , he falls in love with outcast, he gets kidnapped bc he is rich, some random dude in clip with cane next to dead guy ( I know not random ). Then adults pop up and YEH has blond hair but now it’s brown?.?
    This is why I hate trailers before they film.
    The May Queen trailer – the adult scenes were made up, never happened in show.

  9. She always looks beautiful to me.

    This will be the first melodrama for me. I usually avoid teary angsty drama. But then YEH, not to mention PYC and YSH, three of them in the same drama. That will be feast to my eyes.

    For YEH’s sake, I wish this drama is doing great.

  10. I love yoon eun hye and want to give this drama a shot, but i really can’t because i think i’ve given all of my love to Nice Guy already…lol…sorry Missing You

  11. Loved…loved….loved YEH’s dress! Matter of style, right? And more importantly, she was able to pull it off as usual!!! Thanks for acknowledging their chemistry on screen, koala!

  12. ohh guns are involved :O
    This is interesting but still confused on the plot + trailer

    and YEH come on you could wear something better than that :/

  13. as always YEH looks good in everything she wears…even ruggs will looked good on her coz she has beautiful figure to die for….can’t wait to see her new drama thu I’m not fun of mellow drama I will endure it for the sake of YEH

  14. Guess I am the minority, I really hate that ‘sofa / curtain pattern’ dress…and poor YEH looks so tired compared to JMAI wh

  15. JMAI who looks more radiant and modern in her black dress. I loved JMAI in Dear My Sister. Don’t get me wrong I am a YEH fangirl but just don’t get why she keeps choosing the wrong projects cos this one looks like a dud like the rest of her choices post Coffee Prince! *sighs*

    • I never failed all of her drama. Just curious are you really her fan???
      One more thing this drama doesn’t air yet you said it’s her wrong project.
      Sighs! boring fake fan.

  16. For those who wonder why yoochun looks chubbier… Yoochun actually sometimes looks fatter (mainly his face) due to constantly taking steroid for his asthma condition. He has quite serious asthma. This is a fact shared among yc fans and fancams of him asking for puffer in the middle of fanmeet or concert could be found online too.

  17. Yoo Eun Hye looks so tired here, like she just pulled an all-nighter filming. I actually think she looks amazing in the dress; the cut is so flattering and the little folds add some dimension to the outfit. Jang Mi In Ae has a pretty agreeable face to me (i.e. not the typical bitchy sort of pretty that second leads usually have) so I’m looking forward to the kind of character she will portray. Hoping, praying that it is not the typical two-dimensional second female lead.

    • I think that they were filming in the cold right before they came to the presscon location, or at least Yoochun…. And Yoon Eun Hye and Yoochun were also not feeling well the day of the presscon…

  18. Oh… there you are again ckoala…but i disagree with ur thoughts on YEH’s dress…her curvacios body exmplifies the dress… it suits pretty well on her. On Yoochun’s suit, i must say that he really gained weight and his suit only added xtra lbs on his face. And for YSH, it would be better if he just wore the sleeves inside that silver suit… the 5 minute teaser somehow gave me ideas on what to expect with the show… but id rather keep it to myself till its 1st airing.

    • totally agree with you here.Let us watch the drama first and reserve our judgement later. No need to pass look down on a story we have to see yet.

  19. May I say that trainwreck or not the trailer at least looks so pretty, at least the cinematography is beautiful with this nostalgic tinged to it.

  20. She can do both the tomboy and the sexy goddess. I think it’s good YC put on some weight. It gives him stature otherwise YEH’s statuesque figure would overwhelm him. I don’t find him that good looking but he has a certain something that is very appealing. I also like the way he dances…..more relaxed and effortless than J and J.

  21. The dress works because of the cut and the silhouette. I like when she bares her shoulders and beautiful swan neck and the long legs otherwise her broad sloping shoulders can make her seem a bit masculine. The shoes are perfect and the hair too. This girl knows what works for her and she gets it right most of the time.The broad shoulders and hips are perfectly balanced by the long arms and legs and make her waist look tiny. She’s got an amazing figure. Not girlish and skinny . Very womanly and voluptuous. And those big pillowy lips and huge eyes.

  22. Thanks for this.

    Ya know, watching this trailer may have changed my mind about what to expect.
    Murder and secrets and explosions, oh my!
    I especially like the mystery and threatening characters.

    Can they pull off a TBDaW feeling, which is dark dark but not damply weepy? Sure, there wasnt’ a lot of cheerful in that either, but I ate it up like-a-thing-that-I-really-like-to-eat-a-lot-of…Caramel candy apples?

  23. I think that YEH looks lovely. Her dress matches the colors of autumn
    and it really does wonders for her figure. She looks sexyy 😀

    I really can’t wait to watch this drama <3

  24. I think her dress looks okay, not what I would like to wear but not bad on her either…the video, though, already made me feel emotionally exhausted. Is that possible? No? I will watch it though to give it the benefit of the doubt. the cinematography is pretty, and I always have a soft spot for melodramas, especially when done right…felt neutral towards the casts…so far, nothing hurts quite as good as NG and I’m sorry I love you…so ‘Missing you’, fighting!!

  25. I think her dress is okay too. The cut and style fits her to a tee. The print… it could be that it looks better in reality than in pictures. at first glance, it made her look matronly but now that I can see the design to her dress it’s modern styled only the print makes it look outdated. Yoo Seung Ho’s face is just soo small. baby boy is just too cute. I will be checking this drama out… hopefully it doesn’t disappoint. *crosses fingers*

    • I just looked at him between her and MY, and he is such a puppy!

      What a difference there is between candid YSH and acting YSH.

      YEH doesn’t necessarily look older by comparison, but MY does.

  26. Okay dress aside…she looks SO tired. That close up of her face…not good YEH. Get more sleep! Push the premiere date back, even though you already have. I want a quality drama for YEH, not something they concoct at the last second and hope will float because of the famous actors in it.

  27. Even though Yoon Eun Hye looks tired. She’s already working her chemistry magic on Yoochun. Look at the picture where she’s looking back at Yoochun. She’s all playfully getting him to follow her and he’s going for it too! Even if the drama sucks I think the dynamic between the actors will be hot (sometimes that’s all it takes for me– Lie to Me anyone? No? Okay).

    My dream chemistry combo would definitely be Joe Cheng and Yoon Eun Hye. If that happened it would equal an incendiary time for us all. That could happen right? K-actors are known to do small stints in Taiwan for the right project. Please dramaworld, make that happen!

  28. Regardless of her questionable dress choice, I love the way she carries herself & her poise. She looks regal, like princess. Sorry for being shallow 😉
    Didn’t I mention how I love the way she walk ?? 😛

  29. That household dress will cost me how many weeks saving…

    YEH looks beautiful with Dolce & Gabbana with Silk charmeuse capsleeve square neck dress in floral tapestry print with ruching and hidden back zip. 40″ length. Available in Tan. Made in Italy. Silk. Dry clean…Cost $2,475 at Barney NY.

    • Oh thank you for finding the dress! I thought it looked familiar. It’s from the 2013 Winter Baroque line, and the same fabric went into pants (even more hideous) and thigh high boots as well (strippers would say no as well). Better than my sofa and curtains resemblance, it’s definitely a tapestry print. LOL, did Domenico and Stefano raid their Italian chateau for that bit of fabric? Cute. If YEH wants to go D&C she should have picked their exquisite 2013 Winter Collection black lace mid-sleeve curved sheath dress from the Sicily line. If YEH wore that, temperatures would rise.

  30. wether its from a fabric from a sofa or from the collection of fashion gurus「 it doesnt diminish the fact that yoon hye looks good on that dress.everyone has an opinion about her dress but i think the majority loved it.even high fashion models and famous hollywood celebs commits fashion nightmare.as far as i know YEH is a fashion icon and usually creates her own fashion trend.she doesnt care qhat people say.just like what she said in one intervieq people doesnt allow her to make mistakes.why cant we be a little lenient towards her and allow her to show what she got wether it be in acting or in her style of dressing.spread the love.encourage positivity towards this drama and support them.peace .

  31. Ms koala are you really for YEH? Hehehe….though whom you criticized is the fashion designer of D&G..Even if from your view it”s a sofa fabric damn that fabric but YEH wearing it and matching it with Jimmy Choo pumps pulled it off …I am a KJH /YEH fan but I will support this drama bcoz of YEH…IMY Fighting!

  32. Okay, calm down people. If Eun Hye showed up wearing a tailored potato sack designed by Chanel and I pointed out that she was, yunno, wearing a potato sack, albeit one that LOOKED GOOD ON HER, that does not mean I am (1) anti-YEH, (2) not supporting my girl, (3) being harsh on her.

    I said the D&G dress looked like the pattern from a sofa or a curtain. Which it does. Period. High fashion does stuff like that, like that year Prada decided to deck people out looking like little ponies. Just because something is made by a fashion designer does not automatically mean it looks good or is in good taste.

    That particular dress looked good on her, but the dress itself isn’t very pretty because the fabric is not only old-fashioned, its too busy and distracts from the shirred front and the gathered waist.

    I’m rather stunned that observations of fact (her dress fabric is in fact the same as found in seating or drapery) is construed as criticism (that I somehow don’t think she’s pretty in it or what not). When did the world become like that when it came to favorite entertainers? I’m really surprised actually. It’s a sad state of affairs these days.

    • Because you have been overly critical with her you know… it felt like you’ve been maligning an actress so many loved and before I forget, you confessed to adore too. Oh well, this is your blog and you will condemn who you’ll like to condemn and praise who you’d like to praise. Who are we anyway? Just lowly readers who help brought in traffic to your site and if truth be told could help bring in more traffic by word of mouth if pleased.

      It is a fact that YEH was dressed up in a drapery/tapestry clothing made by temperamental designers who’ve conceptualize that it may look good on people not only walls or furnitures. It maybe a bad decision on the fashionista YEH we all know, but d***n she still look good in it! Do tell your opinion once, we’re okay with it you’re entitled to it after all. But, keep on dragging it down and your making that artist look like a clown. Would you like that to happen with you if you were in her place?

      • I think Koala has been expressing the same opinion about the dress this whole time; it looks like a sofa, but she looks good in it. (Similar to what you said in your statement). She keeps repeating it, because people keep accusing her of being an anti-YEH fan. Anyone who has read this blog, would know that that is far from the truth. When Lie to Me got no coverage on DramaBeans, she was our go to source. Koala also has blogged about YEH’s other news, even though she hasn’t had a drama in a year and a half. Her reaction is probably due to the fact that these accusations are upsetting to her. I think a key point in your statement is what would you do in YEH’s position? My question is what would you do in Koala’s position?
        If you feel like her criticisms of YEH’s fashion do not have any weight, then just dismiss it. Your defense of YEH is on the verge of crossing into an attack on Koala. Koala’s comments are harmless. I think the best case scenario would be for you to create your own blog that is positive for YEH, to combat what you feel are negative messages. I would be excited to read it.

        This atmosphere is not making it better for YEH’s fans. It’s just Koala’s opinion, she is not trying to present them as facts. Koala is a good blogger and we are fortunate to have her support YEH. (This is not a YEH blog, it’s Koala’s.) I would like to see her continue to blog on IMY because she has some keen insight into Kdramas. Not that many people have the ability to express that insight and are willing to do the work that it takes to blog about it. Moreover, I would not want her to feel reluctant to blog on IMY because she is wary to express her opinion. If ever I don’t like her opinion, I will just walk away. The strongest statement anyone of us can make.
        Signed a YEH fan that is Koala Dependant

  33. no offense ms ockoala,but by posting a picture of a sofa is in a way a form of criticism.what good will come out in posting a picture of a sofa? we all know what a sofa is, you dont have to do that to prove your point.we got it, you dont like the dress, period.we all have different taste.We are fans and if we think it looks good on her, it shouldnt bother anyone. We are not fashion critics her, we simply want a good drama from our favorite,we can argue endlessly about her dress but it will not gain anything for the drama.so i guess lets just move on. As for me, i will patiently wait for the drama to be aired.

    • Obviously you don’t read my posts or follow my blog, because I am known to be irreverent and snarky. Don’t take it so personal for your fave actors or actresses. Once again, this is my blog, I can splice a picture of Eun Hye in that dress next to a sofa for all I want.

  34. First of all, flower patterns are the very latest in the fashion world. We get our ideas about colors and patterns from nature, not from couches. YEH is one of the few people who can wear a dress like that…. and look nothing but cool. Everyone else wore black which was boring. I say give that girl a high five, she does her own thing and is a trend setter. She also is one smart cookie if you think about it, and I did.

    I to thought this was way to harsh a blog about YEH. You either are a fan of hers or you are not. Being a fan doesn’t mean you won’t notice things you dislike but YEH is trying to promote a new drama and needs all the help she can get. If you are nervous then wait see and if you don’t like the drama then do your thing and tell us why. But to make fun of her now is not in her best interest.

    • I don’t know what kind of “fan” you think people need to be. If I like a certain actor or actress, I follow their projects and their career and I critique the projects on their face (good, bad, silly, I love it, I hate it, etc.). That is my (and everyone I know) definition of being a fan.

      I’m not going to censor what I say for YEH’s “best interest”, whatever it is. LOL, this is my tiny blog, where I am silly and have fun and share drama stuff. How could I possibly do anything to help or hurt her new drama? Seriously?

      Missing You will air in Korea, get its domestic ratings there, be watched by Korean viewers and critics there, be written about in the K-news and the portals there. That is the extent of it.

      The day what I say or don’t say about a K-actor has even a shred of influence of their career, please tell me because I will think pigs are flying and start preparing for the inevitable apocalypse.

      P.S. I understand head-to-toe floral is in for Fall 2012/Winter 2013. What is latest and hot in the fashion world doesn’t mean something actually looks good. I observed her print coming from the print that usually is used in unholstery and drapery. If designers are using it this Season in their clothes, it neither changes its origin or makes it automatically pretty.

  35. I guess the second leads will be wreaking havoc until the last episode…..

    Honestly, she’s va-va-voom and he was so skinny (at least in RP) so I hope they layer his clothing if he has not built up any mass.

  36. You are hilarious.
    I just rewatched Avengers last night on netflix, once again hearing his famous line “Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?”
    And each time is just as funny as the last.
    And my absoulte favorite is Thor.

    And jeez, let the loyal fans get all offensive about this post.
    Seriously guys, take every blogger’s thoughts with a grain of salt. Don’t take things in life so seriously all the time.
    If you looked at koala’s past posts you’d know that yoon eun hye is one of her favorite k-actresses.
    Plus, stop living in that bubble where everything is all peachy. The cut on that dress does wonders to flatter her body. The fact is, even a 5 year old would point out that it looks like the print came from curtains. This is the reality of it. Live with it. It’s not the end of the world.

    • Thank you. I don’t know how hard it is to read exactly what I wrote – the dress came from fabric normally used in sofas and curtains, but the high fashion cut and YEH’s gorgeous form made it look good on her. How in the world did I make fun of her by pointing that out? I do not compute. And it wasn’t even her! I said my baby boy Yoo Seung Ho was wearing his dad’s suit. Which he was. I don’t see Seung Ho fans jumping down my throat. And now YEH fans are starting to freak me out…. It’s not worth dealing with inexplicable comments just to keep writing about this drama that I’m following.

      • YEH fan here. I just wanted to say that I do truly appreciate your blog, because it is one of the few that has a Korean and Taiwanese focus. (HaHa the other person up there made me pause when she mentioned a Joe Cheng/YEH project, almost as good of an idea as your Hyun Bin/YEH project). I just wanted to say keep up the good work. I never thought your jokes were nasty, more in-kind. YEH fans can take it, whether we think the fabric looks like a sofa or not. (I think it looks like a sofa. However, it is a sofa I would want to wear! I also want to rock a members only jacket, so YSH’s look also works for me in its own way.)

        To other YEH fans, please don’t ruin our potential gift of good Koala re-caps for I Miss You. I will not be watching the drama while it airs, cause I just I don’t think I can live with a heart full of sorrow from week to week. 10 weeks of sorrow at minimum. (I want to have a Happy Christmas!).

  37. I am YEH fan but I am not offended at all at ockoala’s comments.I don’t have any doubt that one of her favorite is YEH.In fact that the reason why I always check this site hoping that she has some news about YEH.So guys pls.don’t be to harsh to ockoala if she wanted to voice out her opinions anyway this is her blog and we are lucky enough that one of her favorite is our favorite as well.

  38. chill guys.. i think we all can agree that yoon eun hye pulled that dress off very nicely.she looked great in it.

    i think the blogger is just talking about the print of the dress and where she thought it came from. also she said yeh rocked it.

    since people here are talking about dresses..how about the dress yeh wore 3hrs later when she attended another event? coz she rocked it too.

  39. Oh, I am so ready for this!! Here is a fan made “promo”, can’t wait to see them let it all out! 🙂

    Btw, her dress is alright, but why the hell did she wear black nylon tights to this dress?? It was a bad match.

    People face becomes chubby when they are tired. They both look very tired, except Yoo Seung Ho, which is so strange because he just finished filming Arang and the Magistrate. :O

  40. Why many fans of YEH feels a little offended by Koala writing about her dress maybe due to YEH one of the Korean artist that has a lot of antis (which i don’t know why?). sometimes there are some antis disguise as a Fans but maybe he/she want to make one of each other mistake and make other who sees feels like YEH fans so annoying..but the truly YEH fans not like that, i know it..And as you all know there is one blog that is a place like heaven for YEH antis that always bashing her… but we know that koalas not like, she’s one of that blog always support YEH, maybe just now that we not in the same thought about her dress but it’s okay every one have there own comment..

    but for IMY it’s up to Koalas do she want to recap it or not, we can’t not pushed her..i just wish she want to recap it like LTM even the story not good but she still recap it.. but for IMY i don’t know, only god know maybe:D

  41. Seriously?! Aish!!
    I just really hope that koala won’t recap this drama. I just don’t feel the positive aura or objective insights with her write-ups regarding Missing You. However, I doubt she will do that since her faves YEH&YSH are there & her articles about the drama were all hit among readers&commenters. Recap from Dramabeans will be enough for us.
    Thank you!…

  42. I will preface my remark by saying, I do enjoy your site. I respect your rights to your opinion and you correct, this is your blog and just as it is your right to critique any actor or drama you choose, you have given us the right to comment about your comments. I misunderstood your site here, I thought you were totally behind YEH, that is what attracted me here, in the first place. I know this young lady is not perfect, but she is out there trying to make a name for herself… her fan base helps support her and gives her the impetus to work hard and do her very best. A large fan base also makes an actor more marketable, numbers are the name of the game with the people who control the entertainment field.

    I have never been, what you call a fan before so I don’t know what all that entails? I am proud of the young people on this site who want to be part of a group which supports this fine actress. In my opinion they have chosen well.

    I came to this site in the first place, mistakenly I guess, because I thought this was a YEH fan site. I’m sorry for the confusion. There are many sites out there who critique dramas I was drawn here because of YEH.

    Since the drama hasn’t been released as yet, in my opinion, critiquing it now… in an unfavorable light isn’t productive at all. As far as her dress is concerned, what she wears has absolutely nothing to do with whether she can act or not. Again in my opinion, and I’m probably being old fashioned, dissing someone’s outfit isn’t funny that was a negative remark about her… because she chose the outfit. Finding a healthy relatively sane group to join is not always that easy to find. I for one have found your comments about this drama, YEH’s decision to be the lead in this drama and now her attire annoying. I wish you no disrespect I’m just expressing my opinion. I will go find another group, I have no allusions that you will care if you lose a fan of YEH or not. Have a good life.

    • I find it really interesting how SK uses “fans” to their idolatrous industries advantage.

      Here in the US that’s an anomaly and one that is NOT favorably looked upon as we respect individualism and making one’s own way. This is East meeting West where there will be no compromise because we are taught to value things differently, like individual space or opinions about things. We are more free-spirited in the US.

      You have a good life as well and make sure to stay clear of “sites” that choose to remain free of the ANY entertainment-industry’s mark.

  43. Here I am being late reading your Blog, I mean news related to YEH .. I know it’s kind of late to still be commenting here but I JUST WANT TO TELL OCKOALA THAT I AM ACTUALLY THANKFUL TO YOU FOR HAVING YEH AS ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE ACTRESS 😀 You have seen almost any drama and known many actress yet YOON EUN HYE is one of your favorite. THAT SIMPLY MEANS, SHE’S ONE OF THE BEST, RIGHT ??

    I am also one of those who are here because you like our YEH especially because even though LTM suck you still gave it a go.

    I KNOW OCKOALA IS A MATURE AND CRITICAL PERSON. THEREFORE, YOU WON’T GENERALIZE YEH’S FAN AS SOMETHING LIKE THOSE 🙂 hope you won’t like YEH less because of fans comments.. We, true YEH fans, are careful with our actions for the sake of our beloved.


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