Drama Go Go Go with Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang and Lin Geng Xin Premieres Early November

I love that my readers (i.e. fellow drama kindred spirits) have such diverse tastes. Whenever I post about a drama, I always find someone revealing a hidden bias or sharing a fangirly side when it comes to certain actors or actresses that isn’t my personal fave and opening my eyes up. When I posted a few months ago about the upcoming C-drama called Drama Go Go Go starring Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang, and Lin Geng Xin, I heard from everyone exclaiming about how cute the previews and stills looked. I completely agree. Despite never (ever) liking Ruby Lin, I really really liked what I saw of her in the preview. I even had a chat with my sister (the real one, not all my imaginary sisters) who feels the same way about Ruby (her Princess Returning Pearl made us both roll our eyes and it was downhill ever since), and we both exclaimed “she’s really charming here!?!?” See! I can change my mind and not be afraid of admitting it. I still can’t predict whether the drama as a whole will be any good, but now I totally want to watch it.

I’m indifferent to Jiro 2.0 (I loved original flavor awkward looking Jiro from It Started with a Kiss days but the newly surgeonized version of him just looks so plastic and I’m sad about that), but I sense some stellar chemistry between him and Ruby. The story revolves around a frumpy screenwriter played by Ruby who is a fangirl of Jiro’s character, one-half of an over-the-hill idol duo. She gets him cast as the lead of her drama but his terrible acting almost gets him fired. To keep his job, he tries to seduce her and they end up really falling in love. Lin Geng Xin plays the son of Ruby’s writing mentor and he grew up with her always around. Finally, Hu Bing plays a man who greatly admires Ruby and swoops in after her relationship with Jiro starts to crack. The drama will be airing weekends on Hunan TV starting November 3rd, following the conclusion of Nicky Wu‘s remake of Bride with White Hair (which is so godawful I simply have no words other than “my eyes, my eyes, oh the horror!”). As for DGGG, it looks awesome so check out the English-subbed long trailer below.

17 minute long preview for Drama Go Go Go (English-subbed)!:


Drama Go Go Go with Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang and Lin Geng Xin Premieres Early November — 29 Comments

  1. I really wish Jiro did not get that surgery. To me, he looked much better before. But ehh, I love him anyway!

    And I do like Ruby a lot so I was predisposed to like this even before I saw that awesome awesome trailer.

    Thank you, Koala!

  2. Thanks – I needed some good news to counter my black black mood of Nice Guy…
    Oh, yes, I will watch my 14! He looks even younger, if that is possible with hairs. I doubt that growing up with her always around equates to him getting the girl, but that’s OK.

    Please nice smart people of the world, sub this!

  3. Hmmm… I don’t think plastic surgery has anything to do with Jiro’s new look, to be honest. It’s been almost 10 years since ISWAK, of course he looks different. Ariel nowadays doesn’t look anything like the “Xiang Qin” we knew. She’s matured into quite a beautiful woman. Ella… wow. Could she be any different from her The Rose/ Hana Kimi days? But I digress… I think that what happened to Jiro is that he started working out quite a lot in the last couple of years. His body has changed. He matured and lost that naughty/boyish look he had before. And he also put on some weight (which makes me happy because I used to think he was way too skinny before). He looks healthier and stronger now.
    I don’t know. Jiro’s always been one of my taiwanese bias, and I’ve been following his growth closely for some years now. I can see he’s changed and I can see why people would think he got some work done on his face, but I really don’t believe it.

    Anyway, can’t wait for this drama! I’m loving Jiro and Ruby’s constant flirting on their personal weibos lol And I’m also looking forward to Hu Bing’s performance. He’s a real charmer 😉

    • His nose looks different to me though 🙁

      It’s his body/face to do with what he wishes and I like him either way, but I really liked his earlier look better…

    • Jiro and Aaron both had plastic surgery, and a lot of it, about 2 years ago. I like them both, but it would be foolish to deny the knife work and just claim they grew up.

      Problem I have with Jiro is that I thought he looked better before!

      Whereas with Aaron, I’m cool with his massive PS because new Aaron looks much hotter to me.

      If I had a say, I would tell both guys NOT to do it, but its their face and they can do whatever and I am not going to judge. I will, however, give my opinion on whether they look better or worse. Jiro lost his uniqueness to me, and looks like he’s trying way to hard to become Wu Zun.

      • Agree 100%!! He looked better before. Now he’s just o__O
        I wanna see the drama but tinkered faces distracted me like none other!! And when it turns out like this, sometimes I just have to pass.
        Go Go Go FTW!!

      • 1st pic of Aaron looks like Lee Min Ho II (Moon That Embraces the Sun)
        2nd pic of Aaron looks like Noh Min Woo

        PS Verdict: I think Noh Min Woo is hot. I can’t complain that there are two of him now.

      • lol No wonder. I actually don’t notice the big difference with Jiro. Probably because I don’t look at him that much. I’m probably a part of the minority because I think he looks pretty good now. BUT for Aaron, he looks so much handsomer! Was good looking before still of course. I really actually thought he grew up. Very foolish of me considering he was 20 when I first noticed him. He kinda looks like Joe Cheng now too. haha

  4. Purely going to watch this for Lin Geng Xin LOL. Finished watching Bu Bu Jing Xin yesterday & I loved it to pieces, especially 14th Prince *sigh* – Bonus seeing Jiro Wang is in the show as well (Haven’t watched a drama of his in a long time.) Bring on Nov 3rd ^^~

  5. I watched the trailer for the second time a few days ago.. Remembered that I liked it very much the first time when it was released. Hope it’s not disappointing..

  6. I never liked ruby either (allergic?), but this one made me want to watch since news of it came out. Im more scared about watching jiro because i like all the other Guys more.

  7. what the hell happened to Jiro nose, he was so cute and my bias but he looks like his face got hit and his nose went sideways. I still love him, but I always feel sad when actors and actress with unique looks change their face to meet what is consider the norm of beauty.

  8. Lin Geng Xin <3 Gah this guy needs to appear on tv in modern garb more often, i'm watching him in Xuan Yuan, the historical attire does not do him justice.

      • OK after the vid I gotta say Ruby is the least of my worries (very pretty btw – still looks the same since I last saw her in Pearl Princess). I wished I never knew Jiro so I wouldn’t be as distracted by The Nose.

  9. Ok, I will have to check this one out if it gets subbed on Dramacrazy. It had me laughing at the guys interactions.

    Yeah, I started PRP too, but the subbing was so slow that I dropped it. I wonder who she ended up with. I liked both guys for her, but was leaning for the “older brother”.


  10. I just watched the first 2 episodes, and ruby’s character is SO much better than her princess returning pearl’s zhi wei (dunno if i spelled that right :/). thank goodness. i thought it was pretty cute, but idk who to ship! she looks awfully cute with 14, but i know i shouldn’t be on that ship cuz it’s bound to sink… 🙁 has anyone else watched it yet?

  11. Hi Koala, been reading your blog for a while but posting for the first time. Your comment above suggests you have watched Nicky Wu‘s remake of Bride with White Hair and I have it on my “to watch” list but am having 2nd thoughts after you passing comment about how awful it was…..Are you planning to write a blog about what was so horrible about it? thanks 🙂

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