Written and Video Preview for Episode 18 of Miss Rose

Never fear, I haven’t quietly dropped Miss Rose! I’m just woefully behind on recapping and I need to spank myself to get back on track. Sorry to those few fans of this drama who love it as much as I do. The TW-dramas that tend to get more love are the ones that are closest to K-dramas in terms of the angst and the narrative beats, such as Fated to Love You or Autumn’s Concerto. I did enjoy watching those, but to me they are really not much different than a K-drama counterpart and I get enough of those. What I love about some TW-dramas is how refreshingly simple it makes things. None of the sturm and drang, none of the making things a big deal or complicating an issue by piling on. MR follows that playbook and so far all of the little issues between Cheng Kuan and Si Yi have been resolved quickly and without any fuss. As it should be since we can watch narrative dramatics without needing to check our logic at the door. I think MR continues to be adorable and my love for the OTP of Cheng Kuan and Si Yi remains ever strong. What’s hard to watch is seeing the drama starting to get dragged out, and since I read the news it’s clear why this is happening. MR’s followup drama Replacement Princess cannot find its leading lady so MR cannot start winding down if SETTV can’t start filming RP. If I am SETTV, I will go throw gold bricks at Rainie Yang‘s window and serenade her until she agrees to do it. There is no other high-profile TW-actress who is currently available that has Rainie’s oomph and audience appeal. If they are even smarter, they will place a call to Joseph Chang as well and reunite them to save their Sunday nights. So until RP gets cast, MR will have to hold down and fort, and I vow to stay with it come hell or high water. It’s not the drama’s fault that it has to get extended so as long as I enjoy watching the main leads onscreen then it’s a drama worth following.

Written preview for episode 18:

One word from President Jiang and its caused more turmoil between Miss Screw and Kuan Kuan. Si Yi puts pedal to the metal and speeds off. Cheng Kuan rushes after his grilfriend and follows. On the road the two of them race, one chasing the other, until suddenly Si Yi screams! Staring at the back of the woman he loves, controlling all his anguish, will Cheng Kuan lose Si Yi just like that?!

The music begins and Vivian dances the flamenco of victory. Ting Ai applauds her and the Princess’s dance steps become ever more light. The two of them toast with pink champagne and plot their next move. Yi Chun hand decorates a meteor garden and then gets down on his knees in the romantic atmosphere and proposes to Si Yi. In the battle of the exes, who will win back their love?

In the leak of the LED wand design, Cheng Kuan holds the suspicious broken finger nail. He furrows his brows and knows things aren’t what it seems. He orders Sheng Jun to check the CCTV cameras. Will Si Yi’s wrongful accusation be overturned? The figure is murky and the exonerating evidence is weak. Guang Qiang’s righteous duo cannot find the real culprit and give back Miss Screw her innocence…..

Previews for episode 18:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 18 of Miss Rose — 17 Comments

  1. I really like this drama. There are so many melos in Kdrama that Miss Rose is a respite from all the sadness. Interesting that Ting Ai is more of a villain that Vivian since she is the 3rd female lead. Vivian hasn’t done much to win CK back. If it gets extended, I hope that it doesn’t get draggy.

  2. After a Thanksgiving party and blackfriday shopping, it’s so nice to rest with a cup of coffee and then reading updates on MR. Thanks for the reminder of MR to come. Actually, more extension of MR is fine as long as CK & SY’s love remain sweet, romantic, & constantly adoring each other. Seriously, there aren’t much TW good dramas right now, other than MR & Love Now.

  3. Whew! Thank you Captain Koala. I was worried that something so horrible happened that you could not bear to talk about the show anymore. Just my paranoia. I have been burned by too many shows that I loved in the beginning that changed into something else midway.

  4. Thanks for this!
    For some reason, Friday is the perfect day for me to watch MR.
    Started after I needed something bright to help recover from Nice Guy.

    Haaaaaaaaaayte GM. So slimy and icky and stupid.
    Love Sheng Jun’s birthday laments.

    • The ending of NG gets better and better and better after every rewatch. EVERY. I watch the last 10 minutes before bed every night since it aired.

      I realize Maru and Eun Gi are replaying their very first meetings but in reverse. She races a child up the hill like he descends down the hill to rescue her doll.

      He asks if she likes handsome men, and this time she says yes, handsome men are her kryptonite.

      The prognospagsia that he has, which they claimed she had when she returned to Tae San.

      The camera and the pictures, his reluctance and her persistence.

      And his voiceover, the continuation of all the voiceovers. I realized the voiceovers are allllllll continuations, from his voiceover in Aomori, to the one when they went on the date to the beach, and finally flowing to the one when he is laying on the ground dying to end at the park bench when he slides the ring over to her.

      I need nothing to recover from NG. The ending was like an explosion of rainbows and unicorns, but in the only way that NG can do it.

      I also forgot to recap this line – Jae Hee asks about Eun Seok and Joon Ha says Eun Seok likes a girl in school and calls Eun Gi all the time and she gives him relationship advice. LOL forever and so damn cute and just what we all wanted, right? Sigh, perfect drama is perfect.

      MR is the wonderful brightness in the recent darkness of the melodramas.

      • What a good idea – rewatch just the end.

        I have been missing them, but I cannot handle a from the beginning rewatch. Now now, anyway.
        I feel like we (me and them, lol) have come too far to go back to the early pain.

        By the way DGGG DGGG DGGG DGGG is also good!

        Plus – Cannot even get on to viki today – it keeps flashing the login screen on an endless loop, but doesn’t give you time to key anything.

      • I caught up on DGGG last night (last week’s two new eps). It so incredibly good. Like SO SO SO good. Just spent the last 2 hours watching YSH clips and DGGG segments on Youtube with my sister as we giggled at the cuteness in DGGG and oogled the hotness that is YSH.

        Are you falling at all for Eason, or are you firmly a 14 woman?

        I remember the hours and hours I spent on tumblr when WBDS/YSH madness was upon me. It hasn’t ever really faded.

        The hotness of YESH! goes so off the charts
        in lands in the hottest of hottest type parts
        and if his charms aren’t heaven sent, well oh well.
        We’re all off to HOTLAND, aka, hell.

  5. Some Taiwanese audience are losing interests in MR.
    I’m now deeply addicted to another SETTV daily(Mon.~Fri.)drama
    Love,Now;the great chemistry between George Hu and Annie Chen is amazing.

    The rating of LN is 2.25(11/22),isn’t it high?:D
    It’s my first time to wait anxiously every night until it broacasts.
    I’m grinning for a very long time after finishing.(I call it LN syndrome.)

    So far,the storyline goes very well and fans have high expectation about this romantic and sweet drama.George Hu has become a new hottie(He lost weight for this drama,making him so different and sexy)for us no matter what he does in LN.

    I’ve never been a crazy fangirl,but this time I’m crazy for LN.
    Is anyone like me?

  6. Hi I am still watching just not commenting. Love this show. Thanks for letting us know about it.
    I wasn’t aware of the drama dramas and hope it doesn’t drag out the plot. However as long as it ends with Kuan Kuan loving her more and spending time with her family- don’t care about the episode extensions.

    • I love him with her family as well. He seems to get a kick out of them and how much they love her. I cannot wait to see them with Shen Jung. They seem to adopt everyone who is friends with Si Yi; Xiao Ke is always over sooo . . .

  7. dear ockoala,I hope you not forgot to recap this series,till end. I thought you posts mainly KR dramas recently, upssss by the way thank so much.

  8. I love this drama, I really want vivian to get cought. She always thinks that just because she is rich and her father has the power means that she can control who she wants and I think that she needs to come to her senses and let go

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