Saving General Yang with Ekin Cheng, Vic Zhou, and Wu Zun Release Trailer

I was super duper excited last year when the filming began for the period movie Saving General Yang but the excitement sorta died down when the movie got its release delayed. It’s another onscreen adaptation of the historical Song dynasty legendary Yang military family where a kick ass General begat seven equally kick ass sons who all went to war for the Song Emperor and only one came home. It’s the stuff the Chinese slurp up – filled with filial piety and honor, loyalty to the nation and military courage to fight the encroaching villainous hoards, and the sacrifice of sons for the greater good. I’ve always loved this particular historical saga despite how bloody it is because all the onscreen versions I’ve watched typically has a great group of male actors playing the seven sons plus lots of cuteness with their OTP. This particular version looks no different, with the seven Yang sons played by (in the order from eldest Da Lang to youngest seventh son Qi Lang): Ekin Cheng, Yu Bo, Vic Zhou, Li Chen, Raymond Lam, Wu Zun, and Fu Xing Bo. General Yang is played by veteran Adam Cheng and this movie doesn’t focus on any of the love stories but I can say that Ady An will be playing Princess Cai (wife of the Liu Lang – 6th son). The international English theatrical trailer has just been released with the movie set for a domestic release in April of 2013 and an international release the following month in May. Directing is veteran HK director Ronny Yu who I last saw his work in Jet Li‘s Fearless. The trailer pulls no punch, this will be a blooooooody movie with a lot of action. Those who are squeamish this is probably not for you, but there is no way in hell I am missing Zai Zai’s first period movie.

International English Theatrical Trailer for Saving General Yang:


Saving General Yang with Ekin Cheng, Vic Zhou, and Wu Zun Release Trailer — 20 Comments

  1. I know this will be tragic and will leave me broken hearted but I am so looking forward to it. Gah.. I felt like I’m the one who’s goin’ to lose six sons.

  2. Okay I didn’t get past the first 3 sec of the battlefield scene. I am out.
    Happy watching guys.
    * shudder * that’s terrible, the scene. Not that it probably isn’t true. It’s just terrible to see.

  3. Is the movie going to be English? *squirms* I hate dubs.
    But this looks great! I’ve been wanting to watch something of this variety for a while.

  4. Agree with Tammie! If you blink, you miss him.
    This is the type of film my husband LOVES with the battles, swords and blood.

    I, otoh, am sold at “a great group of male actors playing the seven sons.”

    Blackhawk Down, for example, I watched twice, despite it giving me nightmares each time, for more than one night, just to see Eric Bana. He was so good in that film.

    Oh, and Troy, too, I paid to see.

  5. I will definitely keep this on the radar! Might have to drive some serious miles to go see it but this is definitely my kind of movie!!

  6. Seeing the comments above I won’t watch the movie, let alone the trailer, I’m too sensitive for this genre. But I remember swooning over beardy Zai Zai in the movie stills and gotta say that the photoshopped poster above does him justice. Rawrrr.

  7. OH MY GOD!!! I really wonder if this is going to be in U.S. theaters. I’m sorta nervous about the dubbed voices though because it’s really not the same when an Asian movie is English dubbed. If anyone wants to want a longer version of the story of the Yang Clan, The Young Warriors of the Yang Clan is a totally recommended drama. It is so great it is like something you have never seen before and the acting and actors/actresses was superb.

      • It is going to be sooo great when you watch it and don’t skip a second of it. Just a heads up have A LOT, A LOT, A LOT, and, A LOT of tissues in the last five ten-ish episodes.

      • Ok, I need to “seriously” read the Art of War by Sun Tzu since its commonly referred to in C-dramas and movies so it was purchased today for my Kindle. I can read it while on the treadmill.

        A box of tissues are on standby. LOL.

  8. Just like you Ms Koala, there’s no way I’m going to miss my Vic’s first period movie. But….. hoping against hope it will be shown in my country, the Philippines. LOL!!!

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