Taecyeon and Gui Gui Explode with Cuteness on We Got Married International Edition

From what unreal planet of adorableness doth these two come from? How did the earthling universe know to combine them together into one even more squeeworthy bundle of preciousness? Can I implant universal translators into their brain so they can communicate with each other henceforth and promptly fall in love and make dorky cute babies? With the variety show We Got Married increasingly getting on the years and showing its age, the producers decided to shake it up a little with some cross-border reality faux marriage to juice it up a bit. Up first is the pairing of 2PM’s resident goofy beefcake Taecyeon with Taiwan’s own bubbly and gorgeous singer-actress-class clown Gui Gui (Wu Ying Jie). This casting was confirmed only a month ago but filming has already begun and a bajillion so-cute-you-will-audibly-awwwww stills have been released. Taecyeon and Gui Gui met up in picturesque Jeju island to film their “honeymoon” scenes which consistent of them unpacking in their room, heading to the beach to take the requisite couple shots plus a romantic stroll, jumping into the hotel pool for a frolicking session, doing a love shot with milk, and ending with a candle lit dinner on the veranda. Yes, this is totally scripted but I treat it like a drama OTP scene and these two totally have chemistry up the wazoo. I wonder if they are communicating via a translator or speaking a common language like English. Or just letting their natural chemistry do all the talking? If this works then Taiwan or China should totally cast them in a drama together. I’d watch that in a heartbeat. Now onward to the slay-me levels of cuteness that is Taecyeon and Gui Gui!


Taecyeon and Gui Gui Explode with Cuteness on We Got Married International Edition — 33 Comments

  1. Too cute! Scripted but who cares if they can entertain well. Looks like they’re communicating via big bodily gestures n giggles.

  2. This international wedding thing make it look like a very long vacation dates rather than actually married experience

  3. From what I remember Gui Gui’s English is pretty broken so I think they’re just gonna do a mix of English/ Japanese together maybe?

  4. See my big wide smile?
    This is just from the photos. And I am not even a fan of both of them.
    My goodness, she should bottle her smile and sell it as sunshine.

  5. I had my doubts on the pairing when I first heard the news but after seeing these pictures I am sold. They look super adorable together! SQUEE :3
    On a side note,Softy from soulsrebel.wordpress.com is still doing recaps for TWTWB at the moment so you guys can check it out there.
    AHHH WHEN WILL THEY AIR THE INTERNATIONAL VERSION? I’ve dropped the current season of WGM midway simply because the current cast doesn’t fly with me. Kwanghee and Sunhwa are adorable but it isn’t enough to keep me invested. I hope this international version is better because I am pretty excited to see what they’re gonna bring. 😀

  6. OMG…. they’re so cute and gui gui is simple beautiful.. Taec.. i have no doubt on you, big goofy dorky.. although people say that his acting is meh, he still shime in his own.. *can’t stop smile from ear to ear

  7. I never actually agree of my bias joining WGM but since they look cute and both of them seem to enjoy it, it made me happy too. Will I see a romantaec scene? ^^

  8. Cuteness overload~~~~~~~I love how small she is next to giant Taecyeon.So cute.They both have a very easy going and friendly personality,they click so well. Even after this ended,i can see them be a good friends. They probably converse in mix English-Japanese since both of them are know that 2 language.Definitely gonna check this out when it comes out in April. ^^

  9. OMG just the stills are adorable! I don’t even watch WGM and I’m curious to watch this! I do have an affection for Taecyeon.. He’s an adorkable beefcake and I found him really likable in Dream High ^^

  10. okay, question of the hour… When and where can we see this? ASAP!! They are OH SO CUTE TOGETHER!! I hope someone will be kind enough to post this online so those of us who are in the USA can see it!! 🙂

  11. I think it’s a notorious fact that Taecyeon’s ears get REALLY RED whenever he’s flustered/embarrassed/awkwardly shy. And true to form, his ears are all red in ALL the pics. (It may also be because of the winter thaw, but I choose the shippy alternative.)

    I just hope they can actually understand and converse with one another. Looking forward to watching this! 😀

  12. Actually this is not the first time WGM went cross-border because the first two pairings were Hyomin (T-ara) & Fu Xinbo and Kyuhyun (SuJu) & Lou Yi Xiao. Although, strictly speaking, the very first international couple for the show was KhunToria (Nickhun of 2PM and Victoria of f(x)).

  13. Guigui just brings out the best in her male partners. She’s had tons of cuteness and chemistry with every guy she’s paired up with. Love her with Aaron Yan, adorable with George Hu , cute with WangZi (Prince from JPM) and now with Taecyeon just KAWAI…I’m way older than her but ever since Brown Sugar Machiato, I love her to death. I think she’s just the cutest, most original girl amongst the bunch in HSMM. Her acting skill has improved tremendously since BSM. Watched all her dramas except ‘Unbeatables Blue Dreams’. She has a bright future. Can’t wait to see her in WGM.

  14. Am I the only one that thinks Taec and George Hu look similar?? I glanced at the photo and thought, “Oh! George and Gui Gui!” Cus they did a drama together but after looking at it, I realized it’s Taec lol.

    I can’t to see this though~ I’ve been out of WGM for a while now after some of my favorite couples left mm. Adams couple! ^^

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