Lee Seung Gi is in Fine Fighting Form for Gu Family Book

Hell, Lee Seung Gi as Choi Kang Chi in Gu Family Book looks so cute I can’t even. That little pony-tail thingie does wonders for his usually cringe-worthy hair, and makes him simultaneously hotter yet more boyish. Don’t ask me how, it’s probably one of those mysteries of the universe. The second batch of official stills arrived from MBC today showing Kang Chi raising a ruckus and fighting his way out of trouble. Or more likely fighting his way into trouble and then needing to fight his way right out of it. Seeing Lee Seung Gi in sageuk garb doing an action scene seriously gives me flashbacks to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. This drama could be one elaborate fantasy of Dae Woong’s that he’s the stunt actor picked to play the part of a half-man/half-beast seeking the power of a legendary book to become fully human. I half expect Mi Ho (or Shin Mina) to guest star in GFB just as an inside joke. That would actually be epic, and MBC could make it happen since Shin Mina’s last drama Arang and the Magistrate aired on that network. It’s funny how dramas sometimes collide in the weirdest ways, mostly due to me remembering too many details from past dramas I really ought to have forgotten. This drama looks very action-oriented, from the glimpses of Kang Chi’s mythical father protecting his mother, to Kang Chi tussling with thugs, to his lady love Yeol Wool wielding a sword. I hope the drama found a good action choreographer (where is the Action School crew when you need them?) because this could easily devolve into the farcical. Seeing these stills of Seung Gi filming convince me that he’s totally stoked by this opportunity and will give it his all (as he always does), so I hope all the ducks align and the end product is something worth savoring.


Lee Seung Gi is in Fine Fighting Form for Gu Family Book — 22 Comments

  1. I’d love Lee Seung Gi even if he is bald but that hair seriously looks good on him and most of all I like how he seriously puts himself into this.

    Now I have gotto watch (or read) Inuyasha since everyone seems to like that one.

    • Hahaha, I just wiki-ed it! It has 167 anime television episodes, so I don’t think I will watch it (or maybe it is impossible???). It has been adapted 4 times!!! in movies and won numerous awards. But all in all, I think the only similarity will be the half-beast half-human part. So, waiting for LSG’s GFB is exciting enough for me 😀

  2. I would love it if Shin Minah could make a cameo, it would be so awesome!!!!!! I can’t wait for this drama to air.

  3. What people don’t realize is that the Hong Sisters (the ones who wrote Gumiho) love parody, so the one scene where Dae Woong was in a ninja outfit is a parody of Iljimae, because Seung Gi was supposed to play Jung Il-Woo’s Iljimae but MBC wanted Seung Gi to drop out of KBS’ 1 Night 2 Days and Seung Gi refused, and I think MBC banned him for quite some time. So yeah, he’s had martial arts training even way back (well, we saw glimpses of it in Gumiho). Isn’t it ironic that he’s doing a martial arts drama for MBC 5 years later?

    • I knew that they love parody but I did not know about the Iljimae connection. Thanks for the information! Let us hope that this drama does not disappoint 🙂

  4. I’m personally not a fan of his hair – it looks weird with the center-parted fringe things. I haven’t minded his other haircuts as much as other fans; his face structure just lends itself better to higher volume hairdos.

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