Bu Bu Jing Qing Releases Intriguing Official Concept Video Teaser

Tangren isn’t bad at promoting its dramas when it wants to, and less than a month after starting filming for Bu Bu Jing Qing, the modern follow-up to its popular period time-travel drama Bu Bu Jing Xin, a concept video teaser has been released. Seeing the cast in action is light years better than staring at the dreary official character posters that got a resounding thumbs down everyone when it was released. The concept teaser starts off with a quick recap of BBJX set to the theme song from BBJX “One Persistent Thought”, but this time I swear Nicky Wu is singing it. I’m terrible at spotting singing voices so folks can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure its not the voice of original singer Hu Ge. It then segues into the current drama which is now confirmed to be narratively connected to the original. Nicky Wu does a voiceover that says “If you can’t be in my world, I will go to your world to find you.” Zhang Xiao returns to the modern world after living 20 years as Maertai Ruoxi in the Qing dynasty, and she runs into her 4th Prince’s doppleganger in the museum. She becomes curious about him and finds out who he is and goes to work for the same company. There is a looming corporate succession battle, and she somehow gets involved with Nicky’s nemesis played by┬áSun Yi Zhou. Rumors of Liu Shi Shi playing two characters is true, but its not a pair of twins but just two women who look the same (don’t ask me how) – one is Zhang Xiao the graphic designer and the other is an actress. In the teaser, its clear that Sun Yi Zhou plays the 8th Prince role and somehow breaks Zhang Xiao’s heart and she gets a chance with Nicky after that. Whereas Jiang Jing Fu is the younger brother to Sun Yi Zhou and I see him in the 14th Prince role, while the former 10th Prince Ye Zhu Xin steps into the BFF role left vacant by 13th Prince. I can’t say this teaser was exceptional, but it wasn’t bad at all and the production looks much better than I thought. The story as I know it still sounds totally weird and iffy, but now I’m a little more settled by this entire sequel and will wait to see the first full trailer before deciding whether I should even check it out. The men are once again stealing the show (and are the emphasis), including the adorable Chen Xiang as Zhang Xiao’s ex-boyfriend. In terms of hot guys, BBJQ will definitely be on par with BBJX, though the level of acting remains to be seen.

Official concept teaser for Bu Bu Jing Qing:

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Bu Bu Jing Qing Releases Intriguing Official Concept Video Teaser — 24 Comments

  1. I like this concept video. Simply because it rekindled a little bit of my interest in BBJQ. (: Well at least now we know that there’s somewhat a continuation from where BBJX left off; ie Zhang Xiao here IS the Zhang Xiao that travelled back in time, and is trying to see if she can interact with 4th Prince’s modern doppelganger, even if only to ease some of her heart’s pain. I sense some hope for this show, and hopefully it’ll turn out to be better than what most of us are, unfortunately, starting to think of it.

    Anyway I’m fairly certain the singer is Hu Ge; Nicky Wu’s voice is more soft and idk, has a more airy quality to it.

    Thanks for the video, koala!

  2. Actress? So meaning that liu shi shi’s actress role is nicky wu’s girlfriend? Wow! Oh boy,is he going to suffer!

  3. Okay now I’m oddly intrigued to watch this drama despite my initial misgivings for its storyline. TR sure knows hows to milk the viewers heart by putting in a couple of great moments from BBJX. I was never a fan of the Nicky-Shi Shi pairing but my interest is now decently piqued. HMM…

  4. I’m so not excited for this sequel, especially since it is a continuation of the original story. I really can’t get myself to accept Maertai Ruoxi (Ruoxi and Zhangxiao are the same to me), living in her own world and loving another man (Nicky in the present life doesn’t equal 4th Prince to me). The love between Ruoxi and 4th was so strong that I simply can’t convince myself that she would ever be able to love another man in her life. That’s why BBJX summed up very nicely: it gave viewers the room to imagine. And now she is struggling with several men .. again? But one thing that REALLY irks me in the few scenes is the magnolia hairpin. Serious?! They are going to milk that too? It was one of the symbols in Ruoxi and 4th’s love. I can’t believe they are going to mess with that too..

    I tend to associate things very easily. The trailer looks so-so. The story doesn’t look captivating. Twins (evil/good) and a lot of other gouxue elements.. I don’t think I want to associate this *crappy* continuation with such a beautiful story like BBJX, of which I think, doesn’t need a continuation at all. And I truly think Tonghua is thinking the same, otherwise she would have written it already instead of her 30.000 epilogue.

    And Zhangxiang is picking up Ma Tian-yu’s ex-boyfriend character Huangdi. So two actors playing the same character..

    • I can’t say I disagree with the fact that BBJX needs no sequel, but the trailer does peak my interest. Actually I think I’m more interested in LSS’s more fascinating character: the evil one. Also, factually speaking Tonghua did write a sequel (it’s really confusing) but it’s totally different; it’s not modern. Like I said, I totally agree that BBJX was a beautiful series on its own, but Tonghua did have a sequel, albeit a very different one, in mind.

  5. I know JJF can’t act very well, but damn he looks hot in the teaser above! It feels strange to have different actors playing the same character tho (like how ZhangXiang is taking over Ma Tianyu as Huangdi…) On the other hand, Ye Zhu Xin looks totally adorable!
    And I’m pretty sure it’s Hu Ge singing, his voice is deeper than Nicky’s.

  6. by the way, anyone knows a blog or website where I can read BBJX novel in english format? I do not speak nor read chinese. tks again…

  7. OMG!

    NGL, I found this to be great! I am really intrigued now!!!

    I wonder though if LSS remembers her time in the Qing dynasty? Is actress-her Rouxi’s reincarnation? Was she originally suppose to die and not come back?


  8. I had planned to check out BBJQ – just out of curiousity, but the teaser has kinda eased some of my initial misgivings. Even in these 3+ minutes, it looks better than I thought it would be.

    Thank goodness they connected the narrative to where BBJX left off! That was the whole reason why I wanted a sequel – to see modern “4th Prince” come back inside the museum and give modern “Zhang Xiao” his handkerchief.

  9. I am the only who is really really really excited about this?
    Just seeing Nicky near LSS gets me going.

    As long as they keep all the reactions low key in the present, a flick of an eye, an intake of breath, instead of modern day BIG, it can keep the same tone. I am hoping.

    • Agree. Those subtle reactions and looks was what made us all obsessed with BBJX. There was chemistry between them even if they didn’t spell it out for us.

      • I was so afraid for this, but I’m going to rewatch some BBJX now. I forgot how Longshi gave me life (and absolute tragedy). I hope Koala recaps it and we can go nuts in the comments even if it’s just for the off the charts chemistry.

      • I meant LSS/NW chemistry but goodness, rewatching the eps now. *fans self* One of the best ships I have ever sailed…

  10. At first, I was like : ‘Yea, I don’t care with the story, all I want is Longshi’. However, after that teaser, I have higher expectation for BBJQ.
    By the way, if the ‘twin’ is Nicky’s girlfriend, then Nicky and Shi Shi will have numerous scenes together. Yay, Longshi ^^

  11. Like most people here, we are glad that there is a sequel to BBJX but to me 1) I hate Liu Shi Shi hair styles in the BBJQ 2) I hate how the story revolves around a power struggle in a company. I’m so tire of dramas with the main guy fighting for his position in a company. I want another story line~~ but I guess I’ll settle for this. Still a little disappointed though.

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