The International Cast of We Got Married: Global Project Attend Press Conference

Let me start off by getting the pink elephant in the room out of the way – I do not get Lee Hong Ki‘s hair. At all. No clue what the hell happened to him (zapped by lightning? got styling tips from No Min Woo circa the Full House 2 days?) or why he thought to leave the house looking like that, but it’s atrocious and a blight on his head. Other than that, Hong Ki is always adorable. The two couple cast of We Got Married: Global Project attended the press conference for show yesterday with Lee Hong Ki arriving with his onscreen wife Japanese actress Fuji Mina, while 2PM‘s Taecyeon brought along his Taiwanese singer-actress bride Gui Gui (Wu Ying Jie). I’ve been following along with only Taecyeon and Gui Gui’s coupling since I love both of them whereas Fuji Mina is about as bland and talent-limited as they come in the Japanese gravure market. The show airs in early April and the cast has been diligently filming for the past few weeks. I’m assuming its a set run rather than ongoing with the coupling to end when the time is right. During the press conference, Gui Gui teased that her favorite 2PM member was Nickhun which got Taecyeon all riled up until she admitted it was teasing and she was very happy to work with Taecyeon oppa. Lee Hong Ki said that his involvement only came because it was the international edition with the idea of cross-cultural marriage otherwise he wouldn’t have done the show. Taecyeon was asked about Gui Gui and he confessed she was the most beautiful when she greeted him every morning with a beaming smile. Awwww, so true dat. Other than Lee Hong Ki’s hairstyle (which rather overwhelms the entire view), the cast looked totally gorgeous at the press conference. I find Gui Gui and Taecyeon especially matching, him with the sleek and well-tailored black suit and white t-shirt and her with an all-white strapless mini-dress. They totally could be headed to a cocktail party for the rich and beautiful. MBC also released a teaser video of this show which shows the two sets of couples interacting in various interesting settings and seemingly having a great time. I still don’t know how they are communicating, though I believe Lee Hong Ki speaks Japanese so that makes it easy for him to talk with Fuji Mina, but Taecyeon and Gui Gui are probably on their own with a mixture of English, Chinese, and Korean. I hope this is a hit and more international couplings emerge in the future just to keep shaking things up.

We Got Married Global Project (Chinese teaser):

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The International Cast of We Got Married: Global Project Attend Press Conference — 13 Comments

  1. I’ve watched the press conference and Taecyeon said that they used body language to communicate. Gui Gui is not really fluent in English. Taecyeon said that there is language barrier between them , but they still managed to film together. so yerp, really wanna see what kind of body language that tye used. eheheh . TaecGui is definitely a very cute couple. they matched each other very well.

  2. Omg, I can’t wait to watch this! The couples look so cute together. Whoever cast them know what they are doing. Just hope oncreen chemistry is sizzling too. Otherwise, bummer…

  3. Fuji Mina speaks fluent Korean, she’s done small parts in kdrama. I thought she was decent in Bloody monday.
    Hongki I think is not that fluent but I think basic everyday conversational Japanese is what they will use.
    Hongki’s hair though, that’s a huge disaster. What happened to it.

  4. I really like Fuji Mina in DBSK’s mv “How did I fall in love with you”. I can’t wait to see her & Hong Ki together…but wish his hair was better.

    • just think of it as a drama,they get to play a couple until the show is over and then stick with the drama couple you like

  5. Hong-Ki will forever and always be Jeremy for me, but still even thinking of him as Jeremy wtf is up with the hair??? You are such a handsome kid. Why do thatp, fire your stylist.. I love Taecyeon & Gui gui, too adorable together..

    • Then you should be used to his hair. He had had worse hair as Jeremy…that this hair doesn’t even bother me. Lol.

  6. hmm.. what’s wrong with korean hair stylist recently.. No Min Woo on Full House2, Jang Geun Seuk on his MV, and now Hong Ki.. Jeezz..

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