Park Shi Hoo Update: Lawyers Added, Counter Lawsuit Delayed, New Complaint Filed

The entire month of April has come and gone and the Park Shi Hoo rape investigation appears to have sank into the bowels of the Seoul Prosecutor’s Office from whence who knows when it will emerge. The two definitive outcomes are either charge him with various counts of rape, or not charge him for lack of evidence and close the case. Except neither has happened for the past month and instead there has been no movement on the case. Either the delay is to re-investigate or because of other things going in behind the scenes, no one knows. But this is likely quite taxing for both sides involved – Park Shi Hoo remains under the spectre of a rape accusation which is terrible if he were innocent, while alleged victim A can’t get any justice if she was indeed raped but the case is getting stalled. I said it during the police investigation phase, the authorities owe it to both sides to be diligent and move the case along. A few minor updates have happened in the interim that I can cover quickly. Park Shi Hoo has hired yet another high-powered law firm to join up with PURME to represent him. The more the merrier, I guess, though I can attest that quantity does not increase the odds of avoiding the arm of the law. His side has also officially put their lawsuit against A, B, and Park Shi Hoo’s former agency Eyagi Entertainment on hold. Initially they sued those guys for colluding together to extort money from him (or maybe set him up, not quite sure the full nature of the complaint), and for the police to investigate those allegations Park Shi Hoo needs to go to give his statement. His side has elected to put that on hold, issuing a statement that they want to focus on defending him against the rape allegations. Finally, as if there wasn’t already a circus of folks involved in this mess, an unrelated party called the Citizens for Correct Opportunity has filed a complaint with the Seoul Western Police Station against Park Shi Hoo and PURME for violating the privacy rights of A by releasing her Kakao message talks which showed her phone number and identity.

This Citizens group sounds like one of those rights-based groups that take on lawsuits and advocacy for the rights of citizens in various settings. Here the group is alleging a violation of the Special Cases Act where the victim of a sex crime has certain privacy rights most notably the right not to be identified. This group claims that Park Shi Hoo and his attorneys violated the Act by releasing information that identified her and her family through the Kakao messages. To be honest, this group and its director (pictured above submitting the complaint to the police station) sounds like an opportunistic bozo even if the complaint allegations may be true. I just hate people piling on, especially folks unaffected and unrelated to the case. So here’s the update for those of you asking me lately what’s been going on. I’m sure most folks have moved on from caring, but as a matter of principle I care because there is a victim here (whether its A for being raped, for Park Shi Hoo for being falsely accused of rape), and I want to see the victim get justice in the end. The whole morons-running-a-circus nature of the investigation also muddies up the water, but I have faith that the law will ultimately be able to sort out what really happened and render a final verdict on the outcome.


Park Shi Hoo Update: Lawyers Added, Counter Lawsuit Delayed, New Complaint Filed — 58 Comments

  1. You know this new group entering the already full arena just peeves me off. How is it that PSH, from the get go, has had his name, face etc plastered ALL over the media, while the others get to keep their names, faces etc hidden at the beginning of this drama. I am glad there has been total silence this last month, as you say, maybe this whole episode is being re-investigated, I hope so. I am not good at the waiting game, but as they say, No news is good news….so far…..and yes….I am a supporter of PSH the actor. 🙂

  2. I’m not a fan of PSH, although I liked him/his character in the beginning of Cheongdamdong Alice. However, I agree that it’s unfair that his face is the one being plastered all over the media. Yes, I get he’s a public figure, but how can you sue someone and shame them for a wrong and expect privacy? Maybe the KKT texts are a bit much, but I don’t understand how one can expect their privacy to be kept. This case….oy vey. Thank god I don’t want to be a prosecutor/defense attorney.

  3. A victim of a sex crime should ALWAYS be entitled to privacy if they don’t want their identity out there whether the crime has been proved or not. PSH’s team is disgusting for releasing her information. “…how can you sue someone and shame them for a wrong and expect privacy” is exactly why victims of sex crimes don’t report the assaults. The general public and the media had no right to know who the victim was regardless of the fame of the accused.

    • In this case A could have had her name kept private had she and B not decided to go to the media and wage a public war with PSH. After that she became fair game for the media and public to pursue. She garners no sympathy from me.

      • @OneVoice
        People like you are the real reason that a lot of raped victims decide to stay silent. She does not need sympathy from you in order to get justice if she was indeed raped. At the same time, she does not need judgement from you while the case is still unsolved. When you are not in the shoes of either of PSH or A, you don’t know for sure what is fair or unfair for either of them at this point. If you want to talk about fair games, hold your judgement for both sides until the case is solved.

    • I absolutely agree that the victim of a sex crime should ALWAYS be kept anonymous.
      However, the problem for me is this. ALLEGATIONS do not make a person guilty of a crime, even ARRESTS and CHARGES do not make a person guilty of a crime. That’s for a trial. So shouldn’t PSH be entitled to anonimity until he is convicted. We’re all speculating about events and making judgements without proof. Surely at this stange, either PSH or A could be the victim here, so BOTH should have be anonymous until the police and prosecution has had time to investigate the case fully.

      • I agree entirely that allegations and guilt aren’t the same thing. I don’t at all consider PSH guilty, just accused. At the same time, I don’t think A should be scrutinized or considered a liar until proven true.
        Park Shi Hoo’s legal team released A’s identity to the media. The media is shit, but his legal team violated her rights by releasing that information for the sole purpose of turning public opinion against her to help their case.

        My initial comment wasn’t meant to label PSH guilty. I was just disgusted at her identification.

    • I guess what I mean to say is that why should only one side be publicized? I think the entire case should have been kept anonymous but obviously that’s not possible, since he’s a public figure. It’s a hard case.

      • You’re right. Both parties SHOULD have been kept anonymous and PSH has the same rights as A while awaiting trial. One side was publicized because celebrity culture is so problematic and the right to privacy for public figures is constantly violated. HOWEVER, although it was one-sided, that didn’t give PSH’s legal team any right or justification in identifying A to the media.

  4. I think it is ridiculous that both parties can’t be protected. I don’t know who the real victim is here, but this case has certainly shown the ugliest side of the public and the media. Sigh…

  5. i dont think this should get any longer ! its hurtful to both sides ! i am fan of park shi ho and a big fan ! i believe in him and i feel sorry for what has happened and no matter how i flip it i make excuses and strong ones ! if he did it !things wouldnt have taken this much time right ?!

    • Using the term “making excuses” is not helping your case here, whether or not he’s actually guilty. This case is so convoluted, that I’ll pass on caring about any and all sides, as long as there’s justice in the end.

      • i kno i know !im with that 100% i dont know where to stand ! lol !i really really feel sorry for all parties involved !!

  6. aren’t conversations a two way street. the reasons those conversations were released was because of K and A conversing in their relationship style. regardless all party should have had their anonymity throughout this process

  7. @sze
    Before you go off on your high horse with me you should read what I said. I am not judging anyone in the rape case. My point was and IS When you take things to the media in this case her claim of rape she opened herself up to the media and the public looking into to who she is. By her going to the media etc… her name became known. She should have went to the police and not the media, let the police do their job. She chose to open her self up here. So I do not feel sorry for her because her name came out. Plain and Simple.

    So while your mouthing off to me about not passing judgement you should do the same.

    • A’s identity was revealed by PSH’s legal team. Before that, no one knew exactly who she was. Though Kneitzens had speculated her identity, it was the information that PSH released confirmed who she really was. His legal team claimed they made a mistake by “forgetting” to blur out her real name & phone number in one line of the conversation that was between A & K. It was convenient for them to “forget” when they released that piece of information. PSH & his legal team played dirty. That’s what a11 was talking about.

      • Had A and B not went to the media Right off the bat, nothing would have been made public, I am not defending what they did or didnt do (PSH side) I am saying that A started the whole media play. I am not trying to argue with anyone, my opinion is mine and I will not change it. But I also do not like the way I was attacked by another poster, for something not even related to the point I was making.
        Thanks for trying to clarify.

    • Is there that specific news article that says A went running to the media? did she hold a press conference? It might have been B with all her meddling and stupid ideas, only to turn coward when PSH sued her.

      I never thought that in South Korea, prosecutor’s office can PROCRASTINATE on solving a very critical case. This is not just some minor crime like a traffic ticket or some fraud. Hopefully they can speed it up, for justice, and for closure.

      • No, she didn’t run to the media or hold a press conference. All she did was she went to the police. It was B who went to the media. I don’t get why accused A that she exposed herself to the media.

  8. I believe Mr. Park is innocent. People with bad motives always finds a way to bring down good people like Mr. Park. Could it be that this grave accusation against him is simply to destroy his career, extort money, or maybe because of jealousy or envy? Whatever the reason is, it is ruining the good reputation of Mr. Park and this can not go on. We can not judge people as guilty of this and that because of some rumors, sometimes we also need to think deeply and seriously exactly why this things are coming. Mr. Park, always remember that those who are on the right side will always find justice in the end. Take care, be strong and always in prayer. 🙂

    • And you think the medical team who examined her are just a bunch of morons for their official findings of “injury resulting from rape?” Might as well think that those medical experts have something against PSH???? Rumors? scientific medical findings are not based on rumors.
      And if one is sure of his innocence, and stand by it, it doesn’t have to take a hundred different law firms and seeking backing-up from influential family friends from whatever-countryside-seniors to prove it, because the truth will always be the truth.

      • toute cette affaire est mensonge rumeur etc si réellement il y avait préjudice d’ après experts médicaux PSH,aurait eu également des marques de griffes ou autre et il n’en est rien .De plus tous ses faits sont relatés par les médias pour la vente de leur torchon.Pour ce qui est de deux cabinets c’est logique avec toute les attaques il pouvoir gérer et défendre.A l’heure actuelle il y a deux victimes ..une certaine… PSH droits bafoués,sa vie détruite, et étalé au grand jour des les premier jours sans savoir si il est coupable ,ensuite A jusqu’a preuve du contraire pas de photos dans la presse pas de nom cité ,permettez moi de vous dire ,de grand grand doute sur cette jeune femme .Laisser faire la justice si justice il y a en Corée,et si tout ceci est une sombre histoire d’argent,de chantage,comme il y a en france chez nous,que dieu lui vienne en aide.

    • well too bad, what you think or believe doesn’t speak from reality, the police think The evidence is enough to press charges against PSH, yes PSH should pray for forgiveness not you all fanatic fans pray for yr believe in someone you dont even know personally

      • The police has no right to “indict” or “aquit” anyone, only the procecutors can. In this case they talked when they should not, publicly released info during investigation when they should not, named Park Sihoo publicly when he has not been proven guilty, again something they should not do. Both the accuser and accused have equal rights to anonimity under investigation. The accuser Ms A has been accorded that right but not the accused – who has been named from the beginning – and the police even confirmed his name through their press calls. This is an infringement on the right of the individual from the very people who should be upholding justice.

        Neither Ms A or PSH have publicly released any info themselves, unless you believe what the press reported, in which case, both would be guilty of releasing identity info. Ms A’s friend B revealing PSH’s name and this has been discussed between A and B via their Kakao Talks. PSH’s lawyer releasing a part of Ms A’s mob (not the whole) number. There was never any press saying that her name has been revealed by PSH. In any case, her identity has already been discovered by netizens and widely circulated way before the supposed release by the lawyer.

  9. Hey.., hey.. How about K identity. Why They still protect him? His status not different with Park Sihoo. K is celebrity and he also got sued by A. Something wrong right?

  10. Good bye si hoo… see you soon when you are “clear” from this case and I wonder when… just think that u are in loooong vacation…

  11. A girl which get drunk in public with a guy she just met is not a victim no matter happens to her. Woman who respect herself never get drunk in public.
    A man who can make sex with a drunken woman he just met, doesn’t have any self respect.
    In the PSH story, I think someone who knows him very well setup him. The girl was just used. Maybe she is also a victim.
    Anyway PSH is a good actor. I hope this incident will pass and he can continue his career.
    I hope also that the person who is behind this story will be punished.

    • If they go to court, we will all find out. With thorough cross examination of both parties, all those unanswered questions will be resolved.

    • There’s something called valid consent. Being drunk and “consenting” to sex isn’t valid consent. If your judgement is impaired, then consent can’t be properly given. If someone is raped while they’re drunk, they’ve been raped. If someone rapes somebody who’s drunk, they’ve raped. It’s that simple.

      @green rose, what you just said is rape culture. You’re part of the reason why rape culture exists and persists.

      Please educate yourself on rape and consent. I’m not trying to attack you, I just really hope you understand why what you just said is so problematic.

  12. This case should serve as an eye opener to those celebrities who are blinded by their fame, popularity. to male celebrities with overly inflated ego and self-importance. that they are superior, and powerful, with the mindset that they can have whatever and whoever they want. with the illusion that they can get away with anything. reality is NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW whoever you may be.

  13. Well he can go into hiatus until the public forget the sordid details…at his age now.. he might be back when he’s almost 50, ready for ajjussi, fatherly roles.

  14. Correct, only 3 of them know for sure what happened in that night. Can we call Miss A. a poor victim? Can we call PSH a criminal? Do we have this right? Based on what? Based on internet story, or newspaper story? Evidence until now is circumstantial or indirect evidence.

    • even A is not a poor victim no one should be banged when she wasnt in her awake state , a prostitute shoukd not be banged when she was drunk unable consent or its call raped , the cctv piggyback so far was the solid proof A was drunk
      what right do u hv to disallow whatever opinion we held against P? its free opinion!

  15. Don’t get mad. She is actress too and it cannot be so hard to play drunk. The cctv piggyback can be her last movie. It is just an hypothesis. 🙂

    • ok i am not mad 🙂 you are right she could act out at the cctv but police investigation concluded wasn’t an act , let’s wait if PSH team could proof it was otherwise

      • Police “concluded” based on circumstantial evidence. They can’t “conclude” anything because they have no right. If they had, they will have him in jail based on what these circumstantial evidence, not pass this on to the prosecutors.

      • It’s highly unlikely that she “played” it for the CCTV camera regarding the piggyback clip because it meant that she must have observed the parking lot area beforehand to even know the locations of all the cameras and which direction they were capturing. It would be too difficult (unless you work for a security company) since she supposedly had never been to PSH house prior to that night. CCTV clip is the biggest incriminating evidence against PSH in my opinion.
        The whole Kakao text that she was interested in getting a financial compensation has a very little bearing on the case UNLESS, the talk had occurred PRIOR to the rape. However, based on the information released to the public per KAKAO text, the money talk occurred AFTER the rape.
        As such, I do agree with the police that particular messages about her wanting to settle (after being convinced by B and B’s boyfriend)isn’t a strong evidence of the existence of rape, thus not being heavily considered by the police.

      • sorry there was a typo.
        It should have been that the KAKAO text message about her wanting to settle isn’t a strong evidence to indicate that rape didn’t occur, thus not being heavily relied on by the police when it comes to PSH’s indictment.

  16. @Trend
    police investigation conclude had enough for me to think/presume PSH is not innocent , he need to work out a concrete evidence to clear his name, so far i dont read any of it. but fans deliberately BELIEVE he is innocent just because of what? they love him for he is goodlooking n sexy ? they love him in drama so you know a person too well? even this is free opinion but it is very too naive that’s all

  17. Whether it be circumstantial, if the evidence are SUBSTANTIAL like credible, precise medical findings- this can lead to ‘triable’ claims.

  18. אני מאמינה שפארק שי הו לא יעשה מעשה נבזי כזה לאנוס !!! אני עוקבת אחריו דרך יוטיוב ורואה כמה אהובים ומעריצים אותו אני אחד מהם כמה עבודה קשה הוא עשה להגיע למעמד הזה בשביל אשה הוא יסכן את השם שלו שהוא השיג בעמל רב באמת איפה השכל שלכם הוא יכול להביא איזה בחורה שהוא רוצה שתעביר איתו את הלילה הוא צריך לעשות מעשה קיצוני אונס אני לא מאמינה מסגן שלי שהוא נפל קורבן של בצע . אני מתפללת בשבילו שהאמת תצא לאור ומברכת שאלוהים יעזור לו אוהבת מהלב והנשמה תהיה חזק אנחנו מאמינים לך

  19. I kept reading comments from one person here how a respectable woman wouldn’t get drunk in public in front of someone she has just met, as such she can’t be a rape victim. I find this statement is extremely ignorant. We need to distinguish between moral obligations and Legal law. Morally, she couldn’t have made a better choice that night. On the same token, I can also say that morally, PSH should have also not bring her into his house. BUT, legal law is very different than moral issues. LEGALLY, NO ONE..I repeat NO ONE should be taken advantage of sexually regardless of any stupid choices he/she has made or who started it first. In the LEGAL (not moral) arena, sexual assault is considered a criminal act that is prosecutable. PERIOD.

    Nothing to do with PSH’s case, but It is very sad for me to see how backward thinking and uneducated many women are when it comes to sexual assault, more so in Asian countries. As a result, men think that they have the right to sexually assault a woman whom they thought are being sexually suggestive (with appearance, behavior, etc) which in itself is very subjective.
    I think PSH probably believed in his heart/mind that he didn’t “rape” her but sadly he failed the lie detector test (again could also be an unreliable test),but his biggest mistake was that he didn’t know what constitutes “rape” in the legal sense, which includes having sex with someone who is incapacitated with alcohol, drug, etc. Having sex with a barely conscious almost pass out women is considered a rape in many western countries because the law protects those whose mentally can’t make proper judgment , thus can’t possibly give proper consent unless there’s a written consent signed by the plaintiff. Now why some men think that it’s not wrong to have sex with someone who’s barely conscious? they are uneducated themselves on the subject and they don’t have much respect for women beyond her body.

    • I totally agree! finally you were able to express our point. thank you for that logical, rational and reasonable views.

      • those backward thinking and uneducated are mostly hard fans. what crazy world is it that you believe and insisted someone is innocent just because he is famous handsome hot guy whilst The evidence so far were incriminated against him, VERY STUPID

  20. Rape is heinous crime , and PSH still is to be considered innocent until proven guilty

    this is a mess

    so what did those little girls in India do to get raped? what about the girl who was gang raped and had her insides out?

    wherther or not A is a victim its now up to the courts not millions of PHS fans

    dont know what to think anymore

    • Mrs Kim,
      PSH ISN’T under the category of dangerous rapist. So, putting him under those rapists in India or any other countries is unfair, don’t you think ?

      • … If PSH is a rapist, then he is rapist as much as the other rapists even if he didn’t kill anyone.
        The rapists in India are also murderers, that’s where the difference is.

  21. And so his legal firm released her identity, and with the stupid excused of forgetting to blur her mobile number when they eagerly released the kakao texts too. those were his and their cheap shot at getting back at her, they were that desperate to resort that low, and to think they were supposed to be a respected, elite professional law firm…blehh!

  22. @lisa
    you directly replied to my post using French language, which could very well be addressed to your French friends not me. for you could not have presumed? that i read French right?
    Well if you have some things to say outright be brave enough to express it in English for you to be universaly understood, if not a French forum will be most fitting for you.

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