Written and Video Previews for King Flower Episode 17

Being addicted to King Flower is like constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don’t trust SETTV to be using Terry to pull up the ratings (and episode 16’s rating took an quantum leap and almost broke 2, making it the second highest rated episode to date) while secretly padding the way for an inevitable Guan Jun-Da Hua ending. That’s not just a bait-and-switch, its like clinging onto a sinking ship and pulling us all down with it. If I had any self-control I’d check out now and come back in a few weeks when the drama ends up to see if I need to throw some tables or instead can gush freely about how my ship sailed to the ends of the happy earth and beyond. The previews for episode 17 are awesome, but everyone and their mother is voicing the same concern I have – is Guan Jun claiming to be siblings with Da Hua really his way of letting her be free to figure out who she really loves, or is it a sneaky gesture to make himself seem like a noble idiot and have Da Hua feel bad for him.

KF currently has the inglorious victory of being the only live-aired TW-drama I’ve watched where I am actually more into the story towards the end. I get bored and check out of every single TW-drama I’ve watched live in the last few years as it all loses momentum by having no compelling narrative to generate conflict and angst. Some manage to redeem itself by the last episode (Office Girls, Drunken to Love You) but for the most part the second half are throwaways. Not here in KF, where the second half has been so satisfying and frustrating that it’s generating tons of fan chatter and discussion about the if and whats to come. I love that Terry set things right and back to its original place. He said in episode 12 to Da Hua that “when a person gets plastic surgery, what changes is more than just the outside.” Da Hua didn’t understand him then, saying that she’s still the same person inside. But now both of them have to confront the reality that their time together has changed them irrevocably.

Written preview for episode 17:

Ever since Da Hua and Terry finished their substitute princess masquerade, both ought to have returned to their original lives seamlessly. But the kiss before parting has only deepened the emotional ties between them. After Da Hua goes home, she is constantly unsettled by all the memories swirling in her brain. This feeling of wanting to see him but afraid it’ll be awkward, Da Hua has no choice but to face Terry when they meet to get Grey Bear back. Who knew that this one meeting will only lead to the feelings between them getting even warmer……..

Guan Jun sees Da Hua is back but she is constantly worrying about Terry, which leaves him feeling unhappy. After Da Hua resumes her own identity, he keeps hearing others around him discussing how Da Hua and Terry might have fallen in love during their time constantly together. He has no choice but to be suspicious. When he sees with his own eyes how carefully protective Terry is of Da Hua, will he rush forward to lay claim his own love for Da Hua? Or will he choose to step aside?

After Da Hua’s masquerade as Liang Yen is revealed to the world, the media descends to probe into Da Hua’s personal life. Guan Jun is very sensitive about him being an adopted son and that also becomes of interest to the media. Who could have expected Guan Jun to announce to the world that he and Da Hua are just siblings to each other?! Is he angry at Da Hua for being close to Terry? Or has he seen through Da Hua’s feelings?

Previews for episode 17:

“Falling in love with someone who couldn’t possibly love me back.”

Da Li: These past few days Maserati is not around all day long, are you secretly thinking about him!

Ah Xi: Jin Da Li!

Terry: How can you (I) be so foolish, falling in love with someone who could not possibly love you back? Da Hua!

“What is your relationship?”

Guan Jun: I’ve been thinking lately…….what can I give you?……….what do you like about me?…….have you seriously asked yourself that?

Da Hua: Guan Jun oppa, didn’t you say you liked me?

Reporter: Did Ouyang Tai give you NT2 million to pretend to be Du Liang Yen?

Jin Mom: What are you saying! Get out!

Guan Jun: Are you guys done?

Reporter: Mr. Lin Guan Jun, what is your relationship to Jin Da Hua?

Guan Jun: Brother and sister relationship. Since we were kids until adults, we only have sibling affection for each other. Nothing else. Is that enough?


Written and Video Previews for King Flower Episode 17 — 57 Comments

    • The post-topping still is driving me INSANE. Looks like they are back home and somehow Da Hua ends up on top of Terry. How this girl is not ripping his clothes off right then and there is beyond me. XD

  1. Me too. My fantasy of DH lying on top of Terry is coming true. It looks like she hurt her foot and he took her to his house to bandage it up and drove her home. He’s carrying her from the car to her house. ……Can’t wait until Sunday!!!!
    My next fantasy is DH getting jealous and insecure that Terry may end up with another woman.
    Chris Wu looks good in purple. …not a color many men can wear.

    • Everything about Chris looks good. He even managed to pull off the worst hairstyle and clothes in What is Love. I cannot wait for the new Terry-Da Hua scenes in episode 17. Perfect couple is perfect.

    • Should I be embarassed to admit how many times I have watched that preview to see him turn around in that purple sweater? No. I am among (Terry lovin’) friends here.

  2. Inevitable!? Is it really inevitable Da Hua and GJ will end up together??? I can’t stand to watch then…or can I??? <>

  3. Yes, Terry will save DH from getting hit but she will end up hurting her leg, makign Terry carry her to home, better yet, having GJ not trusting her and being petty about is love for her, DH will end up falling in love deeper and deeper for Terry until is too late for GJ stand a chance.

    • I need Da Hua to figure out her feelings quick, because if she still loves Guan Jun then I can stop watching and save myself the heartache.

  4. She better end up with Terry. My ship is sailing smoothly for the moment…please dramagods, don’t let it sink!!

  5. Wait. Guan Jin and Da Hua are supposed to be end game? WHAT. Tell me that’s a lie. I don’t buy it. Partially because I’m attracted to Terry…but what?? From your recaps, totally see Terry/Da Hua.

    • James Wen is the lead actor. His name appears even before Nikki Hsieh. Also the original synopsis was titled “Girl becomes Pretty, Even the Loser Guy Will Like Her”. Don’t shoot the messenger.

      • Oh noesssss. Man. Do T-dramas ever pull a switcharoo because fans like the second lead? I mean, I don’t know if there’s a vocal group of people who prefer Terry to Guan Jun, but it could happen right? *Fingers crossed* haha.

    • It happened just last year with I Love You So Much. But she didn’t pick until the last minute. And the drama producers held a national vote poll for the viewers to pick the ending (90% wanted guy2 to get the girl). The production filmed two endings and didn’t decide which one to air until the morning of the finale.

      Watch the ending here:


      • So basically a ton of uncertainty to switch to Guy 2. I will just watch until this all goes downhill. Just like damn May Queen. I shipped Jae Hee so hard. I’ve been second lead shipping a lot lately haha.

      • Btw, EVERYONE and their great-grandmothers down to pot-bellied family pigs all prefer Terry. Even if you don’t read Chinese, heading over to the facebook page, TTV forums, Baidu, the word Terry (usually followed by hearts, exclamation, angry looks over how the writers are torturing him) abound. It’s both hilarious and pretty incredible to behold.

      • Wow. That took forever. I cannot imgaine watching this in real time and not knowing. I would have been screaming at the tv. Anyone watch this show? Are there English subs out there? Was it worth it all? Or should I skip this show and just watch the most likely adorable Mvs?

      • @trotwood

        ILYSM is a terrible show. Utterly and horribly terrible. Funnily, Chris Wu has a cameo in that drama as the caddish ex-boyfriend of the heroine.

    • Tell me about it. That’s what is holding me back from watching. That stupid GJ- who is not selling his love!!
      And oh yeah add me to the Terry ship.I don’t like a guy who doesn’t take care of his girl.

  6. To be honest, I hate watching previews because they purposely mislead. I want Terry to get the girl, but I’m not holding my breath. The written preview gives me the impression GdoucheJ is only “saying” they are bro-sis because of his own insecurities and to take the pressure off of DH and her family. Nothing more. I’m sure he’s feeling a certain way about she and Terry but with how he’s been more understanding and likable in the last couple eps, I can’t imagine Wen not being the one. Unfortunately, the line I see isn’t draw in his direction. He’s not the better man, plain and simple, however, it’s not always about that.
    I don’t like it, but still watching for Chris, happily to the very end.

    • I hope you’re wrong for our sakes. I like to believe the production is not that tone-deaf on viewer sentiment.

      • I THINK I RATHER FEEL YOU. THIS LAST preview with wen kinda changed my mind about him causing my power of judgement to cloud. I really need to watch the latest ep soooon.

    • THANK YOU!!!! I don’t understand what he is saying (but then again at this point, he could just stand and say nothing and I would watch), but the end of that clip is completely adorable!!!!!

    • It’s unreal how amazing he is of an actor when you see him in real life. He is a giant kid with an old man’s acting touch.

      • SO CUTE. I’m fangirling to the max right now. I looked on wiki and it says the drama is 25 episodes. There is no way she can get with Guan Jun in that time! Unless Terry dies/has amnesia/writer goes crazy in 8 episodes. Okay, actually a lot could happen. But it should have already happened by now or been more obvious by now.

      • This show will NOT be 25-episodes. That’s just a placeholder. SETTV live-aired dramas can be cut or extended at will. My gut tells me 22-23 episodes. Depends on if its follow up is ready to air. I’m keeping an eye on the follow up drama by following its two leads weibo and the production FB pages to see if its started filming. If it has, then I’d give it 4-5 weeks from that date to the premiere. Office Girls is the only Sunday night SETTV drama to go 25 episodes, and that was extended due to gangbuster ratings. Most end around 20-23.

      • That’s good then for us Terry/Da Hua shippers right? Unless…the writer still goes crazy and redeems Guan Jun and Da Hua decides she doesn’t really have feelings for Terry. And then I’ll take Chris Wu for myself 😀

  7. I swear I am never going to watch another TW-drama if the writers ignore what 99% of the viewers are saying and put DH and Guan Jun together at the end of the drama.

    Guan Jun had 28 years to spend with her and didn’t feel ANYTHING romantic for her until she underwent plastic surgery and became a pretty girl. The writers should not reward behavior like that at all and instead do the right thing and have DH end up with Terry who hasn’t taken her for granted (notice how many times he has said thank you to her) and will take her on a new life adventure.

    • hm, I have to disagree, I’m terry ship buuut GJ did show he cared before she went away… before PS. He did wave after the kiss and after DH not being besides him like she always did…

  8. you’re so annoying koala! now im staeting to worry about what you said…if SETTV is using terry to raise the ratings when in the end they will still have the Dahua and Guan jun ending! Im sorry but this is really stupid! Gosh SETTV!!!!!!!!!I MEAN WHY HIM!!!!!!!! GIVE CHRIS WU THE CHANCE YOU IRRATIONAL PEOPLE!

  9. gosh if there are 28 episode for the whole series. GOSH THERE’S ALOT OF TIME FOR THE PRODUCTION TO MAKE GUAN JUN THE BETABLE GUY! And I personally abhore the idea! What can I do I’m a Terry bias. No hard feelings folks….but still sigh you never know what the wind may bring. 🙁

  10. Oh btw Koala, this drama reminds me of Kdrama Feast of gods.

    The main girl just loved the annoying and supposed main guy and everyone was rooting for her and second guy get together already because he was just the best option and really liked her.. and after 40+ episodes was when she started to show she might feel somthing for him but still loved main guy too much like DH. Sigh. And **********ending spoiler ******** she just realized she liked second guy on hello 2 last episodes and they just got together -wihtout any kiss- in the last 1 minute or so of the drama!

    I was happy my couple sailed buuut the ending was rushed and was not satisfating!

    • oh yeah the drama fandom also couldn’t stand the main guy and rolled their eyes everytime they shared loving scenes together LOL and he just annoyed everyone…

      • @liz The comments on viki were hilarious, too.

        @mI feared for my life posting on that thread.
        I tried once, was attacked. I put the keyboard down and slowly backed away to avoid any further injuries!! LOL

  11. I haven’t watch this drama. So can’t gave any comments. But just want to say hello to you all…. Especially Cap K and Trotwood…

    • PEARL!!!!!! I miss you. How are you doing? I was thinking that it was a bit lonely finding myself at the end of another semester rush of grading without you there to remind me to be kind to my students!

      I am not watching this drama either–no dramas for me until school is over. My goal is to finish grading all final exams and submitting semester grades by May 11, so I will have May 12 (Mothers Day in the U.S.) completely free to do a Mothers Day drama marathon. Drama marathoning with no guilt!

      Also, guess what? I got funding to go study in South Korea this summer. I will be doing a intensive summer immersion in the Korean language for five weeks. I am worried that I am too old to really learn a new language, but I am going to put in my best effort. It is so good to hear from you!

    • Oh Yeah, you should should try to take some time to watch the videos that Captain Koala includes in the posts about this show. Even though my baby is another crazy person here (cough*Yi Chun syndrome*cough), a 2-minute Terry snack goes a long way.

  12. Trotwood, so nice….. to see your comments. Wow! Time flies fast, almost thoe end of the semester already! Pass out the test papers, I’ll help you out to grade them. If any has good discussion of Roy Qiu, SJS, KJH or SSH, I’ll A’s them all. Hehehe…

    Yes, mother day is coming, Happy mother day my dear! I’ll be taking my mom to Quebec and Toronto next week for vacation.

    Congratulation on having funding to Korean. Study hard on Korean language. I suppose you at understand somes or most when watching kR drama without sub huh? I envy you. Hehehe…

    I’m now so into WAML by SSH sometimes I was dying for it that I watch the show in raw and gosh it’s frustrating for not understanding what they are talking about….

    • Pearl, I am no where near being able to watch dramas without subs. My listening skills are very poor, partly because I only get a chance to speak it when I have class, which is now only once every other week! My reading and writing skills are getting better though. What I need is a Korean drama vocabulary book as opposed to the kinds of words in my lessons: you know like “birth secret” or “second lead syndrome” or “faucest.” I can’t seem to find these in my dictionary, although I did accidentally use the word for “mob boss” by accident in an essay once:)

  13. Hello~ First time here at koala~ HOMFG, seriously I just backtracked every page about “King Flower” and my heart is in pieces cos I thought I was the only one breaking my heart watching this show. (lol I was venting to twitter for hours about this drama)

    But really, Chris Wu has definitely changed in my eyes. He was okay for me in Autumn’s Concerto but holy fishpaste, his emotional acting and deliverance in this drama is unbelievable. I’m suffering from “Second Lead Syndrome” but I’m hoping KF would be a much needed change where Terry ends up with Da Hua ♥

  14. There is something about Chris Wu’s lean physique that exudes not only graceful elegance but quiet sexiness. His beautiful long neck also enhances the attractiveness quotient for me; I just love looking at this guy.

    • lol… right…I thought I was the only one that just stares at his neck and think “I could get lost there for hours!!” ufff 😉

  15. I am caught up with Show, and I sprinted to the end. Still out of breath from wathcing Daddy Du’s hopeful face looking at DF.

    I will not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not no† not not not not not not not not not
    accept a DH/GJ ending.
    That is the most asswhat sidewise stupid plan ever.

    James Wen, I feel for your star power needs, I really do. You keep taking these roles and end up the ugly step brother over and over. But maybe the roles that attract you are the problem. Pick a project where you don’t have to be the bad guy.

    Koala – You are soooo right with this show breaking the curse of T-drama fatigue in the last episodes. Maybe the writers are on to something they can clone. It’s called an interesting story, folks. Ha!

    I also curse you, Koala, 😉 because I am caught up and have to wait wait wait wait wait wait…AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

  16. I just started this drama yesterday. Currently on ep 7…count me on terry-DaHua Shippers!! I will not stand the finale if she ends up with GJ
    I will catch up with you guys shortly (off to watch another ep) ;P

  17. i just got back here and was quite saddened that maybe the end game would really be Guan Jun and Da Hua. huhuhu!

    anyways, i’ll get anything that is Terry. 🙂

  18. Was re-watching King Flower for the nth time and I saw this “Plastic surgery doesn’t just change your appearance. It changes your destiny too.” – Terry

    Makes me think that maybe Jin Da Hua BEFORE the plastic surgery was destined to be with Guan Jun but because she chose to have plastic surgery then her destiny changed to being with Terry >.< GOSH PLEASE LET THAT BE TRUE!

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