All About My Love Ends with a Happy Wedding for Lee Min Jung and Shin Ha Kyun

I’ll admit it, I’m such a sucker for gorgeous wedding pictures. Atmospheric, dreamy, romantic, brightly lit wedding pictures with the bride in an elegant voluminous gown and the groom in a classy fits-perfectly tuxedo. Today All About My Love starring Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung ended its very ratings disappointing run with a happy ending for all. I’ve had quite a few folks extol the virtues of this drama and asking me to check back in on it, and with this happy ending I might just do that. It’s a shame this drama couldn’t interest the general viewing audience whether in Korea or online since its disastrous ratings might lead to fewer adult snappy rom-coms to be made, and those are my favorite rom-coms if done right. My first impression of AAML was simply that it was chaotic and not narratively sound. I love these wedding pictures of the OTP and only wish Lee Min Jung could be a little more…..what’s the right word……passionate. Shin Ha Kyun is one of the most passionate actors, whether he’s in character or simply evidencing a passion for his craft.

While I loved Lee Min Jung in Big, it was more like she was the perfect foil for Gong Yoo‘s character and performance and he was the reason I was so addicted to that drama. But more and more she leads me to conclude that she’s rather on the dead fish side.ย Almost all her kissing responses are chaste puckering and she’s never ever given me the impression that she enjoys it all that much. I don’t need her to be jumping her leading men in character, but an actress who wants a career as romantic leading ladies need to make the audience believe that she is attracted physically to the man. Lee Min Jung can show me she’s falling in love or is in love, but the physical chemical side of male-female attraction she fails miserably at. Oh well, she does have the luck of wearing a wedding dress in every one of her dramas after she broke out in Boys Before Flowers (followed by Smile, You, Midas, Big, and now AAML). Of all the wedding dresses she’s worn this one is my favorite, along with her hairstyle with the simple low ponytail with the feather accessory on the side. Or one can say that her best accessory is Shin Ha Kyun.


All About My Love Ends with a Happy Wedding for Lee Min Jung and Shin Ha Kyun — 35 Comments

  1. i think she was passionate in her earlier dramas, but in her recent stuff she’s dead fish. maybe her real-life boyfriend doesn’t want her to be, because she has definitely become colder and so has my love for her ๐Ÿ™

  2. I think this is the first drama she actually made it all the way down the isle and back up it as a married women, though. I haven’t watched all the others, but I’m pretty sure she (okay, her character) got jilted in one way or another in all of them.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this. It reminded me of American 1930s-1940s romantic comedies. Except those comedies were often star vehicles for Claudine Colbert, Katherine Hepburn, Rosalind Russell. Here I think Shin Ha Kyun was the driving force.

    I have no idea how Korean politics work, so I don’t know know preposterous the set up was, but the narrative felt sound and was series was enjoyable, light, and fun. I think folks let a good piece of entertainment pass them they. I think it will have a strong afterlife.

  4. Since Boys over Flowers i haven’t watched any movie or any drama of hers for more than 30 min. She is a gorgeous woman, but her acting makes me cringe. Sadly she is one of those actresses i rather look at, than watch anything she’s in. Nice pictures by the way

    • I was a fan of “Big” until that sucky ending. LMJ has her charms but I agree she falls short at those pivotal moment.

      I used to think there must be an rule within the broadcasting companies that only one lead at a time can show passion in a Kdrama but there have been a few scenes in some tvN dramas I’ve seen which lead me to believe I may be mistaken.

  5. I dropped AAMR at the halfway mark when I realised I was fast-forwarding through a good 80-90% of the drama. Maybe I’ll return to ff through the rest of it, now that I know it ends happily.

    (sidenote: I think AAMR ended yesterday, not today.)

  6. I admit to not having a liking for her cause I just didn’t ever connect with her characters. Maybe this is just a phase I am in, but I actually liked her ok here. I still don’t think she is all that passionate and convincing in a rom-com, especially on the “rom” side of things, but I liked her pairing with SHK. SHK totally was the life of the show. He pulled out all the stops and once I got back the hair, I marathon nearly the entire drama (up to ep 11). It’s actually because several people recommended this drama in your thread to revisit it, that I actually revisited it. I’m so happy I did. I think the story has heart and as I said, SHK was great. I liked the OTP but I also don’t know how ridiculous the politics were.

    In any case, I still liked this one and it comes with a happy ending. And no really really horrible tricks to separate the OTP. I was happy in dramaland.

  7. You should check out the new drama Shark with Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil. It’s very intriguing, especially the second episode. I came upon it by chance and I’m quite pleased with it so far.

  8. I loved this drama… mostly for Shin Ha Kyun. Yes, her acting was definitely not in his league but after the first few episodes, it caused me to laugh and cry. And I especially loved the OST.

  9. Overall, in my opinion, Lee Min Jung is compelling to watch. She has this “It-Factor” screen presence, but I also think some of the character roles she’s taken on haven’t quite matched well for her due to some odd questionable paths taken by the writers. Her co-star, Shin Ha Kyun, in this drama may very well be a stellar actor, but visually, he was a thud for me as far as generating interest to watch this romance drama. Talent does absolutely matter, but good looks can help bring it on home when ratings hover in the balance.

    • I saw a lot of comments from people like you who thought Shin Ha Kyun wasn’t up to par in looks for a leading man. I also saw a lot of comments from people who were willing to admit they were now eating those words as they continued to watch him in this drama… in addition to being such a fine actor, there is something about that man that is hits all the adorable-cute-sexy buttons.

      I think he picked up a lot of international fans with this drama… myself included… I’ve already hunted down and watched 3 other dramas/films he’s in. I will definitely be following him from now on.

      • Totally agree with u. By episode 5 I’m already totally in LOVE with SHK. Nevermind the looks who will not be melted by the smile and that charm. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m gonna start Brain tomorrow and am sure I’ll be even more in love with him after that. Heheheh

  10. I’m not watch this drama seriously but i like the happy ending…love their marriage too…what a beautiful bride and gentle groom…

  11. I was a little bit surprise because of the low rating, as far as we’re concern, it was really such a good and hilarious romance comedy drama to watch. The acting was truly great as well as the story. Both ACTOR’s are doing well in their respective roles. But it was worth it!

  12. I just finished watching 16 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have no idea what Korea wants from their TV.
    To think Moon/Sun crushed the ratings in all it blandness and this nobody likes? I don’t understand.

    All the characters were compelling, and I LOL at least 4 times each ep.

    I find SHK very appealing, though he is odd looking, meaning not matinee idol, but his smile and eyes are wonderful and make me smile. LMJ was fine in her role – not amazing – but likeable enough.

    • I am probably one of the few who found Lee Min-jung ok here, but maybe that’s because their coupling worked so well. And of course SHK delivered his usual SHK magic to this role.

      Enjoyed this, nevermind the politics … and yes it made me lol.

      “rather odd looking” = his looks remind of another very fine actor Ryu Seung-beom. I wldn’t categorise Shin Ha-kyun as odd-looking though …. his smile + eyes wins hands down for me, over Ryu Seun-beom..

    • ITA. Magnetic and charming. Not a pretty boy look but SHK is really smexy in a matured way. Especially after the haircut! Really hated the floppy fringe he wore in the first half! As an actor, he really brought it to the table while LMJ was way more bland. And yeah totally agree with those who said she was a lame duck when it came to the kissing scenes. She gave the impression that she really wasn’t into it. Overall thought AAMR was pretty good. Pity about the ratings.

  13. Shin Ha Kyun needs someone like Kim Sun Ah to pair up with in a drama. It will hit the roof as both can be very funny and yet very intense.

  14. This drama is seriously underrated – one of the best adult rom-come I have ever watched, full of romance, skinships, comedy and heart! The OTP is perfect, smart, mature and have sizzling chemistry. Like the witty dialogue, OSTs and even all the side characters.

    Shin Ha Kyun truly rocks here. Already fell for him in Brain and fell harder for him in AAMR. As for LMJ, I personally like her best in this drama . Seen all her earlier dramas but I like best her role in AAMR .Even her kisses (surprised with the no of times she kissed the male lead here) are definitely better than those in her earlier dramas. This drama is so entertaining, hilarious and best of all, it has one of the best ending episode with all the loose ends neatly tied up. Will definitely rewatch many times.

    • Seriously underrated, this drama was made with so much love that it shows even in the last second. I still cannot believe why people weren’t tuning by millions. What’s not to love every single character had motivation, consistency and appeal which is something a bunch of kdramas are lacking nowdays. The OTP was truly fantastic, not once did I think they werent perfect for eachother. I might not have seen to many dramas this year but this is certainly my first runner up for rom-com of the year.

  15. I’m seriously dumbfounded to read that SHK is a thud physically by one of the posters. I agree he may not be drop-dead gorgeous or pretty like most of the young Korean actors. But he just grows on you and his matured sex appeal is definitely addicting. I’m shallow in that I want the lead actor and actress to be easy on the eye, and LMJ is no doubt a beauty, but SHK has his own brand of charm and he’s classy too. I like the way he falls heavily in love for the first time in his love and his joyful dance to the Latin beat just kills me — with chuckles and grins to my face. The pair has such chemistry that the screen sparkles when they both appear on it. I don’t know why the ratings are low — the plot line is consistent and believable and dialogs are entertaining and LMJ’s sneer is also fun to watch. But I love SHK’s smiles the most, so heartfelt and so blindingly sweet. I love the way he moodily pines for her and how lovingly he cooks for her. The woman will have the upper hand in this relationship but the man is content just to love her and have her by his lonely side, and his character of being a loveless man throughout his love has been fleshed out by his unwavering love for MJ. I think this drama is one of the best I’ve seen in years, right from Ep. 1 till the end. Usually, most k-dramas fizzle out to my dismay and disgust, but this one delivers, right till the end. What more can I ask, with wedding pix and two adorable kids calling out Mommy and Daddy in the final scene, with the OTP beaming with pride and love for all to see? And the background music is so catchy too. LMJ may act like a dead fish in kissing scenes but SHK makes up for whatever is lacking with his passion and charm.

  16. Ts wonderful series has Definitely n Seriously been under rated ..indeed it is best most fulfilling n satisfying k adult rom coms ever..
    The romance ,kisses ,skinship make us catch our breath..The chemistry sizzles btw the OTP,SHK s character falling hook line n sinker for LMJ s character was so convincing n real..n help!!!he s such a good passionate kisser!!!LMJ couldn’t help but rise to the passionate moments each time..Makes our fingers n toes tingle watching the many lovey dovey moments rarely seen in other k dramas .,
    Hvnt been so thoroughly satisfied by a k drama ..the plot was so tight n cohesive,no loose ends,no willing suspension of dusbelief required,intelligent dialogues n wit ..good acting,great OST..n LMJ is undoubtedly the most beautiful k stars in recent never tires looking at her gorgeous visage n SHK conveyed that same feeling thru his gazes n smiles every time he set his eyes upon her..

    The ending was one of the most satisfying ever seen in a k series wc made each of us just hankering for more or a sequel.
    I think,like many others on the soompi thread,I m suffering from withdrawal symptoms now tt it has ended n shall b rewatching it for the umpteenth time to fill the void..despite hvg so many more gd series to follow.,
    Give it a just keeps getting better after de 1st chaotic n over the top 1st s certainly a winner in our hearts!!

  17. My first impression was the drama must be sucks due to its low rating. But I decided to try watching the drama anyway starting from episodes 5. And guess what.I fell head over heels with this drama. Currently this is the best drama of year 2013 for me. Plus I adore SHK. He has the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. He is the main reason I watched his previous drama “Brain”. For those who still contemplating whether to watch the drama, you should give it a try.

  18. thank you all for your impresion about this drama and also mrs. koala for the spoiler..

    i love spoiler and will try watching AAML because i like SHK and LMJ ^^

  19. I enjoyed this drama. I would give it a 7/ 10. I liked the happy ending for our couple. However,(warning: major spoiler ahead) I was really disappointed that she quit politics. It’s great that he took up her causes, but it seemed unfair that she had to give up her career because of the scandal and Bori’s issues at school. There are plenty of successful female politicians in the US who have kids. Maybe not in Korea? I don’t know, but I felt like this drama could have been really groundbreaking in that respect. Still, I’m glad that the female lead was so passionate and kick-ass in many respects.

    • I don’t think it’s something the character would have done if she didn’t want to, though. Even though, she wasn’t a Party member she was still actively taking part in everything–just on her own terms with considerably less stress. She was still involved but I like that she became a lecturer–where she could be more involved with the people. I thought it was a better fit for her and a nice move. She never really completely gave politics up ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Shin Ha-Kyun made this drama for me. Lee Min Jung was okay, but it was obvious who had the talent here. Floppy hair and not, I fell in fan love with Shin Ha Kyun, he was just too good. He brought 80% of the passion in the romantic side of the show. And his smile…nuff said

  21. I honestly didn’t like the pairing, especially since her drama called Smile you. I wanted her to be with a younger looking guy. He just seem too old for me. but I never finished this drama let alone Ep 2. I like him in his other drama, but for some reason I just couldn’t finish this one. maybe one day I’ll pick up on this again.

  22. I just finished this drama and am glad I read the reviews here. I totally agreed that this drama is under rated. No doubt the first 5 episodes were slow but from epi 6 onwards I’m totally in love with it. Though the 1st kiss between them was a bit cold but the kisses and skinship between the 2 lead artistes after that and throughout the whole series were really sweet! Like many of u I do think that SHK’s hair in the first 8 episodes looks horrifying so I was really glad that they decided to change his hair style after that. And yes he may not be those typical handsome K actors but that smile of his can totally melt my heart. I’m definitely going to watch Brain bcos of him after this. All in all it’s a very nice and sweet drama with a really good ending. I’m glad they didn’t go too much into politics. After all this is supposed to be a rom com so the focus should be on the main couple. Thanks again to those who wrote good reviews on this drama. Without that I would have stopped after the first 2 episodes. And for those who are still contemplating do give it a try. I don’t know about you but this drama leave a sense of sweetness after watching it…. Aaaahhh that smile of SHK …. @_@

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