Dispatch Breaks News of Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s Possible Dating Relationship

I wonder if Dispatch is on a set time table these days. This tabloid newspaper seems to break juicy dating gossip on a regular basis lately, outing celebrity couple after celebrity couple every month or so. 2013 really might go down as one of those years that is chock full of hooking up news. I have nothing against celebrity couples, I think people in the same profession have a high likelihood of lasting due to shared interests and common discussion topics, though by nature of the beast being shared celebrities negates that advantage since the profession provides ample opportunity for straying or simply not spending enough time together. The only audience boon is seeing two very beautiful people falling in love, rather like watching a drama couple in real life and perhaps learning about a rather romantic dating history. Or as romantic as being in the same agency and sharing the same stylist and thereby spending time together and falling in love, which is allegedly the spark that has now mushroomed into a possible relationship between reclusive K-actor Won BinΒ (Autumn in My Heart, Mother, The Man From Nowhere) and equally low-key K-actress Lee Na Young (Plan B, Ruler of Your Own World, Ireland). Dispatch broke the news in January of Lee Na Young’s Plan B co-star Rain dating Kim Tae Hee, and if this dating rumor between her and Won Bin is confirmed by their agency shortly, then that just leaves Lee Jung Jin from that drama to drop his own dating bombshell and make it a trifecta. Since debuting in the late 90’s, Won Bin has had a very deliberate and slow-paced acting career, going years between projects and barely any public appearances or magazine interviews. He always comes off as very cold, not mean but just dispassionate and aloof, and funnily enough Lee Na Young has always given off the same vibe with me. If they are dating then congrats to them, because they are both very unique and eclectic actors especially in an industry that feels like a race to uniformity in looks and career goals. Dispatch broke this alleged dating news by photographing Lee Na Young and Won Bin dating at the same place multiple times over the course of a month. And since they are adults and thirty-somethings at that, the photographer snapped them on overnight dates after camping outside. LOL, this is totally a drama scene and its good to know there is some basis in reality for seedy paparazzi lurking around a celebrity’s pad. No word yet from their agency but if its true than I’m happy for them. With their ability to lay low without any scandals or news during their entire careers, my gut tells me this is nicely staged to go public with their relationship which means its serious and we might have another early Hallyu star taking himself off the available market soon.


Dispatch Breaks News of Won Bin and Lee Na Young’s Possible Dating Relationship — 35 Comments

  1. WON BIN OPPPPPAAAAA …. I am crying river but congratulation …… Huhuhuhu …. Wishing you Avery happy life ahead

  2. This is a surprising news!!!!

    I like Lee Na Young and although I haven’t seen any of Won Bin’s dramas, I like him…well..who doesn’t?? Congrats to them if it’s true πŸ™‚

  3. Aww hahaha they fit so well… both like to stay away from spotlight and like homeless style. That is why they have the same stylish? lol

    • hehe, that’s what in my mind too (>o<)

      Congratulation Won-Bin and Lee Na-Young. They looks compatible somehow that even my inner fangirl heart breaking to pieces, somehow i still happy for him.

  4. Ms Koala, are we trying to find out how many times a fangirl’s heart can break and remend in the course of a month?

    I say it again. What is it with 2013?
    Can someone consult a lunar calendar? Did some fortune teller tell everyone that 2013 is a good year for actors to start a relationship or get married????

    • I was just thinking the same thing. I saw the title and thought, “Another bites the dust.” But in a good way people. there is no jealousy or forlorn longing happening. *sniffing in a corner with chocolate*

  5. This month what!!!!!!A lot of celebrity
    dating and marriage news ( both taiwan and korea)May be around this month .

    • no, the pictures shows him going into her house and he even spend nights there. Must be because they are dating for some time already since august…

  6. Two in one day why why first Chris and now Won Bin truly πŸ™ but it is okay as a fan I congratulate them if it is true

  7. Next couple will be Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo.

    He even moved to her company to make the things better to cover up.

    Hahaha then, people here will die.

    • weirdly enough… the guys involved in 3 of the, well, biggest dating scandals this year are all connected to Song Hye Kyo… Lee Byung Hun dated her. Both Rain and Won Bin co-starred with her and were rumored to have dated her too. I’d include Jo In Sung but they only worked together.

  8. It was confirmed by their agency that they are in fact dating. So like you said, it must be serious since they allowed themselves to be caught which is rare from the two reclusive actors.

  9. Friends,
    dramacrazy and epdrama will cease operation soon.
    anyone please help suggest what websites I can go to watch KDrama,
    CDrama, Jdrama etc thanks

    • Sorry Miss K, It is out of topic

      @MsDarcy: NNoooooooooooooooo…..epdrama too. Today I found out that dramacrazy stopped their site. Where would I watch my Kdrama and Kmovie? gooddrama is buffering a lot, viki is restricted for some area, dramaload…. πŸ™

      Please, dramalord……let epdrama do their job, please

      • It really sucks, basically I can’t watch viki because of I live in the wrong country and I can ‘t constantly dl either.
        Gooddrama is okay, mysoju I think also quit sigh. I really don’t know where else to get my jdorama/kdrama daily fix.

  10. Their agencies confirmed that they are dating.
    Congrats to them, I always wondered if he was seeing someone and both he and Lee Na Young are quite unique performers.
    They are actually known for being talented. Lee Na young isn’t a typical beauty but there is something magnetic about her.

  11. Ahjussi!!! (i like the original title much more). For these pics to be released no doubt that these 2 “private celebs” will certainly tie the knot soon. However I doubt the media would ever out Lee Jung Jin.

  12. Love it! They make such a great couple.
    Won Bin is my first K-actor love and this news makes me so happy. πŸ˜‰

  13. that’s good news. i like Lee Na-young so i’m happy that she’s found someone she likes to be with. not too keen on Won Bin but he seems like a decent fellow, so congrats to the new couple.

  14. I think they release the couple news to cover up se7enΒ΄s military scandal.. but the good news is not strong enough to cover the bad news πŸ˜›

  15. i really really like Lee Na Young, she is a very unique actress. glad that this top star couple are receiving a lot of support from fans

  16. I have been a Won Bin fangirl since AIMH and I loooooooooove the man like crazy! I should be bawling like mad now, but no, I’m actually happy with this news! Don’t know much about the girl, but if she’s the reclusive type like my Won Bin, then I like her already. ^_^ Hope this one is real and hope it’ll last.

  17. WB is like Takeshi Kaneshiro. Both gorgeous looking men and very very private. They don’t care for attention. I love that about them.

  18. i just find it so funny how they’re in the exact same position as when these papparazzi decided to take the picture except wearing different clothes. Must be the same guy — camping out. LOL.

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