Gorgeous Kim Jae Wook and So Yi Hyun Playfully Pose for Couple Pics for Who Are You

Korea has done the I-see-dead-people conceit before in various concepts and the most recent one being 49 Days. That one took awhile to gell (I was particularly harsh on the plodding first few episodes and with good reason), but once it got going that was one of the most emotionally gripping dramas in 2011. One of the reasons for the well-built up angst was that not one but two couples in that drama involved dead or ghostly beings. That drama managed to make it feel compelling even with the living-dead divide and nailing that type of connection will be important in the upcoming tvN cable drama Who Are You. Starring Taecyeon, So Yi Hyun, and Kim Jae Wook, the drama earlier released a teaser trailer showing Taecyeon and So Yi Hyun happily frolicking in the yard with a sprinkler (borrowing the exact same scene from Big). While it didn’t give me a taste for the drama itself, I enjoyed the lively mood and saw chemistry between the two leads. Even though I am a huge fan of second male lead Kim Jae Wook, its sorta pointless to root for him to get the girl since there is no way in Heaven or Hell a dead ex-boyfriend will end up with the heroine at the end. And no, I do NOT want some ridiculous ending where his soul ends up in Taecyeon’s body so she gets a twofer at the end. That sucks for both guys involved. Seeing the just released official stills of Kim Jae Wook and So Yi Hyun playfully posing as a loving couple as they shoot scenes for flashback purposes, it hurts real good to see these two beautifully compatible actors playing a couple. They both give off the sophisticated and regal vibe with their acting aura but here they feel so down to earth and enjoying the simple time together. Even as I weep for Kim Jae Wook playing a ghost in this drama, I am comforted knowing that he’ll probably play a very important role in the heroine’s discovery of her ability to see ghosts and journey to help those ghosts who cannot pass into the afterlife until a final task is completed. Obviously as Taecyeon and Si Yi Hyun fall in love that will both hurt Kim Jae Wook and bring him peace since clearly she’s his reason for lingering and if she finds someone who truly loves her then he can move on without worry. But until that happens, let’s soak up the happier times between these unfortunate lovebirds torn apart by a cruel accident.


Gorgeous Kim Jae Wook and So Yi Hyun Playfully Pose for Couple Pics for Who Are You — 24 Comments

  1. KJW looks AHmazing! Its full on charm. Im kind off dissapointed that he chose to play second lead as his comeback, but KJW is KJW, Ive loved him since coffee prince and will forever <3 <3

    • LOL same here. i was like wow! this is the best he’s ever looked to me. then i see those flip flops and it’s like no no no whyyyyyy

  2. So pretty!!!!!!!!! Lets all hope that KJW gets a leading male role next time around! But I am very glad I will be able to see him so soon post army! And he looks AMAZING!!!!! *swoon* 😉

  3. Kim Jae Wook looks so good in these pic, I can’t even….

    The hairstyle, his shy eyes and that winning smile are a great combo. AND he’s a decent actor. How he ended up being second lead just boggles me, but I guess he’s more suited to play the role of the ghost as I’m sure there will be tons of emotional scenes on his part.

  4. He is looking SO GOOD it’s crazy, army life definitely did him good. I’m indifferent towards Taec but will be watching this for Kim Jae Wook!

  5. I still can’t believe Kim Jae Wook is only the second lead. LIFE IS SO UNFAIR! And to have Wooden Face as the lead… that’s just the last nail in the coffin.

  6. Looking at the adorable, cute photos, then SCREECH…flipflops? They don’t go with the outfit. More adorable & cute photos.

  7. can I just look at his scenes alone and not the rest of the drama? It seriously upsets me that he’s playing second fiddle here to a sub-par actor. We know he’s not getting the girl already! Hoping for video highlights from this drama somewhere!

    • Alas it’s happing too often in this industry, that the better actor gets the second lead part. One example that comes to my mind is My Princess and Ryu Soo Young being the second lead to Song Seung Heon.

      Kim Jae Wook is damn pretty here. I’ve got a thing for men with short hair, because I love a man’s neck.

  8. This green shirts fits him to a T. Rather handsome and manly. Long gone are his Coffee-Prince androgynous ponytail days.
    She however looks so unattractive, especially with the glasses and her what-the-heck color hair. Korean fashion makes so lil’ sense to me and his flip flops aren’t no exception. u.u

  9. I don’t think KJW has ever lead a drama…*sigh* He needs to take a page out of Chris Wu’s play book stat …and wrangle a leading status (at least in the eyes of the audience) from his beyond the grave role.

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