The Beautiful Cast of Two Weeks Holds Fashionably Pleasing Press Conference

I knew Two Weeks was premiering next Wednesday but totally forgot that its predecessor drama Queen of the Classroom was ending this week as well, which ups the count to four K-dramas ending in one week. I hope the death count is lower for the Wed-Thurs dramas then it was for the Mon-Tues ones. If I went by the excitement level in the English drama watching world, I would say it was heavily skewed towards The Master’s Sun versus its direct competition Two Weeks. That means nothing though, the domestic audience in Korea always manages to surprise me with their preferences, and chances are these two dramas will premiere with close numbers and then the narrative will keep or lose the audience with the steady ratings shaking out in a few weeks. TMS might get a bump from its predecessor I Hear Your Voice being the far and away ratings leader in that time slot, but one can never tell with these things. Cast-wise I am a Lee Jun Ki fangirl by leaps and bounds over the cast of TMS, but it always going to come back to story, story, story. Whichever drama tells its story better in narrative and execution will win my heart. So far TMS looks more interesting than Two Weeks, but I have enough gas in the tank to follow two simultaneous dramas so bring it on! The cast of Two Weeks attended its press conference yesterday and gets a solid A-grade from me. It’s refreshing not to have a single fugly outfit on stage, and everyone actually looked very polished and attractive for a change. There won’t be a love line between leads Lee Jun Ki and Kim So Yeon, whereas he may rekindle his thwarted romance with Park Ha Sun’s character once he goes on the run for two weeks. Once he’s set up for murder, he tries to clear his name in time to make it to his daughter’s scheduled surgery in two weeks since he’s the only bone marrow match for her leukemia. Eeps. On his tail are assassins and cops, with Ryu Soo Young playing not only the cop chasing him but also the man engaged to Park Ha Sun’s character now. Jo Min Ki continues to toggle between good and evil characters and this time he’s the Big Bad along with Kim Hye Ok. Little Lee Chae Mi rounds out the main cast as the sick daughter and she’s just too adorable for words. This won’t be a romance-driven drama so don’t be expecting much from the lub-lub side, but expect lots of excitement and thrills to liven up the dog days of Summer.


The Beautiful Cast of Two Weeks Holds Fashionably Pleasing Press Conference — 17 Comments

    • Exactly my thought…I love Park Ha Sun’s 50’s navy dress <3
      I'm so looking forward to this drama! Nice cast indeed…

  1. For once! Finally! A kdrama that abandons the constrict of having the two biggest names in the cast romance each other. Me likey! Junki looks more compatible with Park Hasun anyway.

  2. They’re all fantastically well-dressed – I covet Park Ha-sun’s sailor dress and my prince Jun-ki’s fine self, so badly.

  3. Beautiful people indeed…sadly I was one of the ppl hoping to see a KSY-LJK pairjng, they seem to have good chemistry from pics but I’ve been suspecting otherwise since PHS characyer description came…not completely didsapointed since that doesnt seem to be the focus of tbe show

  4. I am probably in the minority here, looking at the comments, kinda am disappointed that there won’t be a love line btw KSY and LJK. But that wasn’t the main focus of the show, like koala said. So I will enjoy this mainly for Kim So Yeon, but the cast do look great together. I am hoping that this is a great project, b/c my love for KSY made me sit through her last project, the Great Seer, and it was terrible and long. And also Ryu Soo Young’s last project, Rascal Sons started great, but his story line went downhill. So here’s hoping those two have some luck with this project.
    I really like Lee Jun Ki, and I was hoping that he took that 1930s project, and I was hoping the female lead would be Han Ji Min. And when two weeks cast was announced, I was like Yay! KSY & LJK, only to have my hopes dashed again.
    But those ships had sailed, so I am feeling neutral about LJK with PHS. But I will definitely tune into Two Weeks, instead of The Master’s Son.

  5. Day by day i’m more in love with Lee jun ki and Park ha sun couple…from the trailers to presscon that i watch live…these two look comfortable with each other and adorable especially at their couple photo and with their daughter…

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